The Half Butterfly Guard Of Eoghan O’Flanagan | Lachlan Giles Breakdown

The Half Butterfly Guard Of Eoghan O’Flanagan | Lachlan Giles Breakdown

In “The Half Butterfly Guard Of Eoghan O’Flanagan | Lachlan Giles Breakdown,” Lachlan Giles analyzes the impressive half butterfly guard of Eoghan O’Flanagan. The video, published by FloGrappling, focuses on the effective guard attacks used by O’Flanagan in a match against Sanjay Ribera. O’Flanagan’s goal is to bait his opponents into cross facing and underhooking him, setting up submission attempts. Throughout the breakdown, Giles discusses specific techniques and sequences utilized by O’Flanagan, such as the “Choi bar” armbar setup and various leg entanglements. O’Flanagan’s success against Ribera at ADCC showcases his skill and highlights the importance of his half butterfly guard. Viewers are encouraged to like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling for more jiu-jitsu videos.

The Half Butterfly Guard Of Eoghan OFlanagan | Lachlan Giles Breakdown

The Half Butterfly Guard of Eoghan O’Flanagan

Introduction to Eoghan O’Flanagan

Eoghan O’Flanagan is a talented jiu jitsu practitioner known for his deadly half butterfly guard and leg entanglements. His unique approach to the half butterfly guard has caught the attention of many in the grappling community. O’Flanagan’s technique and strategic positioning make him a formidable opponent on the mats. In this article, we will take a closer look at the half butterfly guard of Eoghan O’Flanagan and the techniques he employs to control and attack his opponents.

Overview of the Half Butterfly Guard

The half butterfly guard is a position used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) that involves controlling one of your opponent’s legs while hooking one of their arms with your leg. This guard creates opportunities for sweeps, submissions, and back takes. O’Flanagan has developed his own variation of the half butterfly guard, which involves specific tactics and baiting techniques. By utilizing this guard, O’Flanagan is able to manipulate his opponents and set up submission attempts.

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Importance of Controlling the Far Hip

One key aspect of O’Flanagan’s half butterfly guard is the emphasis on controlling the far hip of his opponent. By controlling the far hip, O’Flanagan is able to restrict his opponent’s movement and limit their options. This control also allows O’Flanagan to create angles and openings to attack from various positions. Controlling the far hip is crucial in maintaining the effectiveness of the half butterfly guard and preventing opponents from taking advantage of the position.

Lachlan Giles Breakdown

Lachlan Giles as the Presenter

In the video breakdown by Lachlan Giles, he analyzes the guard attacks of Eoghan O’Flanagan. Giles is a highly respected BJJ black belt and coach, known for his extensive knowledge and technical expertise. As the presenter of this breakdown, Giles provides valuable insights and explanations into O’Flanagan’s techniques, allowing viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the half butterfly guard.

Analysis of Eoghan O’Flanagan’s Guard Attacks

Giles breaks down specific sequences from a match between O’Flanagan and his opponent, Sanjay Ribera. He highlights the effective guard attacks employed by O’Flanagan, showcasing his skill in baiting his opponents into vulnerable positions. O’Flanagan’s ability to turn his opponents’ attempted passes and pressure into submission opportunities is a testament to his mastery of the half butterfly guard. Giles analyzes each attack, providing detailed explanations and insights into O’Flanagan’s strategy.

Highlighting Flanagan’s Baiting Techniques

One of the key aspects of O’Flanagan’s approach to the half butterfly guard is his skill in baiting his opponents. He purposely lures his opponents into attempting cross face underhooks, a move that is typically advantageous for the person on top. However, O’Flanagan has developed tricks and techniques to turn this disadvantageous position into submission attempts. Giles highlights these baiting techniques, showcasing O’Flanagan’s ability to capitalize on his opponents’ actions and create openings for attacks.

The Match: Owen Flanagan vs Sanjay Ribera

Introduction to the Grapplers

In the match between Owen Flanagan and Sanjay Ribera, we see two skilled grapplers showcasing their respective techniques and strategies. Flanagan, known for his half butterfly guard, faces off against Ribera, who excels in pressure passing from cross face underhook. This match provides an interesting clash of styles and techniques, allowing viewers to witness the effectiveness of Flanagan’s half butterfly guard against a strong pressure passer.

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Flanagan’s Half Butterfly Guard vs Ribera’s Pressure Passing

In the match, Flanagan’s half butterfly guard is put to the test against Ribera’s pressure passing. Flanagan’s goal is to bait Ribera into attempting cross face underhooks, giving him an opportunity to set up submission attempts. Ribera’s pressure passing style poses a challenge for Flanagan, as he must defend against Ribera’s attempts to pass and maintain control of the match. This matchup showcases the effectiveness of Flanagan’s guard against high-level pressure passers.

