How Has Ffion Davies Been Preparing For Her Match Against Jasmine Rocha at WNO?

How Has Ffion Davies Been Preparing For Her Match Against Jasmine Rocha at WNO?

Ffion Davies has been diligently preparing for her upcoming match against Jasmine Rocha at Tezo’s WNO on August 10. As she aims to defend her 125lb belt, she has been putting in the work both on and off the mat. With a strong focus on consistency, Ffion typically engages in two training sessions a day, maintaining a balance between intense pro training and lighter sessions with students. Despite it not being as intense as her previous tournament camps, Ffion is still determined to keep her hard work ticking over into this mini camp, ensuring she is well-prepared without exhausting herself too much.

In addition to her dedication to training, Ffion also strives to constantly evolve her game. While she maintains her core fundamentals, she enjoys adding and refining new techniques to her repertoire. Not only does this keep her opponents guessing, but it also adds an element of excitement and fun to her training. Ffion particularly enjoys working on moves like the wig on the shoulder crunch and Terry platters, which she has been developing with increasing confidence. As she continues to fine-tune her skills, Ffion is eager to showcase her growth in her upcoming match against Jasmine Rocha.

Preparing for the Match

How Has Ffion Davies Been Preparing For Her Match Against Jasmine Rocha at WNO?

Training Schedule

Ffion Davies follows a strict training schedule in preparation for her match against Jasmine Rocha at WNO. She trains twice a day, balancing her sessions to avoid overexertion. In the mornings, she participates in Pro training at 11 A.M. In the evenings, she either attends a night class or teaches one herself, opting for a lighter training session. Ffion also incorporates weight training into her routine. However, she never exceeds two training sessions a day to maintain consistency without exhausting herself.

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Consistency in Training

Consistency is key for Ffion Davies when it comes to her training regimen. She values maintaining a regular training schedule over pushing herself to the limit constantly. By avoiding excessive exhaustion, Ffion ensures that she can give her best performance during competitions. Consistency allows her to gradually improve her skills and stay on top of her game without risking burnout.

Mini Camp for WNO

Currently, Ffion Davies is in a mini camp in preparation for the WNO event featuring her match against Jasmine Rocha. This mini camp aims to maintain the momentum she built up during her previous training phases, such as the ADCC and Worlds camps. Although the intensity may not be as high as other major tournaments, the mini camp serves as a way for Ffion to sustain her hard work and progress without overwhelming herself. It serves as a bridge between previous competitions and the upcoming match.

Adding New Elements to Her Game

Constantly Evolving

Ffion Davies has a mindset of constant evolution in her jiu-jitsu game. She believes in the importance of adding new elements to her techniques and strategies regularly. By doing so, Ffion keeps her opponents guessing and prevents them from predicting her every move. This approach allows her to stay one step ahead and maintain a competitive edge. Ffion finds the process of adding new techniques to her arsenal both enjoyable and beneficial.

Not Overhauling Her Game

While Ffion Davies enjoys incorporating new techniques, she does not believe in completely overhauling her entire game. She acknowledges the value of her core fundamentals and understands that they form the foundation of her style. Instead of discarding her existing tactics, Ffion selectively introduces new elements to complement and enhance her established game plan. By striking a balance between old and new, she maximizes her effectiveness on the mat.

Adding New Techniques

Ffion Davies shares that she has been working on specific techniques to improve her game. One of her favorites is the shoulder crunch, which she has been refining and perfecting. Additionally, Ffion has been focusing on executing Terry platters with increasing confidence and strength. These techniques have become integral to her strategy, and she has dedicated extensive training time to master them. By incorporating these new techniques, Ffion expands her arsenal of attacks and keeps her opponents guessing.

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Favorite Techniques

Shoulder Crunch

The shoulder crunch technique has become one of Ffion Davies’ favorite moves. She describes it as a highly effective technique that she has been using extensively in her matches. Ffion’s dedication to refining the shoulder crunch has paid off, as she has become more comfortable and skilled at utilizing this technique. Its effectiveness lies in both its precision and its ability to catch opponents off guard, making it a valuable tool in Ffion’s jiu-jitsu arsenal.

Terry Platters

Another technique that Ffion Davies favors is the Terry platter. She has dedicated significant training time to perfecting this move and has seen her confidence and strength in executing it grow. The Terry platter offers Ffion a unique advantage in her matches, enabling her to control and manipulate her opponents effectively. Ffion’s skill and proficiency in this technique contribute to her overall success on the mat and make it a go-to move in her matches.

In conclusion, Ffion Davies has been diligently preparing for her match against Jasmine Rocha at WNO. Her training schedule focuses on consistency and avoiding excessive exhaustion to ensure she performs at her best. Ffion maintains a mindset of constant evolution, adding new techniques without overhauling her core game. Her favorite techniques, the shoulder crunch and Terry platters, are significant components of her jiu-jitsu arsenal. Through dedicated training and a commitment to improvement, Ffion is poised to defend her 125lb belt and deliver an exciting performance.

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