Black Belt Submissions Unleashed At No-Gi Pans | Day 2 Recap

Black Belt Submissions Unleashed At No-Gi Pans | Day 2 Recap

Hey there, folks! Trey and Corey from FloGrappling here, bringing you a quick recap of the second day of the 2022 IBJJF No-Gi Pans Championship. Now, we gotta be honest with you, today’s coverage might be a bit shorter because all the action is really heating up tomorrow. But trust us, it’s worth tuning in to see all the black belts going for gold in the finals.

One standout performance came from Henrique Sakoni in the men’s absolute division. He showcased some dominant wrestling skills and pulled off two incredible submissions. And let’s not forget his slick entrance against Elder Cruz, which really set the mood for an intense showdown. In the women’s absolute, Liz Clay had an outstanding run, landing a couple of impressive submissions. She’s looking to secure double gold in both the absolute and her divisional finals. Another noteworthy athlete was Sebastian Rodriguez, who had an electrifying match against Hunter Colvin. It was definitely one of the highlights of the day, with Sebastian eventually sealing the victory with an armed triangle. He’ll be facing Manuel Hibemark in the quarterfinals tomorrow. And speaking of impressive debuts, Anna Rodriguez, a three-time IBJJF world champion, made her black belt no-gi debut with flawless performances, securing points victories over Emily Fernandez and Jasmine Hosha. Anna is set to face-off against Claire North in the women’s final, where she’ll aim to prove her mastery of no-gi. So make sure to catch all the action tomorrow and witness the crowning of the new no-gi pan champions.

Men’s Absolute Division

Henrique Sakoni’s dominant wrestling

Henrique Sakoni showcased his exceptional skills in the men’s absolute division at the No-Gi Pans Championship. From the beginning, his dominant wrestling was evident, as he effortlessly controlled his opponents and dictated the pace of the match. His solid foundation and technical proficiency in wrestling allowed him to overpower his opponents and secure advantageous positions. Sakoni’s relentless pressure and takedowns displayed a level of expertise that was unmatched in the division.

Incredible submissions by Sakoni

In addition to his dominant wrestling, Henrique Sakoni also showcased his prowess in submissions. Throughout the tournament, he executed two incredible submissions that left spectators in awe. His ability to seamlessly transition from dominant positions to submission attempts highlighted his versatility and adaptability on the mat. Sakoni’s precise technique and calculated movements allowed him to secure these submissions with ease, solidifying his position as a formidable competitor in the men’s absolute division.

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Takedown war with Francisco Quino

One of the most thrilling moments in the men’s absolute division was the takedown war between Henrique Sakoni and Francisco Quino. Both competitors displayed their judo and wrestling backgrounds, engaging in a back-and-forth battle for dominance. The intensity of the match was palpable as each competitor attempted to outmaneuver the other and secure crucial takedowns. Ultimately, Sakoni’s strategic approach and superior technique prevailed, earning him the upper hand and advancing him further in the division.

Sakoni’s slick entrance on Elder Cruz

Henrique Sakoni’s performance in the men’s absolute division was further exemplified by his slick entrance on Elder Cruz. Sakoni showcased his creativity and flair by executing a Connie Basami-esque move, leaving the audience in awe of his agility and precision. The seamless execution of this move demonstrated Sakoni’s ability to think on his feet and capitalize on any opportunity that presented itself. It was a moment that truly encapsulated the excitement and innovation of the sport.

Sakoni advances to the absolute final against Helton Jose

After a series of impressive victories, Henrique Sakoni secured his place in the absolute final against Helton Jose. The stage was set for an exhilarating showdown as these two incredibly skilled competitors prepared to battle it out for the championship title. Sakoni’s remarkable performance throughout the tournament positioned him as a formidable opponent, and the absolute final promised to be a match filled with intensity, technique, and determination.

