‘No Way It’ll Be A Boring Match’ Ethan Crelinsten On WNO Match With Fabricio Andrey

‘No Way It’ll Be A Boring Match’ Ethan Crelinsten On WNO Match With Fabricio Andrey

At B team in Austin, Texas, Ethan Crelinsten is gearing up for an exciting WNO match against Fabricio Andrey. With Isaac J joining him for killer rounds, Ethan feels good and ready for the upcoming challenge. Fabricio is known for his unpredictability and scrappy style, making this match one to watch. Ethan believes that both he and Fabricio are reckless enough to let the submissions fly and allow the scrambles to happen, ensuring that it won’t be a boring match. Additionally, Ethan’s teammates, Isaac Michelle and Joseph Chen, are also participating in the event, adding to the excitement of the competition.

Ethan Crelinsten’s upcoming WNO match with Fabricio Andrey

Ethan Crelinsten speaks on his upcoming WNO match

Ethan Crelinsten, a skilled Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, is gearing up for his upcoming match on Who’s Number One (WNO) against Fabricio Andrey. In a recent interview with FloGrappling, Crelinsten expressed his confidence and excitement for the match. He acknowledged Andrey as a formidable opponent, describing him as unpredictable and a little bit of a “psycho” from Brazil. Crelinsten looks forward to seeing how their styles and skills match up against each other in what promises to be a scrappy and exciting bout.

Introduction to Fabricio Andrey

Fabricio Andrey, also known as “The Hokage,” is a Brazilian athlete with an unpredictable and aggressive fighting style. He gained attention in a previous match against Victor Hugo, where he showcased impressive wrestling and a unique duck-under move. Andrey’s style and skills make him a challenging opponent for Crelinsten.

Expectations for a scrappy match

Both Crelinsten and Andrey are known for their fast-paced, action-packed matches. They thrive on scrambles and are willing to take risks, which makes their upcoming bout highly anticipated. Crelinsten believes that their reckless nature will lead to a thrilling and entertaining match. Unlike some fighters who might be more cautious, Crelinsten and Andrey are expected to go all out, letting the submissions fly and embracing the scrambles.

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Fast-paced action-packed matches and scrambles

Crelinsten is no stranger to fast-paced action-packed matches and scrambles. The recipient of the Match of the Year Award, he has proven his ability to engage in exciting and dynamic fights. With his experience and skills, combined with Andrey’s aggressive style, the match between the two is expected to be filled with thrilling exchanges and constant movement.

No Way Itll Be A Boring Match Ethan Crelinsten On WNO Match With Fabricio Andrey

Stylistic matchup

When it comes to stylistic matchups, Crelinsten believes that there is no way their match will be boring. Unlike some fighters who may hesitate to delve too deep into each other’s game, both Crelinsten and Andrey are known for their fearlessness and willingness to embrace submissions and scrambles. Their styles complement each other, promising an intense and captivating display of skill and technique.

Predicting an exciting match

With both fighters being unafraid to take risks and push the pace, it is almost guaranteed that their match will be a crowd-pleaser. Crelinsten is excited to engage with Andrey, recognizing the potential for an incredible display of technique and athleticism. He is ready to power up and see what happens, fully embracing the thrill and uncertainty of the upcoming bout.

Teammates on the card

In addition to Crelinsten’s high-stakes match, there are a few other exciting matchups on the card that feature his teammates.

Isaac Michelle vs Bruno Matthias

Crelinsten’s teammate, Isaac Michelle, will be facing Bruno Matthias in an intriguing matchup. Michelle’s style is well-suited for opponents like Matthias, who possess strength and stature. Michelle’s impressive wrestling skills are anticipated to be a leading factor in the match, allowing him to maintain control and dictate the pace. With his ability to break down opponents, Michelle is prepared for a compelling showdown against Matthias.

Joseph Chen vs Andy Varela

Joseph Chen, another teammate of Crelinsten, will be going up against Andy Varela. Chen is relatively unknown in the Jiu-Jitsu community, but his teammates hold him in high regard. His origins remain a mystery, with some jesting that he may have been designed in a lab in China and strategically planted in the United States to assimilate into society. Despite his relatively unknown status, Chen’s opportunity to compete on a big stage is celebrated by his teammates. They eagerly await the matchup, confident that Chen will bring excitement and unpredictability to the mat, regardless of the outcome.

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Proud of Joseph Chen

Despite being a lesser-known competitor in the sport, Crelinsten and his team express pride in Joseph Chen and the opportunity he has been given. They appreciate the bravery of both Chen and his opponent, Andy Varela, in accepting the match. Regardless of the result, the excitement and entertainment that will surely unfold make it a highly anticipated matchup.


Ethan Crelinsten’s upcoming match against Fabricio Andrey on Who’s Number One is set to be a thrilling and captivating event. With both fighters known for their fast-paced, action-packed matches and willingness to scramble, the bout promises non-stop excitement and skillful displays of Jiu-Jitsu. Additionally, Crelinsten’s teammates, Isaac Michelle and Joseph Chen, will be competing in their respective matches, adding to the overall anticipation for the event. Fans of Jiu-Jitsu can look forward to an evening of intense matchups and memorable moments on Who’s Number One.

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