Mic’d Up: Infight’s Marcio De Deus Coaches Blue Belt Star

Mic’d Up: Infight’s Marcio De Deus Coaches Blue Belt Star

In this article titled “Mic’d Up: Infight’s Marcio De Deus Coaches Blue Belt Star,” the focus is on the coaching skills of Marcio de Deus, the head coach of Infight. The article highlights how Marcio de Deus guided his blue belt student, Luiz Nathan, to a submission victory at the 2023 IBJJF Brasileiros. The video, produced by FloGrappling, showcases the intense coaching moments during the match, with Marcio providing strategic advice and keeping Nathan focused throughout the fight. The article encourages readers to like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling for more jiu-jitsu videos and also provides links to their social media pages.

The article dives into the level of difficulty in the blue belt category and the challenges that Marcio and his team faced in preparing for the competition. Despite the tough competition and the technical skills of Nathan’s opponents, the team relied on extensive study and research to create effective strategies. The article emphasizes their strong mental and physical preparation, with Marcio’s coaching playing a crucial role in helping Nathan maintain a strong mindset and execute their game plan. Additionally, it mentions the close-knit community at Infight, highlighting their bond and support for each other, as well as their decision to stay true to their roots by sleeping in the gym instead of a hotel. Overall, the article showcases the dedication and teamwork that led to Nathan’s victory and highlights the dynamic coaching skills of Marcio de Deus.


In the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), the blue belt category is known to be one of the most challenging divisions. It requires a combination of technical proficiency, physical strength, and mental toughness. In a recent video by FloGrappling, we get a glimpse into the coaching techniques of Marcio de Deus, the head coach of Infight, as he guides his blue belt star, Luiz Nathan, to a submission victory at the 2023 IBJJF Brasileiros. In this article, we will delve into the details of the video, the coaching strategies employed by Marcio de Deus, and the unique challenges that come with competing in the blue belt category.

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About the Video

The video captures the intense moments of Luiz Nathan’s match at the IBJJF Brasileiros. As the camera pans to Marcio de Deus, we can see his focused demeanor and intense concentration. As a coach, Marcio understands the significance of every move and the impact it can have on the outcome of the match. With every exchange between the competitors, Marcio provides guidance, emphasizes defense, and maintains the right mindset to ensure his athlete’s success.

Infight’s Head Coach

Marcio de Deus is the head coach of Infight, a renowned BJJ team based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With years of experience both as a practitioner and a coach, Marcio brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. In the video, we witness his exceptional ability to analyze the opponents and devise effective coaching strategies that cater to the strengths and weaknesses of his athletes.

Micd Up: Infights Marcio De Deus Coaches Blue Belt Star

Blue Belt Star

Luiz Nathan, Infight’s blue belt star, proves his mettle in the match at the IBJJF Brasileiros. With Marcio de Deus guiding him, he showcases his technical prowess and resilience. Luiz’s performance highlights the immense dedication and hard work he has put into training and preparation for this tournament. As a blue belt, he faces the challenges and pressures of competing at a high level, but he rises to the occasion and emerges victorious.

Victory at the IBJJF Brasileiros

The victory at the IBJJF Brasileiros is a testament to the effectiveness of Marcio de Deus’s coaching strategies. Through his guidance, Luiz Nathan was able to navigate the complexities of the competition, overcome tough opponents, and secure a submission victory. Marcio’s emphasis on defense, maintaining the right mindset, and analyzing opponents’ weaknesses played a crucial role in the success of Luiz’s performance.

Coaching Strategies

Providing Guidance

Marcio de Deus’s coaching style revolves around providing clear guidance to his athletes. In the video, he can be heard constantly communicating with Luiz Nathan, giving him specific instructions on what to do and what to watch out for. This guidance helps his athletes make informed decisions and execute effective techniques in real-time.

Emphasizing Defense

Defense is a pivotal aspect of BJJ, and Marcio understands its significance. Throughout the match, he can be heard reminding Luiz to prioritize defense and avoid getting caught in vulnerable positions. By emphasizing defense, Marcio ensures that his athletes have a solid foundation to build their offense upon and minimize the risk of being submitted.

