Big Changes For ARod: Move To Texas, No-Gi Debut & More

Big Changes For ARod: Move To Texas, No-Gi Debut & More

In “Big Changes For ARod: Move To Texas, No-Gi Debut & More,” Anna discusses the recent opening of Dream Art USA in Houston, TX, as well as her upcoming tournaments at No-Gi Pans, BJJ Stars 9, and the IBJJF Grand Prix. The move to Houston has been a significant change for Anna, as she reflects on her young age and the years left for her to compete. However, she is excited about the opportunities for growth and development in her life beyond just Jiu-Jitsu, such as teaching and business ventures. Anna also expresses her surprise decision to participate in the No-Gi division, despite previously focusing heavily on the Gi, stating that she sees potential and opportunities in the No-Gi competitions. She also shares her enthusiasm for the upcoming tournaments and the challenges they present, highlighting the tough competition she will face and her determination to come out on top.

Overall, Anna’s journey involves big changes, including her move to Texas, her No-Gi debut, and her focus on expanding her skills not only as an athlete but also as a teacher and businesswoman.

Big Changes For ARod: Move To Texas

Anna Rodriguez, also known as ARod, has made a big decision that will bring about significant changes in her life. She has recently moved to Houston, Texas, and opened Dream Art USA, a jiu jitsu training facility. This move marks a new chapter for ARod, as she transitions from being solely a competitor to taking on the role of a coach and leader. With this move, ARod aims to not only improve herself as an athlete, but also as a teacher and businesswoman.

Reason for the Move

ARod’s move to Texas was driven by a desire to explore new opportunities and experience personal growth. At just 23 years old, she realized that she had several more years left in her competitive career. However, she also recognized the importance of preparing for her future beyond jiu jitsu. By relocating to Houston and opening Dream Art USA, ARod plans to channel her energy into building a successful business and furthering her skills as a coach and instructor.

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Opening Dream Art USA

Dream Art USA is a jiu jitsu training facility that ARod has opened in Houston. The facility serves as a platform for ARod to not only train herself, but also to coach and mentor other athletes. She has already brought in a number of talented athletes, providing them with a six-month training experience before they return to Brazil. ARod’s mission is to create a nurturing environment where athletes can grow and develop their skills. She also acknowledges the need to improve her own teaching abilities and business knowledge in order to fully realize her vision for Dream Art USA.

Mission as a Coach and Leader

As a coach and leader at Dream Art USA, ARod is committed to helping her athletes reach their full potential. She understands the importance of guiding and inspiring them, both in jiu jitsu and in life. ARod aims to not only train them to become better athletes, but also to instill important values such as discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. She sees herself as a role model and a source of inspiration for her athletes, and is dedicated to ensuring their success both on and off the mats.

Teaching and Learning Opportunities

Through her coaching role at Dream Art USA, ARod seeks to expand her knowledge and improve her teaching abilities. She acknowledges the need to continuously learn and grow, and believes that teaching others is one of the best ways to achieve personal development. Additionally, ARod recognizes the importance of improving her English language skills and understanding the business side of running a jiu jitsu gym. By seizing teaching and learning opportunities, she aims to become a well-rounded coach and businesswoman.

No-Gi Debut

In a surprising turn of events, ARod has decided to compete in the no-gi division. This decision comes as a surprise to many, as she has mainly focused on gi competitions in the past. However, ARod sees this as a chance to explore new opportunities and challenge herself in a different setting. Despite initially expressing her dislike for no-gi, she has chosen to embrace the challenge and pursue success in this division.

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Big Changes For ARod: Move To Texas, No-Gi Debut  More

Opportunities and Challenges in No-Gi

Competing in no-gi presents ARod with exciting opportunities and unique challenges. She recognizes that the level of competition in the United States is particularly high in the no-gi division, and she expects to face tough opponents. This will test her skills and resilience, pushing her to become a better athlete. ARod is excited to see where this new adventure takes her and is eager to prove herself in the no-gi scene.

Weight Considerations for the GP

ARod’s decision to compete in the lightweight division of the IBJJF Grand Prix raises some weight considerations. Currently, she feels more comfortable in the featherweight division. However, since the GP is specifically for lightweight competitors, she is aware that she may need to adjust her weight for the tournament. It will be a careful balance to ensure that she competes at a weight where she feels comfortable, while also meeting the requirements of the division.

Division and Potential Surprises

The lightweight division in the upcoming GP is filled with top-level talent. ARod will be competing against world champions and highly skilled athletes, including her previous opponents such as Maisa Bastos and Luiza Monteiro. Despite the tough competition, ARod remains confident in her abilities and believes that she can hold her own. She is excited to showcase her skills and potentially surprise people with her performance in the GP.

Upcoming Tournaments

ARod has a packed schedule ahead of her, with three major tournaments on the horizon. First up is the No-Gi Pans, followed by BJJ Stars 9 where she will face Maria Claudia. Finally, she will compete in the IBJJF Grand Prix. These tournaments offer ARod the chance to test herself against formidable opponents and continue to grow as an athlete.

No-Gi Pans

No-Gi Pans is a significant tournament that will challenge ARod in the no-gi division. She understands the level of competition she will face and is prepared for the tough matches ahead. While some may have been surprised by her decision to compete in no-gi, ARod is determined to excel and make a name for herself in this division.

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BJJ Stars 9 against Maria Claudia

In her match against Maria Claudia at BJJ Stars 9, ARod sees an opportunity to showcase her skills and demonstrate her potential in jiu jitsu. While Claudia is a world champion, ARod is excited to face her and test her abilities against such a respected opponent. She aims to make her mark and contribute to Claudia’s growth in the sport.

IBJJF Grand Prix

The IBJJF Grand Prix is a highly anticipated tournament for ARod, as she will compete against top-level athletes in the lightweight division. She will face familiar opponents such as Maisa Bastos, Luiza Monteiro, and Jena Bishop. Despite the challenges that lie ahead, ARod is ready to give her all and prove herself in this historic event.

Tough Competition in the Divisions

ARod recognizes the intense level of competition in both the no-gi division and the lightweight division of the GP. She acknowledges that athletes in the United States have a strong focus on no-gi training, which poses a unique challenge for her. However, she is confident in her abilities and believes that her dedication and hard work will pay off in these high-stakes tournaments.

Importance of the Women’s GP

The Women’s GP in the IBJJF Grand Prix holds great significance for ARod. As a participant, she understands the historical significance of this event, being the first ever women’s GP organized by the IBJJF. ARod sees this as an opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking moment in the sport and hopes to leave a lasting impact. She is proud to be among the talented athletes competing in the GP and excited to contribute to the growth and recognition of women in jiu jitsu.


As ARod navigates these big changes in her life, she expresses gratitude for the opportunities that have come her way. She is excited about the future and the chance to continue growing as an athlete, coach, and businesswoman. ARod is fully committed to her training and improvement, embracing personal challenges and celebrating the positive impact she can have on others. Through these experiences, she looks forward to personal growth, pushing her own boundaries, and making a lasting mark in the world of jiu jitsu.

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