2022 ADCC World Championships | Kade Ruotolo vs Roberto Jimenez

2022 ADCC World Championships | Kade Ruotolo vs Roberto Jimenez

The 2022 ADCC World Championships featured an intense match between Kade Ruotolo and Roberto Jimenez. This thrilling jiu-jitsu showdown took place following their previous encounter at the Road to ADCC event last July, where Ruotolo emerged victorious. The two highly skilled athletes have since evolved and now faced off again in Round Two at the World Championships. With Ruotolo’s unorthodox stance and Jimenez’s double unders, the match showcased their unique styles and strategies. The action-packed bout saw both competitors going for submissions, with Ruotolo ultimately reversing a potentially dangerous situation to secure a victory over Jimenez. This epic showdown between two talented fighters captivated and impressed jiu-jitsu enthusiasts around the world.

2022 ADCC World Championships | Kade Ruotolo vs Roberto Jimenez


In the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there are few events as anticipated and prestigious as the ADCC World Championships. And in the 2022 edition of this illustrious tournament, one match-up captivated fans and left a lasting impact on the sport. Kade Ruotolo and Roberto Jimenez faced off in a clash of styles and skills that showcased the evolution of these two talented athletes. With their previous encounter at the Road to ADCC setting the stage for their rematch, both Ruotolo and Jimenez aimed to prove their dominance on the world stage. In this article, we will delve into the details of this breathtaking match, exploring the unique styles of each fighter, the thrilling early exchanges, the intense submission attempts, and the crucial reversals and position changes that defined the outcome.

Background Information

Previous Encounter at the Road to ADCC

Before their showdown at the ADCC World Championships, Kade Ruotolo and Roberto Jimenez had already crossed paths at the Road to ADCC event in July 2021. This initial encounter showcased the competitiveness and potential of both athletes, with Ruotolo emerging as the victor. The match was so closely contested and filled with impressive moments from both fighters that it was nominated for “Match of the Year.” This previous meeting only added more excitement and anticipation to their rematch at the ADCC World Championships, as fans eagerly awaited another display of skill and determination.

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Evolution as Athletes

Since their previous encounter, both Ruotolo and Jimenez had made significant strides in their respective careers. They had continued to evolve as athletes, refining their techniques, and expanding their skill sets. This growth was evident in their performances leading up to the ADCC World Championships, where they demonstrated improved tactics, strategic thinking, and heightened physical prowess. As they stepped onto the mat for their rematch, it was clear that Ruotolo and Jimenez had become even greater threats in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Kade Ruotolo’s Style

Fluidity and Unorthodox Stance

One of the defining characteristics of Kade Ruotolo’s style is his fluidity and unorthodox stance. Ruotolo moves with a grace and agility that sets him apart from other competitors. His footwork is unpredictable, making it difficult for opponents to anticipate his attacks or counter his movements effectively. This unorthodox stance allows Ruotolo to create angles and openings that he can exploit to gain the upper hand in matches. It is a style that demands constant attention and adaptability from his opponents.

Unconventional Shots

In addition to his fluidity and stance, Ruotolo is known for his effective use of unconventional shots. One notable example is his ankle pick, which he executes from a surprisingly far range. Ruotolo’s ability to mix up his attacks keeps his opponents guessing and prevents them from settling into a rhythm. By incorporating these unexpected techniques into his game plan, Ruotolo adds an element of unpredictability that makes him a formidable opponent for anyone he faces.

Roberto Jimenez’s Style

Double Unders

Roberto Jimenez possesses his own unique style that showcases his strengths as a competitor. One aspect that stands out is his adeptness at using the double underhooks position. Jimenez excels in getting underneath his opponents, controlling their upper body, and creating discomfort for them. This skill allows him to dictate the pace of the match and limit his opponent’s options for offense. When Jimenez is able to secure the double unders, he becomes a force to be reckoned with.

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Another defining aspect of Jimenez’s style is his exceptional ability to counter his opponents’ movements. He has a knack for reading his opponent’s intentions and timing his counters perfectly, often using their momentum against them. Jimenez’s counterattacks are swift, precise, and often catch his opponents off guard. This strategic approach gives him an advantage in matches, as he can quickly shift from defending to launching his own offensive attacks.

