Kaynan Duarte vs Owen Livesey | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Kaynan Duarte vs Owen Livesey | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Kaynan Duarte will be competing against Nicholas Meregali on August 10th at the Tezos WNO stage. Duarte, a champion of ADCC, will be fighting in the men’s 99 weight class. His opponent, Owen Livesey, is an invited competitor and a last-minute alternate. Duarte is known for his strong wrestling game and his proficiency in Judo. He employs arm drags and possesses a versatile game plan. Duarte dominates the match and wins with a score of 8-0. The ADCC referees are strict and enforce action in matches. Kaynan Duarte vs Owen Livesey | 2022 ADCC World Championships is a video by FloGrappling. It showcases the highly anticipated matchup between Duarte and Livesey. Kaynan Duarte will be back in action on August 10th, facing off against Nicholas Meregali on the Tezos WNO stage. Viewers are encouraged to like, comment, and subscribe to access all the latest jiu-jitsu videos. The video is accompanied by coverage from FloGrappling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Kaynan Duarte vs Owen Livesey | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Background Information

Kaynan Duarte’s Upcoming Match on the Tezos WNO Stage

Kaynan Duarte, the champion of ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club), is set to compete against Nicholas Meregali on August 10th on the prestigious Tezos WNO (Who’s Number One) stage. This highly anticipated match is expected to showcase the exceptional skills and talent of both athletes.

Duarte’s Accomplishments and Weight Class

Duarte has already made a name for himself in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). He has been victorious in several high-profile competitions, including ADCC, where he claimed the gold medal in 2019. Duarte, who normally competes in a lower weight class, will be fighting in the men’s 99 division for this specific event, highlighting his versatility and adaptability as an athlete.

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Owen Livesey as an Invited Competitor and Last-Minute Alternate

Duarte’s opponent, Owen Livesey, is an invited competitor and a last-minute alternate for the match. Livesey, who hails from a Judo background, brings a unique skill set and unpredictability to the fight. As a last-minute addition to the competition, Livesey may have the element of surprise on his side, making this match even more intriguing.

Kaynan Duarte’s Fighting Style

Strong Wrestling Game

One of Duarte’s standout attributes is his strong wrestling game. With a solid foundation in wrestling, he possesses excellent takedown skills and the ability to control his opponents on the ground. This background gives him an advantage in dictating the pace of the match and setting up his attacks.

Versatility in Judo

In addition to his wrestling prowess, Duarte is well-versed in Judo. This versatility allows him to mix up his techniques and capitalize on openings created by his opponents. Duarte’s understanding of the principles and techniques of Judo enables him to showcase a diverse skill set and keep his opponents guessing.

Effective Use of Arm Drags

Duarte is known for his effective use of arm drags during matches. By utilizing arm drags, he can create angles and positions that put him in advantageous situations. This strategic maneuver allows him to control the flow of the match, set up submissions, or secure dominant positions.

Duarte’s Game Plan and Skills

Versatile Game Plan

Duarte enters each match with a versatile game plan, adapting to the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. This ability to adjust his tactics on the fly makes him a formidable adversary. Whether he chooses to focus on his wrestling, Judo, or a combination of both, Duarte’s game plan is designed to exploit his opponent’s vulnerabilities and secure victory.

Skills in Different Guard Positions

Duarte exhibits exceptional skills in various guard positions. From closed guard to half guard, he can effectively control his opponents and launch attacks from multiple angles. His ability to transition seamlessly between guard positions keeps his opponents off balance and allows him to maintain a dominant position throughout the match.

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Proficiency in Half Guard Sweeps

One particular aspect of Duarte’s game that stands out is his proficiency in half guard sweeps. This technique involves sweeping an opponent from the bottom half guard position to gain the advantageous top position. Duarte’s mastery of this sweep enables him to quickly change the dynamics of the match and put himself in a dominant position.

Predictions for the Match

Duarte’s Dominant Performance

Based on his previous performances and skill set, it is highly likely that Duarte will deliver a dominant performance in his upcoming match against Meregali. His wrestling background, versatility, and ability to control matches make him a formidable opponent for anyone who stands across the mat from him.

Expected Score

To predict the exact score of a BJJ match is challenging, as numerous factors come into play. However, considering Duarte’s skill set and his dominant style of fighting, it is reasonable to expect a relatively high score in his favor. With his takedown abilities and potential for securing submissions or dominant positions, a score of 8-0 or similar seems within the realm of possibility.

Referee’s Role in Enforcing Action

In ADCC matches, referees play a crucial role in enforcing action and ensuring that the athletes remain engaged throughout the bout. They actively discourage stalling or inactivity, promoting an exciting and dynamic competition. With this in mind, the referee will likely keep a close eye on the athletes’ level of engagement, ensuring that both Duarte and Meregali are constantly advancing their positions and seeking opportunities for attacks.


The upcoming match between Kaynan Duarte and Nicholas Meregali is set to be a thrilling display of skill and technique on the Tezos WNO stage. Duarte’s strong wrestling game, versatility in Judo, and effective use of arm drags make him a formidable opponent. His game plan, skills in different guard positions, and proficiency in half guard sweeps further solidify his position as a top contender.

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While it is difficult to predict the exact outcome of the match, it is expected that Duarte will deliver a dominant performance. With his well-rounded skill set and the potential for a high-scoring victory, fans of BJJ are in for a treat. Ultimately, the referee’s role in enforcing action will ensure that the match remains fast-paced and engaging, adding to the excitement of the event.

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