“He’s Already Lost” Gordon Ryan On The Andre Galvao ADCC Superfight

“He’s Already Lost” Gordon Ryan On The Andre Galvao ADCC Superfight

In a recent video by FloGrappling, Gordon Ryan shares his thoughts on his upcoming superfight with Andre Galvao at ADCC 2022. The video begins with Ryan discussing the unexpected face-off between him and Galvao during the event. Ryan expresses his surprise at seeing Galvao storm onto the mat with a determined demeanor, wearing a hat and belt signifying his multiple championships. Despite initially thinking the face-off was just for show, Ryan and Galvao ended up smiling, congratulating each other, and even shaking hands. Ryan reflects on this moment and considers the possibility of the fight actually happening, especially since Galvao had previously stated that this would be his last competition. Ryan speculates that the allure of the biggest ADCC ever, the increased prize money, and perhaps even the incident where Ryan smacked Galvao during a confrontation played a role in Galvao’s decision to ultimately compete in the superfight. While Ryan believes Galvao may have made a mistake by engaging in social media back-and-forths and underestimating Ryan’s skills, he acknowledges that Galvao now feels obligated to show up for the fight, even though Ryan believes he has already lost mentally.

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Hes Already Lost Gordon Ryan On The Andre Galvao ADCC Superfight

Gordon Ryan’s Upcoming Superfight with Andre Galvao

Background on the ADCC Superfight

The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) is one of the most prestigious grappling tournaments in the world, featuring the best grapplers from various martial arts disciplines. The superfight is a highly anticipated match between two elite competitors, and it serves as a highlight of the event. This year, the ADCC Superfight will be between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao.

Both Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao are highly respected and accomplished grapplers in their own right. Gordon Ryan, known as “The King,” has established himself as one of the best No-Gi grapplers in recent years, with numerous titles and victories to his name. Andre Galvao, on the other hand, is a renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and a legend in the sport. He is a six-time ADCC champion and has dominated the competitive grappling scene for decades.

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Expectations and Preparations for the Match

The upcoming superfight between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao has generated significant buzz and excitement within the grappling community. Fans and experts alike are eagerly anticipating this clash of titans. Both competitors are known for their technical prowess, athleticism, and competitive drive, making this match a must-watch event for grappling enthusiasts.

In preparation for the match, both Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao have been diligently training to ensure they are in peak condition physically and mentally. They have been honing their skills, studying their opponent’s techniques, and refining their strategies. The superfight is not just a display of physicality but also a battle of wits and game plans. Both grapplers will rely on their extensive experience and tactical knowledge to outmaneuver and submit their opponent.

The Face-Off

Surprise at the Face-Off

During the face-off between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao, there was an element of surprise for both competitors. Gordon Ryan expressed his surprise at seeing Andre Galvao being brought out after his own match. He had not been expecting a face-off and was initially disappointed at not securing a submission victory. However, the unexpected turn of events led to an exciting and memorable face-off between the two grappling legends.

Exchange of Smiles and Handshakes

Despite the surprise, the face-off between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao was marked by a respectful and jovial atmosphere. Both competitors shared smiles and handshakes, showcasing the mutual respect they have for each other’s skills and accomplishments. In a brief exchange, Andre Galvao expressed his happiness, emphasizing that he was in a positive mindset leading up to the match.

Thoughts on the Possibility of Not Fighting

Given Andre Galvao’s previous announcement of retirement, there were doubts about whether the superfight would actually take place. Gordon Ryan initially believed that the face-off and the subsequent remarks were merely for show. He suspected that a replacement would be found for Andre Galvao. However, as time passed and the event drew nearer, it became evident that Andre Galvao’s decision to compete was indeed genuine.

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Why Andre Galvao Decided to Compete

The Significance of ADCC 2022

ADCC 2022 holds significant importance for Andre Galvao as it is set to be the biggest ADCC event to date. With his retirement looming, Andre Galvao likely wanted to participate in this historic event to leave a lasting impact on the grappling community. As a veteran of the sport, he has already achieved great feats when the sport had fewer spectators. Now, with the growth in popularity of grappling, Andre Galvao wants to showcase his skills to a wider audience one last time.