The Match Begins

Both Fighters Enter the Mat

As the two competitors stepped onto the mat for their rematch at the ADCC World Championships, the tension and anticipation in the air were palpable. Ruotolo and Jimenez were fully aware of the significance of this match and the opportunity to showcase their skills on such a grand stage. With the eyes of the grappling world upon them, they prepared to engage in a battle that would leave a lasting impact on the sport.

Early Exchanges

Kade’s Ankle Pick

Right from the start, Ruotolo showcased his unorthodox style by executing a lightning-fast ankle pick. With his boundless energy and agility, he was able to cover a considerable distance to secure the ankle of Jimenez. This early attack served as a statement of intent from Ruotolo, proving that he would not hesitate to take risks and seize any opportunity that presented itself.

Roberto’s Defense

In response to Ruotolo’s aggressive approach, Jimenez showcased his defensive prowess. He demonstrated excellent balance and control, successfully thwarting Ruotolo’s attempts to advance his position. Jimenez’s ability to stay composed under pressure and neutralize Ruotolo’s attacks showcased his technical skill and strategic thinking. It was evident that he had come prepared to face Ruotolo’s unorthodox style and was ready to withstand his onslaught.

Action Picks Up

Roberto’s Double Unders

As the match progressed, Jimenez began to implement his signature move: the double unders. With precision and determination, he managed to secure the double underhooks position, effectively shutting down Ruotolo’s offense. Jimenez’s control from this position allowed him to dictate the pace and establish dominance on the mat. Ruotolo found himself in a difficult predicament as he tried to fend off Jimenez’s relentless pressure and find a way to escape.

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Kade’s Counter Sweeps

Not one to be outdone, Ruotolo showcased his resilience and adaptability by executing a series of counter sweeps. Using his agility and quick reflexes, he strategically swept Jimenez and managed to reverse the position. These well-timed sweeps demonstrated Ruotolo’s ability to read his opponent’s movements and exploit any openings that presented themselves. The back-and-forth nature of the match kept spectators on the edge of their seats, unsure of which fighter would emerge victorious.

Submission Attempts

Kade’s Buggy Choke

In a moment of brilliance, Ruotolo seized an opportunity to secure a buggy choke. With a keen eye for openings and an impeccable sense of timing, he expertly positioned himself to attack Jimenez’s neck. Ruotolo’s precise technique and determination put Jimenez in a precarious situation, leaving spectators in awe of his skill and tenacity. However, Jimenez’s defensive instincts kicked in, and he swiftly countered the attack, escaping the submission attempt.

Roberto’s Defense

In the face of Ruotolo’s relentless submission attempts, Jimenez exhibited exceptional defensive skills. He remained composed and strategic, denying Ruotolo the opportunity to secure a match-ending submission. Jimenez’s ability to stay calm under pressure and find a way to escape dangerous positions showcased his experience and technical proficiency. It was a testament to his growth as an athlete and his dedication to honing his craft.

Reversals and Position Changes

Kade Lands on Top

In a remarkable display of athleticism and determination, Ruotolo executed a brilliant reversal, landing on top of Jimenez. This reversal showcased Ruotolo’s agility and explosiveness, as very few fighters have been able to reverse Jimenez in such a manner. It was a pivotal moment in the match, shifting the momentum in Ruotolo’s favor and leaving Jimenez scrambling to regain control.

Roberto’s Leg Attack

Despite finding himself on the bottom, Jimenez displayed his resilience and versatility by launching a leg attack on Ruotolo. With lightning-fast transitions and an intricate understanding of leg locks, Jimenez attempted to catch Ruotolo off guard and secure the submission. While Ruotolo managed to defend against the attack, it highlighted Jimenez’s ability to aggressively pursue opportunities even from disadvantageous positions.


In a match filled with electrifying exchanges, impressive submission attempts, and seamless transitions, Kade Ruotolo emerged victorious over Roberto Jimenez. Both fighters showcased their growth as athletes, with Ruotolo’s unorthodox style and Jimenez’s dominant double unders standing out as defining features. The match served as a testament to their dedication, hard work, and mastery of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As they walked away from the mat, fans were left in awe of their performance and eagerly anticipated their future encounters. It was a truly memorable clash between two remarkable athletes who continue to shape the landscape of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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