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Maintaining Mindset

The mental aspect of BJJ is often overlooked but plays a crucial role in an athlete’s performance. Marcio de Deus recognizes the importance of maintaining the right mindset and continuously motivates and encourages Luiz Nathan during the match. His constant reminders to stay focused, keep a strong mentality, and not get discouraged contribute to Luiz’s mental strength, allowing him to perform at his best under pressure.

Analyzing Opponents

One of Marcio de Deus’s key strengths as a coach is his ability to analyze opponents. In the video, he can be seen observing the movements and tendencies of Luiz’s opponent, providing valuable insights to help Luiz capitalize on opportunities and exploit his opponent’s weaknesses. This analytical approach gives his athletes a strategic advantage, allowing them to make informed decisions during their matches.

The Difficulty of Blue Belt Category

The blue belt category is widely regarded as one of the most challenging divisions in BJJ. It requires athletes to possess both technical proficiency and physical strength while navigating a highly competitive landscape. Marcio de Deus acknowledges the difficulties that come with competing in the blue belt category and emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation and training.

Preparation and Training

In order to excel in the blue belt category, athletes must dedicate themselves to rigorous preparation and training. Marcio de Deus provides his athletes with a comprehensive training program that focuses on three key areas: physical training, technical analysis, and mental strength.

Physical Training

Physical fitness is crucial in BJJ, and Marcio ensures that his athletes are in peak condition. Through strength and conditioning exercises, endurance training, and drills specific to BJJ techniques, he helps his athletes develop the physical attributes necessary to succeed in the blue belt category.

Technical Analysis

Technical proficiency is a cornerstone of success in BJJ, and Marcio de Deus places great emphasis on technical analysis. He studies opponents, watches videos, and analyzes matches to gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses. This detailed analysis allows him to tailor his coaching strategies to exploit opponents’ weaknesses and maximize his athletes’ chances of success.

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Mental Strength

Competing at the blue belt level requires mental fortitude and resilience. Marcio de Deus recognizes this and incorporates mental strength training into his athletes’ preparations. Through meditation, visualization exercises, and mindset coaching, he helps his athletes develop the mental toughness needed to overcome challenges and perform at their best on the mats.

Infight and Cidade de Deus

Infight has deep roots in the community of Cidade de Deus, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a team, they have represented the community for many years and take great pride in doing so. Marcio de Deus highlights the strong connection between Infight and Cidade de Deus, emphasizing the supportive nature of the community and the sense of family within the team.

Community Support

The support from the community of Cidade de Deus is crucial to Infight’s success. The locals rally behind the team, attending matches, providing encouragement, and showing their support in various ways. This support serves as a source of motivation and inspiration for the athletes, driving them to push harder and achieve greater heights.

Favela Connection

The favela of Cidade de Deus holds a special place in the hearts of the Infight team. It is their home, their roots, and a constant reminder of where they come from. The team takes pride in representing the favela and sees it as a source of strength and determination. The challenges that come with growing up in a favela only fuel their determination to succeed and make a positive impact through BJJ.

Family Environment

At Infight, the team operates like a family. Marcio de Deus stresses the importance of unity and solidarity within the team. Athletes support one another, both on and off the mats, creating a positive and nurturing environment. This family dynamic fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie, which translates into the team’s success.


The video by FloGrappling provides a glimpse into the coaching strategies of Marcio de Deus as he guides his blue belt star, Luiz Nathan, to victory at the IBJJF Brasileiros. Marcio’s emphasis on providing guidance, emphasizing defense, maintaining the right mindset, and analyzing opponents showcases his deep understanding of the sport. The challenges and difficulties of competing in the blue belt category are evident, but with thorough preparation, training, and support, athletes can overcome them. Infight’s connection to the community of Cidade de Deus serves as a source of strength, unity, and inspiration to the team. Overall, this video and the coaching techniques showcased in it highlight the dedication, passion, and skill required to excel in the competitive world of BJJ.

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