Official Weigh Ins | Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena, Presented By Fat Tire

Official Weigh Ins | Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena, Presented By Fat Tire

Get ready for an exciting match-up between jiu jitsu fighters Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena at the Tezos WNO event, presented by Fat Tire. Taking place on Sunday, August 7th at 8 o’clock Central time, this event at the Sports Academy in Frisco, Texas has been sold out for months. You can watch the first two matches of the prelims for free on YouTube, while the next five will be available on Don’t forget to tune in and see who will come out on top in this highly anticipated main event.

In addition to the gripping matches, this event is also sponsored by Tesla, who will be awarding a submission bonus of 500 test coins to the winner who secures a submission. So mark your calendars and get ready for an exhilarating night of jiu jitsu action as these top fighters battle it out in the ring.


Estevan Martinez vs. Diogo Haze

The first weigh-in of the night features Estevan Martinez, also known as the “giant slayer”. Estevan, a veteran of Who’s Number One, has competed on this event multiple times before. This featherweight match is set at 145 pounds, but Estevan comes in well under at 133.

His opponent is Diogo Haze, making his Who’s Number One debut. Diogo, also known as the “baby shark”, weighs in at 145.0 pounds. Both fighters face forward after weighing in and prepare for their match.

Fabian Ramirez vs. Fabricio Kakagi

The second weigh-in features Fabian Ramirez and Fabricio Kakagi. Fabian, from Who’s Next, weighs in at 145.0 pounds. He wears a captain’s hat, adding a touch of flair to the event. Fabricio also makes his Who’s Number One debut and weighs in at the same weight of 145.0 pounds.

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They stand face forward and then proceed to do their face-off. Good luck is wished to both fighters as they get ready for their matchup.

Main Card

Jay Rodriguez vs. Jacob Couch

The first match on the main card is between Jay Rodriguez and Jacob Couch. Jay, also known as the “black belt slayer”, weighs in at 182.8 pounds. His opponent, Jacob Couch, known as the “hillbilly hammer”, weighs in slightly heavier at 184.9 pounds. They face forward for the cameras and then engage in a face-off before their highly anticipated match.

Elizabeth Clay vs. Bia Mosquito

Up next is Elizabeth Clay versus Bia Mosquito. Elizabeth, representing Aries Jiu Jitsu, weighs in at 143.8 pounds for the featherweight matchup set at 145 pounds. Bia Mosquito, an ADCC and 135-pound champion, comes in slightly heavier at 144.2 pounds. They both stand face forward before doing their face-off. Good luck is extended to both competitors as they prepare for their fight.

Alan Sanchez vs. Mika Galvão

The third match of the main card features Alan Sanchez from 10th Planet going up against Mika Galvão. This middleweight match is set at 185 pounds. Alan, an EBI champion, weighs in at 180.6 pounds. Mika, an ADCC trials winner, weighs in slightly lighter at 179.2 pounds. They stand face forward before engaging in a face-off. Best of luck is wished to both fighters as they get ready for their bout.

Rafael Lovato Jr. vs. Nicholas Marigali

In the co-main event of the evening, Rafael Lovato Jr. faces off against Nicholas Marigali. Lovato, a sixth-place Jiu Jitsu competitor from Oklahoma, competes against Nicholas in a heavyweight match with no weight limit. Lovato weighs in at 223.8 pounds, while Nicholas comes in slightly heavier at 224.8 pounds. They stand next to each other and face forward before doing their face-off, displaying a mutual respect for their upcoming fight.

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Felipe Pena vs. Gordon Ryan

Finally, we come to the main event of the evening, a highly anticipated matchup between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan. These two fighters have met twice before, with both being ADCC absolute champions. This match, with no time limit, promises an exciting showdown, and someone is bound to be submitted. Felipe, the 2017 ADCC Absolute Champion, weighs in at 228.6 pounds. Gordon, the current reigning ADCC absolute champion and Who’s Number One heavyweight champion, weighs in slightly lighter at 227.8 pounds. They face forward and then engage in a face-off, showcasing the intensity of this momentous fight.

Official Weigh Ins | Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena, Presented By Fat Tire


The official weigh-ins for Tezos Who’s Number One: Gordon Ryan vs. Felipe Pena, presented by Fat Tire, bring the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming event. With a stacked main card featuring talented fighters like Jay Rodriguez, Elizabeth Clay, and Rafael Lovato Jr., along with the highly anticipated showdown between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan, this event promises to deliver thrilling matches to the fans. Whether it’s the prelims or the main card, viewers can expect top-level jiu jitsu action as these fighters showcase their skills and determination in the pursuit of victory. So mark your calendars for Sunday, August 7th, at 8 o’clock Central time, and get ready to witness an unforgettable night of jiu jitsu.

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