Increased Prize Money

Another factor that likely influenced Andre Galvao’s decision to compete is the substantially increased prize money at ADCC 2022. The financial incentive may have enticed him to prolong his competitive career for another opportunity to secure a lucrative victory. With the potential for a significant payday, Andre Galvao may have felt compelled to seize this chance before retiring from the competitive scene.

Feeling Obligated After the Incident at FlowGrappling

The incident between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao at a FlowGrappling event played a crucial role in Andre Galvao’s decision to compete in the superfight. Gordon Ryan admits to hitting Andre Galvao during the altercation, which seems to have affected Andre’s mental state. Gordon suggests that the incident broke Andre mentally, and he may now feel obligated to face Gordon in the superfight as a way to save face.

Andre Galvao’s Mental State and Chances of Winning

Impact of the Incident at FlowGrappling

The altercation at FlowGrappling, where Gordon Ryan hit Andre Galvao, appears to have left a significant impact on Andre’s mental state. Gordon believes that Andre is still shaken from the incident, making it unlikely for him to perform at his best. The emotional and psychological toll of being struck in the face could hinder Andre’s confidence and ability to execute his game plan effectively.

Belief That Andre Has Already Lost

According to Gordon Ryan, he believes that Andre Galvao has already lost the match mentally. The combination of the incident at FlowGrappling and the subsequent social media exchanges has further diminished Andre’s chances of winning in Gordon’s eyes. Gordon suggests that Andre’s decision to compete against him was a mistake, as he believes that Andre will ultimately be remembered for getting smacked and then being soundly defeated in the match.

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The Mistake of Competing Against Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan asserts that Andre Galvao has made a grave error in choosing to compete against him. He confidently states that Andre has no chance of winning, given his own skill level and mastery of No-Gi grappling. In Gordon’s view, continuing the back-and-forth on social media was Andre’s initial mistake. Engaging in this manner damaged Andre’s reputation and eroded support from fans and sponsors. Whereas Andre could have retired gracefully, he is now facing the consequence of his actions and the potential for a lopsided defeat against Gordon Ryan.

Lessons Learned from Social Media Exchange

Initial Mistake of Engaging with Gordon Ryan

The social media exchange between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao had a significant negative impact on Andre’s reputation. Engaging in heated exchanges and prolonging the back-and-forth only served to worsen Andre’s public image. Instead of retiring with grace and dignity, Andre allowed himself to be drawn into a war of words that ultimately worked against him.

Negative Impact on Andre Galvao’s Reputation

The prolonged social media feud with Gordon Ryan has caused a decline in Andre Galvao’s reputation. Fans and sponsors have been disheartened by this behavior, resulting in a loss of support for Andre. Gordon’s physical assault on Andre during the altercation at FlowGrappling further diminished Andre’s standing. The combination of these factors has left Andre in a precarious position, both in terms of public perception and his chances of winning the superfight.

Loss of Support from Fans and Sponsors

As a result of the social media exchanges and the physical altercation, Andre Galvao has experienced a loss of support from both fans and sponsors. Fans who once admired Andre’s skills and respected his contributions to the sport have become disappointed and disillusioned by his actions. Sponsors, too, may rethink their partnerships with Andre, considering the negative attention and controversy surrounding his involvement. This loss of support has added to the unfortunate turn of events for Andre Galvao.


The upcoming superfight between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao at ADCC 2022 has captivated the grappling community. Despite initial doubts and uncertainties, Andre Galvao has committed to competing against Gordon Ryan, driven by the significance of the event, increased prize money, and a perceived obligation to save face. However, Gordon Ryan is confident in his abilities and believes that Andre has already lost mentally and physically. The social media exchanges and physical altercation have tarnished Andre’s reputation and resulted in a loss of support from fans and sponsors.

As the ADCC superfight approaches, the tension and anticipation are palpable. Grappling enthusiasts and fans will be eagerly watching to see how the match unfolds, whether Andre Galvao can defy the odds and silence his critics, or if Gordon Ryan will further solidify his reputation as one of the best grapplers in the world. Regardless of the outcome, this superfight will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the sport of grappling.

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