Tainan Dalpra Sees Tye Ruotolo As His Most Exciting Challenge At IBJJF Worlds!

Tainan Dalpra Sees Tye Ruotolo As His Most Exciting Challenge At IBJJF Worlds!

Tainan Dalpra is gearing up for his shot at a third world title at the IBJJF Worlds, but he knows it won’t be an easy task. Amongst the contenders is his former teammate and reigning Lightweight World Champion, Tye Ruotolo. Dalpra sees this matchup as his most thrilling challenge yet. In a recent video interview by FloGrappling, Dalpra expresses his excitement for the upcoming competition and his determination to showcase his skills on the mats. He reflects on his previous performances, confident that his consistent training and competition experience have prepared him to take on new opponents. Despite dominating the Middleweight division in the past, Dalpra acknowledges the addition of fresh names this year, with Ruotolo being the standout contender. Fighting someone he hasn’t faced before is what truly excites him, and he’s eager to display his hard work and technique to the world. With the tournament taking place at the iconic Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, Dalpra recognizes the significance of this venue, known for being the home of world champions. He views it as an opportunity to cement his name in the history of the game and is determined to continue breaking records.

Tainan Dalpra Sees Tye Ruotolo As His Most Exciting Challenge At IBJJF Worlds!

Tainan Dalpra Sees Tye Ruotolo As His Most Exciting Challenge At IBJJF Worlds!


Tainan Dalpra, a highly accomplished jiu jitsu athlete, is gearing up for the IBJJF Worlds tournament where he hopes to secure his third world title. However, he knows that the journey will not be an easy one, as he will be facing a talented and determined group of athletes. One opponent, in particular, stands out to Dalpra – Tye Ruotolo, a former teammate and the returning Lightweight World Champion. In this article, we will explore Dalpra’s training and preparation for the tournament, his thoughts on the Middleweight division, his excitement about facing Ruotolo, the possibility of meeting him in the finals, and his perspective on competing at the Pyramid in Long Beach.

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Training and Preparation

Dalpra has been training extensively throughout the year, competing in numerous tournaments and traveling to various locations around the world. He has been diligently working to stay active in both gi and no-gi competitions, believing that this constant testing of his skills and the momentum he has built will give him an edge at the IBJJF Worlds. From the moment he received his black belt to the present day, Dalpra has been committed to honing his craft and showcasing his abilities to the public. This dedication has not only given him confidence but has also allowed him to create a compelling story in his jiu jitsu career.

Carrying Momentum from Previous Performance

Dalpra’s previous performance in Brazil garnered him a tremendous amount of fan support and praise. He acknowledges that the positive reception and recognition from his performance have helped boost his confidence and motivation as he prepares for the IBJJF Worlds. He believes that staying active and competing in major tournaments has allowed him to carry forward the momentum from his successes throughout the year. Dalpra sees each title he has won as a testament to his hard work and a way to showcase the progress he has made to his followers.

The Middleweight Division

Dalpra has been dominating the Middleweight division, but this year, there are several notable names that have joined the division. These additions have brought a renewed sense of excitement and competition to the weight class. Dalpra expresses enthusiasm for facing opponents he hasn’t fought against before, as it presents an opportunity to test his skills against new techniques and strategies. While he enjoys competing against familiar rivals, the prospect of fighting someone new is particularly exhilarating for him.

Excitement about Tye Ruotolo Joining the Division

Among the newcomers in the Middleweight division, Tye Ruotolo is the athlete that Dalpra is most eager to compete against. He recognizes Ruotolo’s skills and achievements, and believes that their clash on the mats will be an exceptional spectacle for the audience. Dalpra acknowledges the incident that occurred last year, which resulted in Ruotolo winning the title. However, he also acknowledges Ruotolo’s prowess in both gi and no-gi competitions, and he is excited about the prospect of engaging in a captivating match with him.

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Possibility of Facing Tye Ruotolo in the Finals

While Dalpra is unsure of the exact bracket placements, he is confident that a match against Ruotolo will eventually happen, potentially in the finals. He remains focused on taking each fight one step at a time, recognizing the importance of approaching each opponent with equal respect and determination. However, he admits that Ruotolo is the opponent he looks forward to facing the most, as the challenge and opportunity to showcase his skills against such a talented athlete fuels his excitement.

Competing at the Pyramid in Long Beach

The IBJJF Worlds takes place at the Pyramid in Long Beach, a venue that holds significant meaning in the jiu jitsu community. For Dalpra, competing at the Pyramid is special because it is recognized as the home of world champions. Being able to fight in such a renowned venue and being part of the tournament’s history is a privilege he does not take lightly. He acknowledges the unique atmosphere and vibe that the Pyramid provides, emphasizing the importance of managing the energy and enthusiasm from the crowd. Additionally, Dalpra appreciates the opportunity to bring his performance to the public and contribute to the overall experience of the event.

Special Environment and Vibe

Dalpra believes that every tournament has its distinct vibe, and the IBJJF Worlds at the Pyramid is no exception. Having witnessed the tournament both as a competitor and as a spectator, he recognizes the different atmosphere that surrounds it. He highlights the importance of acclimating to the specific dynamics of each venue and embracing the challenges they present. The Pyramid, with its historical significance and the presence of passionate fans, creates an environment that fuels his determination to perform at his best.

Building a Legacy in the Sport

For Dalpra, competing at the IBJJF Worlds is about more than just winning titles. He views it as an opportunity to build a legacy in the sport. He wants to leave a mark in the history of jiu jitsu and hopes that one day he can share his journey with his children and students. Breaking records and achieving new milestones motivates him, and he is confident that this year, he will secure the Grand Slam in the middleweight division, further solidifying his presence in the sport.

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As Tainan Dalpra prepares for the IBJJF Worlds, he sees Tye Ruotolo as his most exciting challenge. His training and preparation, along with the momentum gained from previous performances, provide him with the confidence to face his competitors. The Middleweight division’s influx of new talent brings fresh excitement to the competition, and Dalpra eagerly anticipates his potential clash with Ruotolo. Competing at the Pyramid in Long Beach holds a special place for Dalpra, and he recognizes the unique atmosphere and vibe it offers. Ultimately, Dalpra aims to build a legacy in jiu jitsu and believes that this year’s IBJJF Worlds will be another stepping stone towards achieving his goals.

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