Nicholas Meregali vs Henrique Ceconi – 2022 ADCC World Championships

Nicholas Meregali vs Henrique Ceconi – 2022 ADCC World Championships

In the highly anticipated match at the 2022 ADCC World Championships, Nicholas Meregali faced off against Henrique Ceconi. The video of this intense battle was captured by FloGrappling, and it showcased Meregali’s stunning performance in his ADCC debut. With goals of cementing his legacy, Meregali displayed impeccable wrestling skills and a determination to emerge victorious. Despite Ceconi’s strong start and relentless pressure, Meregali showed his resilience and ability to overcome adversity. The match was filled with exciting moments and impressive transitions, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Nicholas Meregali vs Henrique Ceconi – 2022 ADCC World Championships

Match Overview

In the highly anticipated matchup between Nicholas Meregali and Henrique Ceconi at the 2022 ADCC World Championships, both athletes showcased their skills in an intense and gripping contest. Meregali, making his ADCC debut, impressed the crowd with his performance, while Ceconi, as the South American trials winner, proved to be a formidable opponent. The match was filled with exciting moments, tactical approaches, and displays of grappling prowess, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Pre-Match Analysis

Before the match began, there was speculation about whether Meregali’s recent wrist injury that occurred a few weeks prior would impact his performance. Despite the injury, Meregali entered the match with a determined mindset, focused on building his legacy in the sport. Ceconi, known for his entertaining and dynamic style of play, promised to make the matchup an exciting one for the spectators.

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Injury Concerns

As the match commenced, it became evident that Meregali’s taped-up left wrist did not hinder his performance. Both athletes displayed incredible athleticism and technique, with Ceconi delivering an early blow to Meregali by putting him in a precarious position. This adversity tested Meregali’s ability to handle pressure and showcased his resilience on the mat.

Meregali’s Wrestling Skills

One aspect of Meregali’s game that has notably improved is his wrestling. This was evident in his takedowns against opponents such as Lovato Jr. Meregali’s wrestling skills played a crucial role in his ability to take control of the match and dictate the pace against Ceconi.

Ceconi’s Style of Play

Ceconi’s style of play is known for its dynamism and unpredictability. In this match, Ceconi attempted several dynamic takedowns, some of which were successful, while others did not yield the desired outcome. However, his agility and athleticism were evident in his transitions between positions, which posed a challenge for Meregali.

Early Momentum Shift

Despite facing early adversity, Meregali managed to regain his composure and turn the tide of the match. His passing pressure and relentless pursuit of dominant positions put Ceconi on the defensive, forcing him to rely on his guard to defend against Meregali’s attacks.

Meregali’s Passing Pressure

Meregali’s passing pressure proved to be a determining factor in the match. His ability to maintain control and constantly advance his position put Ceconi at a disadvantage. Meregali’s half guard pressure was particularly impressive, showcasing his technical skills and understanding of leverage.

Nicholas Meregali vs Henrique Ceconi - 2022 ADCC World Championships

Ceconi’s Takedown Attempts

Ceconi’s takedown attempts were admirable, as he consistently sought to bring the match to the ground. Although not all of his attempts were successful, his wrestling skills were evident in his execution. However, Meregali’s defensive prowess and quick reflexes prevented Ceconi from capitalizing on these takedowns.

Meregali’s Guard Defense

Meregali’s guard defense was exceptional, as he effectively nullified Ceconi’s attempts to sweep or submit him from the bottom position. His ability to peel off Ceconi’s attacks and maintain a dominant top position showcased his technical proficiency and defensive capabilities.

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Danaher’s Influence on Meregali

Meregali’s training under the renowned John Danaher has undoubtedly influenced his game. Throughout the match, Meregali displayed a strategic and thoughtful approach, implementing tactics that are characteristic of Danaher’s teachings. This influence was particularly evident in Meregali’s ability to mitigate leg entanglements and maintain control.

Tactical Approaches

Both athletes demonstrated a tactical mindset during the match, employing strategies to gain an advantage over their opponent. Ceconi’s dynamic takedown attempts and Meregali’s passing pressure were tactical choices that aimed to dominate the match. The skillful execution of these tactics showcased the athletes’ understanding of the sport and their ability to adapt during competition.

Scrambling Abilities

Scrambling abilities were on full display in this match, with both Meregali and Ceconi showcasing their agility and quick thinking in transitioning between positions. Their ability to scramble effectively allowed them to escape potentially dangerous situations and maintain control throughout the match.

Changing Game Plan

As the match progressed, both Meregali and Ceconi made adjustments to their game plans. Meregali, known for his foot sweeps and trip attempts, shifted his focus to strategic collar ties and right-leg kicks, throwing off Ceconi’s balance and confidence. Ceconi, recognizing the changing dynamics, attempted to reestablish himself with a tighter guard.

Points Become a Factor

With less than a minute and a half remaining, the point system became a factor in the match. Both athletes continued to battle for dominance, knowing that points would soon be awarded for successful techniques and positions.

Active Engagement without Points

Despite the impending point system, Meregali and Ceconi remained actively engaged throughout the match, displaying their commitment to pursuing victory. Their relentless pursuit of advantageous positions and submission attempts showcased their competitive spirit and determination.

Transition and Submission Attempts

In the closing moments of the match, Meregali capitalized on an opportunity and secured a submission attempt in the form of a Kimura. The transition from the feet to the ground demonstrated Meregali’s ability to seamlessly adapt and execute techniques in different positions.

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Surviving Adversity

Meregali’s ability to survive Ceconi’s early onslaught and regain control of the match highlighted his mental fortitude and resilience as a competitor. This resilience, coupled with his technical skills, ultimately led Meregali to victory.


The match between Nicholas Meregali and Henrique Ceconi at the 2022 ADCC World Championships was a highly entertaining and competitive duel. Both athletes showcased their skills, tactical approaches, and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Meregali’s resilience, wrestling skills, passing pressure, and defensive capabilities played a significant role in his victory. Ceconi’s dynamic style of play, takedown attempts, and scrambling abilities showcased his athleticism and determination. Overall, the match provided spectators with a thrilling display of high-level grappling and a glimpse into the potential legacies these athletes are building in the sport.

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