Flanagan’s Success at ADCC

The success that Flanagan achieves in this match is a testament to his skill and proficiency in the half butterfly guard. The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) is one of the most prestigious grappling competitions in the world, and Flanagan’s ability to execute his techniques successfully against a skilled opponent like Ribera demonstrates his prowess in the art of BJJ. Flanagan’s performance at ADCC further solidifies his reputation as a formidable grappler.

Specific Techniques and Sequences

Flanagan’s ‘Choi Bar’ Armbar Setup

One of the techniques that Flanagan utilizes in his half butterfly guard is the ‘Choi Bar’ armbar setup. This armbar setup involves capturing his opponent’s arm that is attempting to cross face, connecting his hands, and straightening the arm. Flanagan then swings his leg over the top to secure a high percentage armbar. This technique is effective against opponents who attempt to exert pressure from the cross face position, providing Flanagan with an opportunity to counter and attack.

Effective Use of Frames

In Flanagan’s half butterfly guard, he incorporates the use of frames to control and manipulate his opponents. One specific frame that Flanagan employs is the high elbow frame. By utilizing this frame, Flanagan is able to create space and prevent his opponents from taking his hip. The framing technique is essential in maintaining control and setting up attacks from the half butterfly guard. Flanagan’s effective use of frames contributes to his success in defending against passes and executing his own attacks.

Utilizing Leg Entanglements

Leg entanglements are another key component of Flanagan’s half butterfly guard. Flanagan strategically uses leg entanglements to control his opponents and create opportunities for submissions. By trapping his opponents’ legs, Flanagan can limit their mobility and manipulate their positioning. Leg entanglements serve as a powerful tool in Flanagan’s arsenal, allowing him to transition smoothly between attacks and maintain control throughout the match.

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Flanagan’s Half Butterfly Guard Strategy

Engaging the Half Butterfly Guard

Flanagan’s strategy in engaging the half butterfly guard is to bait his opponents into cross face underhooks. This seemingly disadvantageous position allows Flanagan to set up his attacks and capitalize on his opponents’ reactions. By welcoming the cross face underhook, Flanagan creates an opening for his own techniques and exploits his opponents’ vulnerabilities. This strategic approach showcases Flanagan’s ability to turn a seemingly disadvantageous position into an advantageous one.

Controlling the Far Hip

Controlling the far hip is a crucial element in Flanagan’s half butterfly guard strategy. By controlling the far hip, Flanagan restricts his opponents’ movements and limits their options. This control allows Flanagan to create angles and openings for attacks, putting his opponents on the defensive. The ability to control the far hip provides Flanagan with the positional advantage necessary to execute his techniques effectively.

Preventing Opponents from Taking the Hip

Another important aspect of Flanagan’s half butterfly guard strategy is preventing his opponents from taking his hip. By utilizing frames and specific baiting techniques, Flanagan effectively blocks his opponents’ attempts to take control of his hip. This prevents the opponent from driving forward and establishes Flanagan’s dominance in the position. The ability to prevent opponents from taking the hip is key to maintaining control and executing attacks from the half butterfly guard.

Praise for Flanagan’s Performance

ADCC Recognition

Flanagan’s performance at ADCC garnered recognition and praise within the grappling community. ADCC is regarded as one of the most prestigious grappling competitions, featuring the world’s top athletes. Flanagan’s success at ADCC showcased his skill and technique, solidifying his reputation as a highly skilled practitioner of the half butterfly guard. His ability to execute his techniques effectively against elite opponents demonstrated his mastery of the art of BJJ.

Flanagan’s Instructional on Leg Locks

Flanagan’s expertise in leg locks has also garnered praise and recognition. He has released an instructional video focused on leg locks, providing valuable insights and techniques for practitioners to enhance their skills in this area. Flanagan’s instructional video is highly regarded within the BJJ community and serves as a testament to his knowledge and proficiency in leg lock submissions.


The half butterfly guard of Eoghan O’Flanagan is a unique and effective approach to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Through careful analysis and breakdown by Lachlan Giles, we gain insight into the techniques and strategies employed by O’Flanagan. His ability to control the far hip, bait his opponents, and utilize frames and leg entanglements sets him apart as a skilled and formidable grappler. O’Flanagan’s success at ADCC and the high praise he has received attest to his skill and expertise. By studying O’Flanagan’s techniques and understanding his strategic approach, practitioners of BJJ can gain valuable insights to enhance their own skills.

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