Women’s Absolute Division

Tremendous run by Liz Clay

Liz Clay’s journey in the women’s absolute division at the No-Gi Pans Championship was nothing short of remarkable. From the onset, it was evident that Clay was a force to be reckoned with. Her technical proficiency, athleticism, and unwavering determination set her apart from her competitors. Clay’s tremendous run showcased her ability to dominate her opponents and maneuver through challenging situations with composure and skill.

Multiple submissions by Liz Clay

One of the standout aspects of Liz Clay’s performance in the women’s absolute division was her impressive repertoire of submissions. Clay displayed a diverse range of techniques, seamlessly transitioning from one submission attempt to another. Her precision and timing were impeccable, allowing her to capitalize on her opponents’ vulnerabilities and secure the tap. Clay’s multiple submissions not only demonstrated her technical prowess but also showcased her relentless pursuit of victory.

Liz Clay’s opportunity for double gold

Aside from her exceptional performance in the women’s absolute division, Liz Clay also had an opportunity to vie for double gold at the No-Gi Pans Championship. Having already showcased her skills in the absolute division, Clay’s success in her respective divisional finals added to the anticipation surrounding her potential to achieve double gold. Her tenacity, skill, and drive made her a formidable opponent, and spectators eagerly awaited her matches in both divisions.

Liz Clay in the women’s absolute final

Liz Clay’s remarkable journey in the women’s absolute division culminated in her well-deserved place in the final. Her remarkable run, marked by dominant performances and impressive submissions, positioned her as a frontrunner for the championship title. Clay’s ability to adapt to different opponents and impose her game plan was evident throughout the tournament, making her presence in the final a highly anticipated moment for both spectators and competitors alike.

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Liz Clay’s divisional finals

In addition to her success in the absolute division, Liz Clay also excelled in her respective divisional finals. Her unwavering focus and technical proficiency were on full display as she faced formidable opponents, each determined to secure victory. Clay’s ability to maintain her composure and execute her game plan under pressure showcased her maturity as a competitor. Whether it was through dominant positions or decisive submissions, Clay left a lasting impression on the mat and solidified her status as a top contender in her division.

Black Belt Submissions Unleashed At No-Gi Pans | Day 2 Recap

Sebastian Rodriguez vs Hunter Culver

One of the favorite matches of the day

The matchup between Sebastian Rodriguez and Hunter Culver was undoubtedly one of the standout matches of the day. Both competitors brought their A-game and left it all on the mat, resulting in a match filled with intensity, skill, and heart. The energy in the arena was palpable as spectators eagerly watched these two talented athletes engage in a back-and-forth battle for dominance. The clash of styles and unwavering determination from both Rodriguez and Culver made this match an instant classic.

Non-stop attacking by Rodriguez and Culver

One of the defining aspects of the match between Sebastian Rodriguez and Hunter Culver was the non-stop attacking displayed by both competitors. From the opening bell, Rodriguez and Culver showcased their offensive arsenal, leaving no room for hesitation or complacency. Each competitor relentlessly pursued opportunities to impose their game plan, resulting in a fast-paced and action-packed match. The constant attacking from both Rodriguez and Culver kept spectators on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next explosive moment.

Rodriguez’s triumph with an armed triangle victory

In this thrilling matchup, Sebastian Rodriguez emerged victorious with an armed triangle victory over Hunter Culver. The culmination of Rodriguez’s relentless efforts and strategic approach came to fruition with this submission. The precision and technique displayed by Rodriguez in executing the armed triangle highlighted his mastery of the position and his ability to capitalize on his opponent’s vulnerabilities. As the crowd erupted in applause, Rodriguez celebrated a hard-fought and well-deserved victory.

Manuel Hibemark’s Impressive Performance

Hibemark’s match with Gabriel Argus

Manuel Hibemark’s performance at the No-Gi Pans Championship was nothing short of impressive, and his match with Gabriel Argus exemplified his skill and determination. The matchup between these two highly skilled competitors captured the attention of spectators, as they displayed their technical proficiency and strategic approach. Hibemark’s ability to control the pace of the match and impose his game plan against a formidable opponent showcased his maturity and experience as a competitor.

