Nicholas Meregali Is Ready For Biggest No-Gi Test Yet In Kaynan Duarte

Nicholas Meregali Is Ready For Biggest No-Gi Test Yet In Kaynan Duarte

In this interview with Nicholas Meregali, we get a glimpse into his training and preparation for his upcoming match against Kaynan Duarte. Meregali shares his progress throughout the training camp, mentioning that initially, he struggled to find his rhythm but eventually felt his body working better every day. Despite acknowledging the tough competition that Duarte poses, Meregali expresses his confidence and excitement for the match, noting that he has different plans for his career after this fight. Throughout the interview, Meregali’s calm and relaxed demeanor shines through, showcasing his focus and determination as he aims for a victory on August 10th.

Training at New Wave

Nicholas Meregali, a renowned jiu-jitsu competitor, is currently in training at New Wave for his upcoming match against Kaynan Duarte. He has been preparing for this fight for five weeks now, and although the first couple of weeks were a bit challenging due to some computer issues, he has been pushing himself and feeling his body work better each day. According to Nicholas, he is currently in great shape and had a fantastic training session, completing three open rounds and feeling amazing. He is happy, relaxed, and living a good life, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle during training.

During his time at New Wave, Nicholas had the opportunity to train with Jacob Couch, who was visiting the gym. Although they only trained together for a short period before Jacob got injured, Nicholas states that they had a few rounds and enjoyed rolling with each other. Nicholas appreciates Jacob’s company and looks forward to training with him again in the future.

Matchup with Kaynan Duarte

Nicholas is aware that Kaynan Duarte is a tough competitor and considers him to be one of the top three jiu-jitsu athletes in the world, excluding Gordon Ryan. They have faced each other before, with a record of two wins each. However, their last fight was two years ago, and Nicholas acknowledges that a lot has changed since then. He has made the transition to nogi and put on weight, while Kaynan has been consistently winning tournaments. Nicholas recognizes that nogi might be a bit different for Kaynan, but he also acknowledges Kaynan’s experience in the discipline. Despite this, Nicholas remains confident in his own abilities and is excited about the upcoming match.

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Nicholas Meregali Is Ready For Biggest No-Gi Test Yet In Kaynan Duarte

History with Kaynan Duarte

Nicholas and Kaynan have had a long-standing rivalry and have faced each other multiple times in the past. They have competed against each other in various competitions and have built a compelling story of competition and shared experiences. Nicholas acknowledges that their history together is significant and believes that their upcoming match is just another chapter in their ongoing competition. Given their status as two of the best jiu-jitsu athletes in the world, Nicholas anticipates that they will continue to face each other in the future, competing and pushing each other to new heights.

Nogi vs Gi

Nicholas has had significant experience in nogi competitions, and he has honed his skills in this discipline. However, he admits that there is still much to learn and explore. He finds himself playing his game differently when he competes without the gi, and he is eager to further understand his level of skill in nogi. With regard to the match against Kaynan, Nicholas anticipates a different match style compared to their previous encounters in the gi. The rule set for nogi competitions, with its lack of points and reliance on referee decisions, encourages more action and engagement between the competitors. Nicholas believes that the match will be dynamic and full of motion, driven by the history and story they have built together.

Importance of the Match

For Nicholas, this match against Kaynan Duarte represents his biggest test in nogi competition to date. A win over Kaynan would have a significant impact on his career and serve as an impressive achievement, considering Kaynan’s reputation as a tough opponent. However, Nicholas approaches the match with a sense of detachment, acknowledging that nogi is not his main passion. He participates in nogi competitions as a challenge and, while committed to giving his best, he avoids putting unnecessary pressure on himself. Nicholas is in a peaceful state of mind, enjoying the balance between the intensity of competitions and the serenity of his personal life. He plans to continue competing for many more years, pushing his career forward and maintaining a healthy and sustainable approach.

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Personal Life and Balance

In addition to his dedication to training and competition, Nicholas recognizes the importance of taking time off for relaxation and reflection. He emphasizes the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Nicholas shares that he has taken some time off from media engagements and allowed himself to connect with nature and enjoy the company of his friends. He finds peace in simple activities such as jumping into the water and indulging in good food. Nicholas acknowledges the need for balance in his life. He wants to continue pushing his jiu-jitsu career for the next decade or more and understands that finding equilibrium between the intensity of competitions and the tranquility of a peaceful lifestyle is crucial to achieving his long-term goals.

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