Patrick Gaudio vs Keenan Cornelius – 2018 World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Patrick Gaudio vs Keenan Cornelius – 2018 World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship

This article discusses the intense match between Patrick Gaudio and Keenan Cornelius at the 2018 World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship. The video, produced by FloGrappling, showcases the back-and-forth battle between the two fighters, highlighting their impressive techniques and strategic moves. The article mentions specific moments in the match, such as Gaudio’s attempts at a toehold and Cornelius’ sweeps, while also noting the final decision by the referees. Overall, the article provides a detailed breakdown of this thrilling championship bout.

Patrick Gaudio vs Keenan Cornelius - 2018 World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Event Details

Date and Location

The Patrick Gaudio vs Keenan Cornelius match took place at the 2018 World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship. The exact date and location of the event are not mentioned in the provided context.


The competitors in this match were Patrick Gaudio and Keenan Cornelius.

Championship Category

The championship category in which this match took place is not specified in the given information.

Video Source

The video of this match can be found on FloGrappling’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Match Overview

Key Moments

Throughout the match, both Patrick Gaudio and Keenan Cornelius showcased their skills and had several key moments. One crucial moment occurred when Gaudio attempted a toehold on Cornelius, but Cornelius was able to defend it effectively. Another significant moment was when Cornelius managed to take Gaudio’s back, earning him a scoring advantage.

Technical Analysis

The match displayed a variety of technical aspects. Gaudio utilized a worm guard, while Cornelius focused on lapel positions and cross sleeve grips. Both competitors demonstrated strong footwork and invert techniques. Gaudio showcased his ability to attack with straight foot locks, while Cornelius effectively defended them and even attempted a toehold of his own.

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Score Updates

The score was updated throughout the match, with both competitors earning points for their respective moves and positions. At one point, the score was tied at 6-6, although Cornelius was still leading by one advantage point. In the closing moments, Gaudio managed to score a last-second advantage, resulting in a split decision among the referees.

First Half of the Match

Early Exchanges

The match started with intense early exchanges between Gaudio and Cornelius. Gaudio attempted to engage in a worm guard, while Cornelius focused on keeping a strong guard position to prevent Gaudio from advancing.

Positional Battles

Both competitors engaged in positional battles throughout the first half of the match. Gaudio attempted to take the back of Cornelius, while Cornelius utilized lapel grips and cross sleeve positions to control Gaudio’s movements.

Attempted Attacks

During the first half, Gaudio attempted a toehold on Cornelius, but Cornelius defended it effectively. Gaudio’s attack showcased his technical skills and his ability to create opportunities.

Second Half of the Match

Strategic Adjustments

In the second half of the match, both Gaudio and Cornelius made strategic adjustments to gain an advantage. Cornelius focused on taking Gaudio’s back, while Gaudio attempted to counter Cornelius’ attacks and regain control.

Score Changes

Cornelius successfully took Gaudio’s back, earning him additional points and advantages. The score was updated several times as both competitors showcased their skills and executed effective techniques.

Closing Moments

In the closing moments of the match, Gaudio managed to score a last-second advantage, resulting in a split decision among the referees. The intense back-and-forth nature of the match kept spectators on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Analysis of Performance

Strengths and Weaknesses

Both Gaudio and Cornelius demonstrated their strengths and weaknesses throughout the match. Gaudio showcased his technical skills, especially in his attacks and use of worm guard, but struggled to defend against Cornelius’ attacks. Meanwhile, Cornelius exhibited excellent control and defensive skills, but faced challenges in escaping Gaudio’s attacks.

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Tactical Approaches

Both competitors employed different tactical approaches during the match. Gaudio focused on attacking with foot locks and utilizing the worm guard position. On the other hand, Cornelius focused on maintaining strong guard positions and leveraging lapel grips for control.

Execution of Techniques

The execution of techniques by both Gaudio and Cornelius was impressive. They showcased their technical abilities through effective sweeps, guard passes, and submission attempts. The level of skill in executing their techniques contributed to the intensity and excitement of the match.

Post-Match Interviews

Responses from Gaudio

After the match, Gaudio was interviewed to gather his thoughts and insights. He may have expressed his thoughts on his performance, areas of improvement, and his experience competing against Cornelius.

Responses from Keenan

Similarly, Keenan Cornelius was interviewed to share his thoughts on the match. He may have discussed his strategy, execution of techniques, and his overall experience competing against Gaudio.

Insights from Coaches

The coaches of both Gaudio and Cornelius may have also been interviewed to provide insights into their strategies, the performance of their athletes, and their thoughts on the match overall. Their perspectives as experienced coaches can offer valuable insights into the athletes’ performances and tactical decisions.

Reactions from the BJJ Community

Social Media Buzz

The match between Gaudio and Cornelius likely generated significant buzz on social media platforms. BJJ enthusiasts and fans would have shared their reactions, highlights, and thoughts on the match, contributing to the overall discussion surrounding the event.

Comments from Fans

Fans of both Gaudio and Cornelius would have shared their views and opinions on the match. They may have discussed the techniques used, the performance of the athletes, and the outcomes. These comments provide unique perspectives from passionate BJJ followers.

Expert Opinions

Experts in the BJJ community, such as commentators, coaches, and professional athletes, would have likely shared their opinions on the match. Their analysis of the techniques, strategies, and overall performance of the athletes adds depth and insight to the discussion surrounding the event.

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Controversies and Decisions

Referee Calls

Referee calls during the match may have caused controversy or debate among spectators and participants. Certain calls could have been subjective, leading to different interpretations and opinions. The impact of referee decisions on the match’s outcome will likely be a topic of discussion within the BJJ community.

Contested Points

Throughout the match, there may have been points of contention regarding specific techniques, positions, or submissions. These contested points could have been a result of differing interpretations or the implementation of rules. They may have sparked debates and discussions among fans and analysts.

Judging Criteria

Given the close nature of the match and the split decision among referees, the judging criteria may come under scrutiny. Speculation or analysis of how the judges evaluated the performance of both competitors can be a point of interest within the BJJ community.

Impact on the BJJ Landscape

Legacy of the Match

The match between Gaudio and Cornelius had the potential to leave a lasting impact on the BJJ landscape. Their performance, techniques, and strategies may have inspired future generations of practitioners and influenced the evolution of the sport.

Future Matchups

The outcome and performance of this match may have sparked interest in potential future matchups between Gaudio and Cornelius or other high-level competitors. Discussion of potential rematches or new rivalries can contribute to the anticipation and excitement within the BJJ community.

Implications for Rankings

The match’s outcome and the performance of the athletes could have significant implications for their rankings within the BJJ community. A victory or notable performance against a strong opponent can influence a competitor’s ranking and reputation.


Summary of the Match

The match between Patrick Gaudio and Keenan Cornelius at the 2018 World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship was a highly engaging and closely contested battle. Both competitors showcased their technical skills, strengths, and tactical approaches throughout the match.

Final Thoughts

The intensity and skill displayed by Gaudio and Cornelius made the match a memorable one. Both competitors should be commended for their efforts and sportsmanship. The split decision among referees added to the intrigue and discussion surrounding the match’s outcome.

Anticipated Developments

The impact of this match on the BJJ landscape, including potential rematches, future matchups, and changes in rankings, remains to be seen. The performance and techniques demonstrated by Gaudio and Cornelius will likely inspire and influence the sport in various ways in the coming years.

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