Craig Jones vs Kyle Boehm | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Craig Jones vs Kyle Boehm | 2022 ADCC World Championships

In this thrilling match at the 2022 ADCC World Championships, Craig Jones and Kyle Boehm face off in the -99kg division. Both fighters are known for their impressive skills in lower body attacks, and the size difference between them is definitely noticeable. Craig Jones, motivated and determined after his previous performance, immediately puts pressure on the passing and looks to make a statement in the under 99 kilogram division. Kyle Boehm, comfortable playing the guard and skilled in the ebi rule set, tries to defend against Craig’s attacks and look for openings of his own. As the match unfolds, both fighters showcase their strength and technique, making it an intense battle to watch.

With an 80% submission rate across his victories and a significant number of those submissions coming from leg attacks, Craig Jones proves himself to be a submission machine. He strategically waits for Kyle Boehm to invert, attempting to set up the Kiss of the Dragon and the black hole. Meanwhile, Craig’s passing game is on point, as he successfully gains the pass and maintains control throughout the match. As the points come into effect, both fighters continue their battle, with Kyle struggling to generate much offense while Craig dominates with his passing game. Ultimately, Craig Jones secures a beautiful guillotine submission, concluding the match with an impressive victory.

Craig Jones vs Kyle Boehm | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Introduction to the video

In this match, Craig Jones and Kyle Boehm face off in the -99kg division of the ADCC World Championships. The video is provided by FloGrappling, a platform that showcases the latest jiu jitsu videos. Both fighters are known for their lower body attack prowess, making this an exciting matchup to watch.

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Background of Craig Jones and Kyle Boehm

Craig Jones has made a name for himself in the jiu jitsu world with impressive victories and a fast submission rate. He has proven his skills in matches such as “Who’s Number One” and boasts an 80% submission rate across all of his victories. One of his notable wins was against John Costa, showing his dominance in the -99kg division.

Kyle Boehm, on the other hand, is comfortable playing guard and is known for his skill in lower body attacks. He has previously competed in events like the EBI rule set and has experience in unfavorable positions. His previous victory over Kainan Duarte in a Five Super League show showcases his ability to overcome tough opponents.

Size difference between the competitors

There is a significant size difference between Craig Jones and Kyle Boehm in this match. Craig Jones has moved up in weight classes for this ADCC tournament, while Kyle Boehm has cut weight to compete in the -99kg division. Despite the size difference, both fighters showcase their agility and skill in their movements.

Craig Jones’ motivation and determination

Craig Jones displays a high level of motivation and determination in this match. His movements are sharp and deliberate, indicating his desire to make a statement in the -99kg division. Coming off an impressive performance in his last match, he is determined to continue his success in the ADCC World Championships.

Kyle Boehm’s comfort in playing guard

Kyle Boehm demonstrates his comfort in playing guard throughout the match. As a proponent of the EBI rule set, he is well-versed in navigating bad positions and is not easily deterred. This experience allows him to stay calm and composed even when faced with a submission machine like Craig Jones.

Craig Jones’ strategy of baiting Kyle Boehm

Craig Jones employs a strategic approach by baiting Kyle Boehm into specific movements. He waits for Boehm to invert and perform a Kiss of the Dragon, anticipating the opportunity to go for a black hole submission. Jones knows that Boehm is comfortable with these positions and uses it to his advantage in the match.

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Craig Jones’ impressive submission rate

Craig Jones showcases his impressive submission rate in this match. With 52 submissions out of 80 victories, 52% of them coming from leg attacks, he proves to be a formidable opponent. These statistics highlight his expertise in leg attacks and his ability to secure submissions against high-level opponents.

Kyle Boehm’s leg initiation

Kyle Boehm initiates his leg attacks against Craig Jones but is met with immediate defense. Jones quickly removes his foot from dangerous positions, showing his awareness and skill in defending against leg attacks. Although Boehm attempts to engage in leg attacks, Jones remains focused and maintains control.

Kyle Boehm’s previous victory over Kainan Duarte

Kyle Boehm holds a previous victory over Kainan Duarte, adding to his credibility as a skilled competitor. This win occurred in a Five Super League show and showcases Boehm’s ability to overcome tough opponents. It demonstrates the level of competition in the -99kg division and makes this match against Craig Jones even more compelling.

Craig Jones’ beautiful pass

Craig Jones executes a beautiful pass against Kyle Boehm, further establishing his dominance in the match. His technique and timing are impeccable, earning him praise from viewers. Jones’ ability to smoothly navigate through Boehm’s defense highlights his skill and control on the ground.

Stifling Kyle Boehm’s offense

Craig Jones effectively stifles Kyle Boehm’s offense throughout the match. By preventing Boehm from returning to his guard, Jones limits his opponent’s ability to launch attacks. This control over Boehm’s offensive game puts Jones in a favorable position and increases his chances of securing a victory.

Craig Jones’ aggressive approach

Craig Jones maintains an aggressive approach in the match. Despite not cutting weight for the competition, he showcases his strength by pushing and imposing himself on Kyle Boehm. This aggressiveness adds to his dominance and puts pressure on Boehm to respond.

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Points coming into effect

As the match progresses, points come into effect, adding a new dynamic to the pacing and strategy of the fight. Both fighters become aware of the importance of scoring points and adjust their approaches accordingly. The introduction of points increases the intensity and urgency of the match.

Craig Jones’ comfort on the feet

Craig Jones displays comfort and skill on his feet, making him a well-rounded competitor. This contrasts with his previous performance in the 2019 ADCC, where he may have struggled with fatigue. His improvement in this area is evident and allows him to perform at a high level against all opponents.

Importance of Craig Jones’ strategy against heavier opponents

Craig Jones’ strategy of competing against heavier opponents demonstrates his adaptability and confidence in his abilities. By engaging in lengthy standing exchanges and tie-ups, he tests his opponents’ defenses and looks for openings. This strategy proves effective in neutralizing the size advantage of his opponents.

Craig Jones’ previous experience at ADCC

Craig Jones has previous experience competing in ADCC, which contributes to his success in the tournament. His familiarity with the competition format and the high-level opponents he faces gives him the knowledge and experience to perform at his best. This experience allows him to showcase his skills and secure victories.

Kyle Boehm’s performance and staying neutral

Kyle Boehm puts up a strong performance in the match, despite not being able to generate significant offense. He demonstrates his ability to stay neutral and not succumb to Jones’ attacks. Boehm’s resilience and determination make him a tough opponent for any competitor.

Physical marks on Kyle Boehm’s back

During the match, a noticeable red mark can be seen on Kyle Boehm’s back. It is unclear whether this mark is from the current match or a previous one. The mark serves as a reminder of the physicality and intensity of the competition.

Final Guillotine submission

The match concludes with Craig Jones executing a beautiful guillotine submission. This final submission showcases his technical skill and ability to seize opportunities. It serves as a decisive victory for Jones and solidifies his performance in the -99kg division.

Craig Jones vs Kyle Boehm | 2022 ADCC World Championships


In summary, the match between Craig Jones and Kyle Boehm in the -99kg division of the 2022 ADCC World Championships was an intense and competitive showdown. Craig Jones demonstrated his motivation, determination, and technical skill, securing a victory with a guillotine submission. Kyle Boehm showcased his ability to play guard and stay neutral against a formidable opponent. Moving forward, these performances have implications for both fighters, showcasing their skill and potential in future matches. The match sets the stage for exciting jiu jitsu competitions to come.

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