Felipe Pena Talks Win Over Nicky Rod, Where Things Stand With Gordon, & What Comes Next

Felipe Pena Talks Win Over Nicky Rod, Where Things Stand With Gordon, & What Comes Next

Felipe Pena, fresh off his win over Nicky Rod in the main event of Tezo’s WNO, is now focusing on what lies ahead in his jiu-jitsu career. In a video by FloGrappling, Pena talks about the intense 30-minute match with Nicky Rod and the uncertainty surrounding Gordon Ryan’s withdrawal from the fight. Pena expresses his openness to fighting other athletes, including Nicholas Meregali, and mentions his positive experience training with Andre Galvao. He extends his gratitude to Flow Grappling, his sponsors, and all his supporters, and highlights the joy of having his family, friends, and coach present at the event.

Felipe Pena’s win over Nicky Rod in the main event at Who’s Number One was a hard-fought battle that could have gone either way. Pena acknowledges the tough match he had against Nick Rodriguez, praising his opponent’s warrior spirit and commending his ability to avoid Pena’s guard and execute strong passes. Pena mentions his request to the referee to wipe Rodriguez with towels during the match, expressing his concern over his opponent’s slipperiness. He also discusses the unexpected withdrawal of Gordon Ryan from the match and shares his thoughts on potential future fights, including a possible matchup against Nicholas Meregali.

Felipe Pena Talks Win Over Nicky Rod, Where Things Stand With Gordon,  What Comes Next

Felipe Pena Talks Win Over Nicky Rod, Where Things Stand With Gordon, & What Comes Next

Pena’s Victory in the Main Event of Tezo’s WNO

After a grueling 30-minute war, Felipe Pena emerged victorious in the main event of Tezo’s WNO against Nicky Rod. Pena expressed his gratitude and happiness for the win, considering it a result of a blessed camp and many positive things that happened leading up to the event.

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Pena’s Tough Match Against Nick Rodriguez

Pena admitted that the match against Nick Rodriguez was a tough one. He acknowledged Rodriguez’s skills as a warrior and credited him for accepting the match on such short notice, emphasizing that anyone would have had a hard time preparing within that limited timeframe. Pena highlighted Rodriguez’s strong body lock, passing ability, and physicality as challenges he had to overcome.

Uncertain Result and Closer-than-Expected Outcome

Pena believed that the result of the match could have gone either way. He mentioned that while he had some good sweeps and nearly took Rodriguez’s back, Rodriguez also posed a threat with his body locks and foot lock attacks. The uncertainty of the result made the victory even more meaningful for Pena.

Pena’s Request to Wipe Rodriguez with Towels

During the match, Pena requested the referee to wipe Rodriguez with towels due to a feeling of slipperiness. He expressed his concern that Rodriguez might have applied some sort of substance to make himself more difficult to grip. Although the referee did wipe Rodriguez a few times, Pena felt that the referee didn’t know how to handle the situation properly.

Gordon Ryan’s Late Withdrawal from the Match

Pena shared the backstory behind Gordon Ryan’s withdrawal from the match. He revealed that Ryan was already in California when he informed Pena that he wouldn’t be able to fight due to feeling unwell. Pena suspected that Ryan might have been afraid of losing after talking so much trash and not being fully prepared. Despite the disappointment of not facing Ryan, Pena remained focused on the future.

Pena’s Focus on Future Opportunities

Pena expressed his openness to fight other athletes in the jiu-jitsu community. He mentioned Nicholas Meregali as a potential opponent and emphasized his willingness to take on any challenge that comes his way. Pena’s desire to be an active fighter and contribute to the growth of jiu-jitsu was evident in his eagerness to compete and be a part of events like Tezo’s WNO.

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Positive Crowd Reaction Compared to Previous Event in Texas

Pena was pleased with the crowd’s reaction to his match. He noted that although it wasn’t his home country, California felt like a neutral place where he had a lot of support. Pena mentioned having many American friends and fans who came to watch him compete. He compared the event to a hypothetical scenario where he fights in his home city in Brazil, where the crowd would undoubtedly be overwhelmingly in his favor.

Pena’s Training Experience with Andre Galvao

Pena spoke fondly of his training experience with Andre Galvao leading up to the event. He appreciated the guidance and support he received from Galvao, who is renowned in the jiu-jitsu community for his expertise. Pena credited Galvao’s influence in helping him prepare for the tough match against Rodriguez.

FloGrappling Video Provides Insight into Pena’s Win and Future Plans

Pena expressed his gratitude towards FloGrappling and his sponsors for their support. He recognized the importance of video coverage in providing insight into his win and future plans. Pena appreciated the opportunity to share his thoughts on what comes next in his jiu-jitsu career.

Gratitude towards Flo Grappling and Sponsors

Pena emphasized the significance of FloGrappling’s video coverage in documenting his journey and giving fans access to the latest jiu-jitsu videos. He expressed his gratitude towards FloGrappling and his sponsors for their support and the platform they provided for him to showcase his skills.

Appreciation for Support from Family, Friends, and Coach

Pena acknowledged the support he received from his family, friends, and coach. Having them present at the event meant a lot to him, and he valued their unwavering support throughout his jiu-jitsu career. Pena appreciated their presence and recognized the role they played in his success.

Pena’s Thoughts on What Comes Next in His Jiu Jitsu Career

Looking ahead, Pena discussed his plans for his jiu-jitsu career. He expressed his desire to stay active and continue fighting in super fights, welcoming any challenges that come his way. Pena’s commitment to accepting challenges and pushing himself to grow as a competitor was evident in his words.

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Felipe Pena’s victory over Nick Rodriguez in the main event of Tezo’s WNO showcased his skill and determination. Pena’s focus on future opportunities and his willingness to fight other athletes demonstrated his passion for jiu-jitsu. The FloGrappling video provided fans with insight into Pena’s win and his thoughts on his next steps in his career. With the unwavering support of his family, friends, and coach, Felipe Pena’s future in jiu-jitsu looks bright as he continues to thrive in the sport he loves.

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