Gordon Ryan Sharpens His Skill In A Position Round For Oct 1st WNO Match

Gordon Ryan Sharpens His Skill In A Position Round For Oct 1st WNO Match

In his relentless push to perfection, Gordon Ryan is putting his skills to the test as he gears up for the highly anticipated WNO match on October 1st. In a recently released video by FloGrappling, we get an inside look at Ryan honing his techniques in a position round. Demonstrating his prowess in escaping and finishing from mount, Ryan leaves no stone unturned in preparation for Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions. The video serves as a reminder of his dedication to the sport, showcasing his commitment to fine-tuning his craft. Stay updated with the latest jiu jitsu content by liking, commenting, and subscribing to FloGrappling’s channel.

Once again, FloGrappling brings us closer to the action in a captivating video featuring Gordon Ryan. As he sharpens his skillset, Ryan’s focus remains unwavering, driven by the upcoming WNO match on October 1st. By emphasizing his escapes and finishes from mount, Ryan leaves no doubt of his determination to dominate in the ring. For all the jiu jitsu enthusiasts out there, make sure to follow FloGrappling on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to access the latest updates and exciting content.

Gordon Ryan Sharpens His Skill In A Position Round For Oct 1st WNO Match

Gordon Ryan, one of the most skilled and talented grapplers in the world, is gearing up for an exciting match on October 1st at WNO 20: Night of Champions. As he prepares for this highly anticipated event, Gordon focuses on sharpening his skills in a position known as the mount. In this article, we will delve into the importance of the WNO event, Gordon Ryan’s preparation methods, the mount position, and his training routine. Let’s explore each of these topics in detail.

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Gordon Ryan Sharpens His Skill In A Position Round For Oct 1st WNO Match

WNO 20: Night of Champions

What is WNO?

WNO, short for Who’s Number One, is a grappling event organized by the well-known jiu-jitsu media platform FloGrappling. This event brings together some of the top jiu-jitsu athletes from around the world to compete against each other in high-stakes matches. WNO has gained a reputation for showcasing elite-level talent and providing thrilling matches that keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

Importance of WNO 20

WNO 20: Night of Champions holds a special significance in the grappling community. This event features a stacked lineup of world-class athletes, including Gordon Ryan, who is widely regarded as one of the best grapplers in the sport. The matchups at WNO 20 are highly anticipated, as they bring together the best of the best, providing fans with an opportunity to witness the highest level of jiu-jitsu competition.

Gordon Ryan’s Preparation

Importance of Preparation

Preparation is key for any athlete, and Gordon Ryan understands this concept very well. To perform at his best in competitions like WNO 20, Gordon focuses on honing his skills and improving his technique through rigorous training. His preparation not only enhances his physical abilities but also helps him develop a strategic approach to his matches.

Position Round Training

In preparation for his upcoming match, Gordon Ryan has been dedicating time to perfecting his performance from the mount position. The mount is considered one of the most dominant positions in jiu-jitsu, and being proficient in both escaping and finishing from this position is crucial for a grappler’s success. Let’s dive into the mount position and its importance in more detail.

The Mount Position

Understanding the Mount Position

The mount position is achieved when a grappler is sitting on top of their opponent, straddling their torso with their legs on either side. From this position, the person on top has significant control over their opponent and can apply various submission holds and strikes. As a result, the mount is often sought after by grapplers as a means to gain a significant advantage in a match.

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Importance of Mastering Mount Escapes and Finishes

Both escaping from the mount position and effectively finishing from it are vital skills for any grappler. Being able to escape the mount ensures that a grappler can regain control and avoid being dominated by their opponent. On the other hand, mastering finishes from the mount allows a grappler to capitalize on their advantageous position and secure a victory. Gordon Ryan understands the importance of having a well-rounded skill set in both escaping and finishing from the mount.

Escapes from Mount

Technique 1: Bridge and roll

The bridge and roll technique is a classic escape from the mount position that Gordon Ryan has successfully used in his matches. This technique involves bridging the hips off the ground while turning to the side, which creates an opportunity for the grappler to escape and potentially reverse the position. The bridge and roll can be highly effective when executed with proper timing and precision.

Technique 2: Trap and roll

The trap and roll technique is another effective escape option from the mount. This technique involves trapping the opponent’s arm on one side and rolling to the opposite side, using the momentum to escape the mount. By utilizing this technique, a grappler can create an opening to escape and potentially transition to a more advantageous position.

Technique 3: Elbow escape

The elbow escape is a fundamental technique commonly used to escape the mount position. In this escape, the grappler pushes their opponent’s knee aside, creates space by extending their arm, and regains control by bringing their leg back into play. The elbow escape requires precise timing and attention to detail to successfully execute.

Finishes from Mount

Technique 1: Armbar

The armbar is a common submission hold that can be applied from the mount position. It involves controlling the opponent’s arm and hyperextending it at the elbow joint. By maintaining control of the mount position while executing the armbar, Gordon Ryan can secure a victory by forcing his opponent to submit due to the immense pressure applied to their arm.

Technique 2: Ezekiel choke

The Ezekiel choke is a sneaky submission that can catch opponents off guard from the mount position. In this choke, the grappler uses their non-dominant hand to create a collar grip on their opponent while quickly inserting their dominant forearm across the opponent’s throat. This choke can be highly effective if executed swiftly and with precision.

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Technique 3: Collar choke

The collar choke is another powerful finishing technique from the mount position. It involves using the opponent’s collar to apply pressure to their neck, causing them to submit. By maintaining control of the mount while executing the collar choke, Gordon Ryan can effectively manipulate his opponent’s posture, making it difficult for them to escape.

Gordon Ryan’s Training Routine

Focus on Specific Positions

To prepare for WNO 20, Gordon Ryan places a significant emphasis on training specific positions, with the mount being a primary focus. By dedicating specific training sessions solely to the mount position, Gordon can fine-tune his escapes and finishes, ultimately improving his overall performance in competition.

Repetition and Drilling

One key aspect of Gordon Ryan’s training routine is repetition and drilling. By repeatedly practicing specific techniques and sequences, Gordon aims to develop muscle memory and increase his proficiency in executing them. This repetitive drilling allows him to react instinctively during matches, giving him a competitive edge against his opponents.

Simulation Training

Gordon Ryan also incorporates simulation training into his routine, simulating real match scenarios to enhance his decision-making and adaptation skills. By simulating different situations from the mount position, Gordon can simulate the intensity and pressure of live competition, which better prepares him for the challenges he may face during WNO 20.

Importance of a Well-Rounded Skill Set

Versatility in Different Positions

Having a well-rounded skill set is essential in grappling, as it allows a grappler to adapt to various situations and opponents. While Gordon Ryan’s focus for WNO 20 is the mount position, he understands the significance of being proficient in multiple positions. This versatility enables him to adjust his strategy based on his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, increasing his chances of success.

Adaptability in Competitions

Competitions, especially high-level ones like WNO 20, require adaptability. Grapplers must be able to adjust their game plans on the fly to counter their opponent’s strategies effectively. Gordon Ryan’s dedication to mastering the mount position and his overall well-rounded skill set affords him the ability to adapt and make quick decisions during matches.


Gordon Ryan’s preparation for WNO 20: Night of Champions showcases his relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of grappling. By focusing on the mount position and diligently refining his escapes and finishes, Gordon Ryan aims to showcase his skills and come out victorious on October 1st. The importance of a well-rounded skill set, adaptability in competitions, and meticulous preparation cannot be understated. As fans eagerly await WNO 20, the anticipation for Gordon Ryan’s performance continues to rise.

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