Nicky Ryan vs Renato Canuto – 2022 ADCC World Championships

Nicky Ryan vs Renato Canuto – 2022 ADCC World Championships

In one of the opening rounds of the 2022 ADCC World Championships, Nicky Ryan and Renato Canuto delivered an exhilarating match. While Nicky Ryan has been touted as a hidden talent by Gordon, injuries have hindered his progress. Nevertheless, he aims to showcase his skills and overcome the challenge presented by Canuto, who is a formidable opponent. The match begins with some intense hand fighting, with both competitors displaying their level changes and grappling prowess. Ryan, despite not being tall for his division, appears physically imposing, a testament to the hard work put in by the B Team guys in the weight room. The match is physically demanding as both fighters relentlessly keep up the pace, and Ryan impresses with a remarkable takedown sequence. However, Canuto shows resilience and manages to gain control, demonstrating his dynamic style. They battle it out on their feet, with Ryan’s team urging him to push forward. As the match nears its end, Canuto secures a takedown and ultimately wins with a score of 5-0. While Ryan put up a strong fight, Canuto’s ability to maintain his pace throughout the match proved to be the decisive factor.

Nicky Ryan vs Renato Canuto - 2022 ADCC World Championships

Opening Rounds of the 2022 ADCC World Championship

The 2022 ADCC World Championship kicked off with an electrifying match between Nicky Ryan and Renato Canuto. The anticipation for this match was high, as both fighters had built reputations for their skill and tenacity on the mat.

Nicky Ryan, a young and talented athlete, had been touted as a rising star in the jiu jitsu world. However, he had faced setbacks and injuries in the past that had hindered his progress. This match was an opportunity for him to show that he had overcome those obstacles and was ready to compete at the highest level.

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Facing Nicky Ryan was no easy task, as Renato Canuto was known for his dynamic style and aggressive approach. Canuto was a formidable opponent, and Ryan had his work cut out for him.

Physicality and Preparation

In the early stages of the match, both fighters engaged in hand fighting, trying to gain an advantage over their opponent. Nicky Ryan’s size and physique were evident, as he appeared strong and powerful despite not being tall for his weight division. This showed the importance of physical conditioning in ADCC, as the competition was known for its demanding and physical nature.

Ryan’s improved physique was a result of the hard work and dedication he and his teammates at the B Team had put into the weight room. Isaac Michelle, a valuable member of the team, had played a significant role in their training, particularly in wrestling.

Takedown and Control

A highlight of the match was Nicky Ryan’s impressive snap down, which showcased his technical skill and strength. However, a referee interruption resulted in a restart, giving both fighters a chance to regroup and devise new strategies.

Ryan continued his pursuit to climb up Canuto’s back, looking for an advantageous position. His relentless efforts paid off when he successfully executed a takedown sequence, demonstrating his ability to control his opponent.

The body lock played a crucial role in Ryan’s passing and control. He used it effectively to maintain dominance over Canuto, showcasing his grappling prowess.

Dynamic and Recovery

Renato Canuto was known for his dynamic style, constantly moving and attacking from various angles. However, Ryan recognized the importance of recovering and avoiding dangerous positions to prevent Canuto from capitalizing on his dynamic moves.

Despite their differences in size and physique, both fighters displayed impressive athleticism and determination. Canuto’s recovery skills were evident as he managed to escape dangerous situations and reset the match on his terms.

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It was interesting to note that slippery surfaces, possibly due to hair gel or shaved arms and legs, could affect the fighters’ grip and make a significant difference in their grappling exchanges.

Points and Pacing

As the match progressed, both fighters approached the points system activation with caution. They matched each other’s pacing, carefully weighing their options and limited their takedown attempts. Canuto seemed more comfortable on his feet, displaying confidence in his striking abilities.

Pacing and fatigue were important factors in this match, with both fighters looking to maintain their energy levels while strategizing for the best opportunities to score points.

Warnings and Pressure

Throughout the match, Nikki Ryan received warnings from the referee due to his actions or potential rule infringements. Canuto applied pressure and implemented a change in momentum as he pushed Ryan around the mat.

Ryan’s corner advised him to push forward, recognizing the need to regain control and potentially reach overtime. Canuto’s consistent pace and ability to maintain pressure posed a challenge for Ryan.

Final Minutes and Overtime

As the clock ticked down, both fighters battled to gain the upper hand. Ryan, with fading energy, hoped to reach overtime to gather his strength and make a comeback. However, Canuto continued to apply pressure, and with a late takedown and backtake, secured his victory over Ryan.

The match demonstrated Canuto’s impressive performance, particularly in turning up the heat and maintaining a high pace throughout the fight. Ryan’s energy fade became apparent, highlighting the difference in endurance between the two fighters. Canuto’s victory was well-deserved, and he advanced to the next round of the championship.


Renato Canuto’s performance in the opening rounds of the 2022 ADCC World Championship was nothing short of impressive. He showcased his skills, turning up the intensity, and maintaining a high pace against Nicky Ryan. Ryan, despite his potential, faced challenges in maintaining his energy and fell short in the match.

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Canuto’s victory was a testament to his skill and ability to capitalize on opportunities. The match highlighted the importance of physicality, preparation, and strategic decision-making in ADCC competitions. Both fighters displayed tenacity and determination, making for an exciting and memorable opening round.

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