Great showing and victory by points by Hibemark

In his match against Gabriel Argus, Manuel Hibemark demonstrated a great showing and secured victory by points. Hibemark’s ability to effectively navigate through the match, score points, and maintain control of positions was evident throughout the contest. His calculated movements and well-executed techniques allowed him to capitalize on opportunities and secure the necessary points for victory. Hibemark’s performance was a testament to his skill, training, and commitment to excellence.

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Hibemark advances to the quarterfinals against Sebastian Rodriguez

Manuel Hibemark’s impressive performance earned him a spot in the quarterfinals, where he would face off against Sebastian Rodriguez. The anticipation surrounding this matchup was palpable, as both competitors had showcased their exceptional skills and determination in previous matches. Hibemark’s path to the quarterfinals was marked by his strategic approach, technical proficiency, and ability to capitalize on opportunities. As the stage was set for this highly anticipated clash, spectators eagerly awaited the outcome of this exciting matchup.

Anna Rodriguez’s Nogi Debut

Three-time IBJJF world champion’s debut in nogi

Anna Rodriguez, a three-time IBJJF world champion, made her highly anticipated debut in the nogi division at the No-Gi Pans Championship. Throughout her remarkable career, Rodriguez had established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the gi. However, her transition to the nogi format sparked intrigue and excitement among spectators, eager to witness her adaptability and skill in a new setting. Rodriguez’s debut was a momentous occasion, providing a platform for her to showcase her abilities in an entirely different context.

Flawless performance by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez’s debut in the nogi division was nothing short of flawless. From the moment she stepped onto the mat, it was evident that her technical prowess, athleticism, and competitive drive were perfectly suited for the nogi format. Rodriguez seamlessly incorporated her gi techniques into her nogi game, displaying a level of adaptability and versatility that only a true champion possesses. Her flawless performance left spectators in awe and set the stage for an exciting future in the nogi division.

Points victories over Emily Fernandez and Jasmine Hosha

In her debut matches in the nogi division, Anna Rodriguez secured impressive points victories over Emily Fernandez and Jasmine Hosha. Rodriguez’s ability to strategize and execute her game plan resulted in dominant performances against highly skilled opponents. Her calculated movements, precise technique, and unwavering focus allowed her to control the matches and secure the necessary points for victory. Rodriguez’s victories over Fernandez and Hosha showcased her ability to adapt to new challenges and establish herself as a formidable competitor in the nogi division.

Anna Rodriguez meets Claire North in the women’s final

After a series of remarkable performances, Anna Rodriguez earned her place in the women’s final. Her journey in the tournament had been marked by technical precision, dominance, and a relentless pursuit of victory. As she prepared to face Claire North in the final, the anticipation surrounding the matchup was palpable. Rodriguez’s debut in the nogi division had been nothing short of exceptional, and spectators eagerly awaited her final performance to witness her potential for greatness in this new arena.


Wrap-up of the day’s action

The second day of the No-Gi Pans Championship delivered a plethora of exhilarating matches, showcasing the skill, determination, and heart of the competitors. From dominant wrestling to incredible submissions, the day was brimming with memorable moments and impressive performances. Each competitor left their mark on the mat, igniting excitement and anticipation for the upcoming matches.

Anticipation for the upcoming matches

As the tournament progressed, anticipation grew for the upcoming matches that would determine the champions of the No-Gi Pans Championship. The incredible displays of skill, technique, and resilience throughout the day set the stage for thrilling matchups in the finals. Spectators eagerly awaited the clash of titans and the crowning of new champions in the remaining divisions.

New champions to be crowned at No-Gi Pans

With the conclusion of the second day, all eyes turned toward the highly anticipated finals of the No-Gi Pans Championship. The remarkable performances and exceptional talent displayed by the competitors left no doubt that the finals would be filled with excitement, intensity, and quality jiu-jitsu. As the final matches approached, the anticipation reached its peak, as new champions would soon be crowned in the culmination of this prestigious tournament. The stage was set for an unforgettable day of grappling excellence.

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