PJ Barch & Keith Krikorian Roll Ahead of Tezos WNO: Night Of Champions

PJ Barch & Keith Krikorian Roll Ahead of Tezos WNO: Night Of Champions

In the world of jiu jitsu, two individuals have been making waves as they prepare for the highly anticipated Tezos WNO: Night of Champions. PJ Barch and Keith Krikorian, both teammates from the renowned 10th Planet Team, have been rolling ahead of their upcoming matches with great determination and skill. In a video shared by FloGrappling, viewers are given a glimpse of their intense training sessions, showcasing their dedication and expertise in the art of jiu jitsu. As their matches draw near, enthusiasts are encouraged to like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling to stay updated on all the latest jiu jitsu videos. For those who are passionate about this captivating sport, following FloGrappling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is the key to accessing a treasure trove of jiu jitsu content.

PJ Barch & Keith Krikorian Roll Ahead of Tezos WNO: Night Of Champions


The Tezos WNO: Night of Champions event is a highly anticipated jiu-jitsu tournament that showcases some of the best athletes in the sport. Among the competitors are PJ Barch and Keith Krikorian, both members of the esteemed 10th Planet team. As the event draws near, both Barch and Krikorian have been hard at work, preparing themselves physically and mentally for the challenges that await them on the mats.

PJ Barch’s Performance

PJ Barch has been making waves in the jiu-jitsu community with his impressive performances. His match details reveal a fighter who is skilled in both attacking and defending, showcasing his technical prowess and tactical approach. Throughout his matches, Barch has consistently displayed his ability to execute complex techniques and adapt his game plan based on the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents.

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Keith Krikorian’s Performance

Keith Krikorian, another talented member of the 10th Planet team, has also been shining in recent competitions. His match details highlight his relentless pursuit of victory, as well as his technical skills and strategic decision-making. Krikorian’s performance on the mats has left spectators in awe, as he effortlessly executes powerful submissions and employs tactical maneuvers to gain the upper hand against his opponents.

Preparation for Tezos WNO Night of Champions

The significance of thorough preparation cannot be overstated when it comes to competing at the Tezos WNO: Night of Champions event. Both Barch and Krikorian understand the importance of dedicating time and effort to their training in order to perform at their best. Their training focus areas encompass a wide range of skills and techniques, ensuring that they are fully prepared for any situation that may arise during their matches.

PJ Barch  Keith Krikorian Roll Ahead of Tezos WNO: Night Of Champions

Training Camp

Barch and Krikorian have undergone an intensive training camp in their quest for success at Tezos WNO. The duration and structure of the training camp have been designed to maximize their physical conditioning and technical skills. With an emphasis on specific techniques and strategies, the training sessions have been intense and frequent, pushing both athletes to their limits in preparation for the challenges ahead.

Strategy and Game Plan

Developing a game plan is a crucial aspect of any competitive sport, and jiu-jitsu is no exception. Barch and Krikorian have dedicated time to creating individual game plans that capitalize on their strengths and exploit their opponents’ weaknesses. Additionally, the collaboration between the two teammates has allowed them to study each other’s games and provide valuable insights into potential strategies for success. By analyzing their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, Barch and Krikorian can adapt their game plans accordingly, ensuring a higher chance of victory.

Competition Experience

Both PJ Barch and Keith Krikorian have an impressive history of competing in jiu-jitsu tournaments. Their past experiences have served as valuable learning opportunities, allowing them to grow and evolve as competitors. Each competition has provided valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to fine-tune their skills and refine their techniques. By drawing from their competition experience, Barch and Krikorian have gained the confidence and knowledge needed to excel at Tezos WNO: Night of Champions.

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Physical Conditioning

Physical fitness is a crucial component of success in jiu-jitsu. Barch and Krikorian understand the importance of being in top condition, both in terms of strength and endurance. Their training methods for physical conditioning incorporate exercises that target specific muscles used in jiu-jitsu, as well as overall conditioning to improve cardiovascular health. By prioritizing physical fitness, Barch and Krikorian are better equipped to endure the physically demanding matches and maintain peak performance throughout the tournament.

Visualizing Success

In addition to the physical aspects of preparation, Barch and Krikorian have also emphasized the power of mental visualization. By visualizing success in their matches, they can create a positive mindset and build confidence in their abilities. This mental preparation allows them to approach each match with clarity and focus, increasing their chances of executing their game plan effectively and overcoming any obstacles they may encounter.

Support System

No athlete can achieve success without a strong support system, and Barch and Krikorian are no exception. The 10th Planet team and their coaches provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the training and competition process. The camaraderie and encouragement from their teammates and coaches create an environment that fosters growth and development, giving Barch and Krikorian the necessary tools to thrive in the world of jiu-jitsu.


As PJ Barch and Keith Krikorian roll ahead of the Tezos WNO: Night of Champions event, their performances have captured the attention of the jiu-jitsu community. Their dedication to preparation, physical conditioning, and mental visualization have all contributed to their success on the mats. With their impressive skill sets and strategic game plans, Barch and Krikorian have positioned themselves as formidable competitors in the tournament. The implications of their success at Tezos WNO: Night of Champions extend beyond the event itself, as their achievements pave the way for even greater future prospects in their jiu-jitsu careers.

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