Kendall and Ffion Want ADCC GOLD | 2022 ADCC Vlog | Ep. 5

Kendall and Ffion Want ADCC GOLD | 2022 ADCC Vlog | Ep. 5

In this episode of the ADCC vlog, viewers are taken to Newport Beach to catch up with Kendall Reusing and Ffion Davies as they prepare for the ADCC competition. Kendall is competing in the plus 60 kilograms women’s division, while Ffion is in the under 60 kilograms division. The video provides an insight into their training and mindset as they aim for ADCC gold. Additionally, the vlog highlights the intensity and prestigious nature of the ADCC tournament, known as the grittiest and toughest in professional grappling. The vlog aims to showcase the preparation of the best athletes in the world, demonstrating the dedication and hard work required to make their dreams a reality.

Kendall and Ffion Want ADCC GOLD | 2022 ADCC Vlog | Ep. 5

Introduction to ADCC Vlog

In this episode of the ADCC vlog, we join Kendall Reusing and Ffion Davies in Newport Beach as they prepare for the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) tournament. This vlog follows their journey towards achieving the ultimate goal of winning the gold medal. The ADCC is known for its prestigious and challenging nature, and Kendall and Ffion are determined to prove themselves on the biggest stage in professional grappling.

About Kendall Reusing and Ffion Davies

Kendall Reusing is a highly skilled grappler who competes in the plus 60 kilograms women’s division. She not only coaches at Gracie Baja Newport School but also competes at the highest level. Ffion Davies, originally from Wales, competes in the under 60 kilograms women’s division. Her remarkable performance in a previous ADCC tournament, where she broke an opponent’s arm, earned her a silver medal. Both Kendall and Ffion are committed to their training and are focused on achieving success at ADCC.

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Kendall and Ffion Want ADCC GOLD | 2022 ADCC Vlog | Ep. 5

Preparing for ADCC

In their quest for ADCC gold, Kendall and Ffion dedicate countless hours to their training. They train at the prestigious Gracie Baja Newport School, honing their skills and developing their techniques under the guidance of experienced coaches and training partners.

Physical Preparation

Physical training is a crucial aspect of their preparation. Both Kendall and Ffion engage in intense workouts to strengthen their bodies and improve their conditioning. They follow a rigorous training regimen, which includes strength and conditioning exercises specific to the demands of grappling.

ADCC-specific Rounds

To prepare for the unique challenges of ADCC, Kendall and Ffion participate in ADCC-specific rounds. These rounds simulate the tournament rules and conditions, allowing them to practice their strategies, techniques, and timing. By regularly training in ADCC-specific rounds, they fine-tune their skills and adapt to the format of the competition.

Overtime Drill

Another important aspect of their training is the overtime drill. In ADCC, if a match ends in a draw, competitors enter overtime, where they take turns starting from a dominant position and attempt to submit each other. Kendall and Ffion focus on this aspect of their training to enhance their ability to finish matches and emerge victorious in overtime situations.

Mindset and Confidence

In addition to physical preparation, Kendall and Ffion understand the importance of mental strength in their pursuit of ADCC gold. They work on developing a strong mindset and building confidence to overcome challenges and perform at their best on the big stage.

Respecting Competitors

While Kendall and Ffion have immense respect for their competitors, they no longer put them on a pedestal. They now see themselves as equals and believe that they have the skills and abilities to compete at the highest level. This shift in mindset allows them to approach their opponents with a competitive mindset, knowing that they are capable of defeating anyone they face.

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Believing in Their Own Abilities

To succeed at ADCC, Kendall and Ffion have learned the importance of believing in their own abilities. They have gained confidence through their training and competition experiences, knowing that they can go toe-to-toe with the best in the world. This belief in themselves drives their motivation and fuels their determination to achieve their goals.

Overcoming Mental Obstacles

Both Kendall and Ffion have faced past defeats that they aim to overcome at the upcoming ADCC tournament. They view these defeats as mental obstacles that they must conquer. They recognize the importance of avenging these losses and proving to themselves that they can overcome adversity and emerge victorious.

Seeking Redemption against Past Defeats

One specific match that Kendall and Ffion have their sights set on is against opponents who have previously defeated them. They are driven by the desire to turn the tables and come out on top in these rematches. The mental aspect of their preparation involves strategizing and visualizing success in these important bouts.

Training Partners and Support System

To excel in their preparation for ADCC, Kendall and Ffion rely on their training partners and support system. They understand the significance of building strong relationships within their team and pushing each other to greater heights.

Dynamic Duo of Kendall and Ffion

Kendall and Ffion’s partnership is characterized by trust, mutual respect, and a shared pursuit of success. They push each other through challenging training sessions, sparring matches, and preparation for ADCC. Their dynamic partnership brings out the best in each other and sets the foundation for their success.

Training with Gracie Baja Newport Team

Kendall and Ffion train alongside the talented members of the Gracie Baja Newport team. This supportive training environment allows them to exchange knowledge, learn from each other’s strengths, and collectively elevate their skills. The camaraderie and shared goals within the team provide motivation and an extra boost to their preparation.

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Building Chemistry and Trust

Building chemistry and trust with training partners is essential in grappling. Kendall and Ffion have developed a strong rapport with their teammates, allowing them to effectively practice their techniques and test their skills in a competitive yet supportive environment. This trust enables them to push their limits and fine-tune their techniques.

Motivating Each Other

Kendall and Ffion’s training partnership propels them forward, as they motivate and inspire each other to keep pushing through the challenges of preparation. They constantly challenge one another to grow, improve, and reach new levels of performance. This mutual support and encouragement contribute to their overall success in ADCC.


Kendall Reusing and Ffion Davies are dedicated to achieving gold at ADCC. Their meticulous preparation, both physically and mentally, showcases their commitment to their craft. With the support of their training partners and their unwavering belief in themselves, Kendall and Ffion are poised to make their mark at the 2022 ADCC World Championship. As the competition draws near, they continue to train relentlessly, knowing that their hard work and determination will give them the best chance of standing atop the podium and realizing their dreams of ADCC gold.

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