IBJJF Worlds 2023 | Black Belt Absolute Opening Rounds to Semifinals – Watch Live on FloGrappling

IBJJF Worlds 2023 | Black Belt Absolute Opening Rounds to Semifinals – Watch Live on FloGrappling

The 2023 IBJJF gi season is set to conclude at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, CA, with some of the top jiu-jitsu athletes competing. The absolute division title is up for grabs, and contenders like Kaynan Duarte, Victor Hugo, and Erich Munis are vying for the prestigious title. FloGrappling is streaming the event live, providing viewers with access to all the jiu-jitsu action. Meanwhile, other matches are taking place, such as Vanessa Griffin defending from a fully mounted position against Anna Carolina, showcasing the importance of matchups in Jiu Jitsu. Additionally, the article highlights the intense match between Amy Campo and Elizabeth Clay, showcasing their flexibility, submission attempts, and last-minute wins. The article covers various matches and highlights the excitement and skills displayed by the competitors in the event.

IBJJF Worlds 2023 | Black Belt Absolute Opening Rounds to Semifinals - Watch Live on FloGrappling

The Opening Rounds

The 2023 IBJJF gi season is reaching its climax at the prestigious Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, CA. This event has attracted some of the best jiu-jitsu athletes in the world, including the likes of Tye Ruotolo, Kaynan Duarte, Victor Hugo, and many more. The absolute division title is up for grabs, and contenders like Kaynan Duarte, Victor Hugo, and Erich Munis are all vying for their chance to etch their names in history. Fortunately, fans can catch all the action live on FloGrappling, where they can like, comment, and subscribe for access to all the thrilling jiu-jitsu videos.

The competition starts with the European class in session as the athletes showcase their skills on the mats. One match that has caught everyone’s attention is between Vanessa Griffin and Anna Carolina Vieira. Vanessa finds herself defending from a fully mounted position against Anna Carolina, a formidable opponent. The strength difference between the two competitors is noticeable, but Vanessa shows incredible resilience and determination to fend off her opponent’s attacks. This defensive battle displays both the technical prowess and physicality required in jiu-jitsu.

This match highlights the importance of matchups in jiu-jitsu. Each competitor brings their own unique style and strengths to the mat, resulting in an intriguing clash of skills. Anna Carolina, in particular, is looking to achieve double gold in this tournament by winning both her weight class and the open class. She is a force to be reckoned with, as her past victories and impressive submission rate demonstrate. On the other hand, Vanessa Griffin finds herself struggling in this match, showcasing the challenges she faces against a higher-ranked opponent.

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Moving on to another exciting match, all eyes are on Amy Campo and Elizabeth Clay. Gabby Pasagna, the reigning double gold World Champion, has set the standards high for her fellow athletes. Elizabeth Clay, who had a successful run in the previous No-Gi division, demonstrates her flexibility and ability to chain attacks together. However, Amy Campo manages to take an early two-point lead, showcasing her tactical approach to the match. Both competitors are known for their last-minute wins, adding to the intensity of the match. The 50/50 position between Amy Campo and Elizabeth Clay keeps the spectators on the edge of their seats, as both athletes showcase their skills and attempt submissions and sweeps. Amy’s flexibility and ability to escape dangerous positions prove vital in maintaining her lead. After a grueling battle, Amy eventually secures a pass, taking a 5-point lead and securing her victory.

Another matchup that draws attention is Melissa Stricker Cueto against Gabrielle Passanna. Melissa scores a sweep early in the match and nearly passes Gabrielle’s guard. Gabrielle, known for her lapel game, tries to set up her specialty grips. However, Melissa remains cautious to avoid getting entangled in the lapel grips, showcasing her strategic approach. Gabrielle transitions swiftly to triangles from the closed guard, demonstrating her composure and tactical mindset during matches. Both athletes display their technical abilities and understanding of the various positions in jiu-jitsu.

Female Semifinal Match: Amy Campo vs Anna Carolina Vieira

The much-anticipated semifinal match in the female open class division is between Amy Campo and Anna Carolina Vieira. These two competitors have faced each other before, with Amy previously beating Anna in a tournament and losing to her in another. The match holds high stakes, as a spot in the finals is on the line. Both competitors have impressive submission victory rates throughout their careers, adding to the anticipation.

The match starts mostly with standing exchanges, as both competitors show their agility and attempts to find openings. Each of them receives a penalty, emphasizing the importance of avoiding fouls in order to secure victory. The referees keep a close eye on the match and encourage movement to prevent penalties.

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Interestingly, while the jiu-jitsu matches unfold, there is also mention of a female athlete consistently winning weightlifting events worldwide. This showcases the athleticism and diversity of the athletes competing in jiu-jitsu. The penalties given in the match against Amy and Anna serve as a reminder to the other competitors to be cautious, as two penalties result in two points against them. However, taking risks and making scoring moves is crucial to avoid penalties.

Both Amy and Anna show tactical awareness and defensive skills, resulting in a relatively slow-paced match with no significant actions or commitments to scoring. The referees continue to motivate movement and avoid giving penalties throughout the match. Any action that involves grabbing the inside of the gi or defending a submission can potentially lead to points for the opponent. The strategic back-and-forth between Amy and Anna keeps the audience engaged, waiting for a breakthrough moment.

Victor Hugo’s Quarterfinal Match

As the matches unfold, attention is drawn to Victor Hugo’s quarterfinal match on mat 12. Victor showcases his strength and technique as he executes a strong takedown. However, he faces significant resistance from his opponent, Guillerme, who manages to avoid being taken down completely. Despite not securing a takedown, Victor is awarded an advantage for his relentless efforts. The match holds immense significance as it determines who moves into the semifinals of the Open class.

Victor finds himself in a challenging position, as Luis Oliveira holds a two-point lead and is in a strong closed guard position. However, Victor Hugo’s flexibility and movement in his jiu-jitsu techniques become apparent as he tries to break through his opponent’s defense. The match showcases the various aspects of Victor’s game, highlighting his agility and ability to adapt to different situations. In a thrilling turn of events, Victor secures a triangle submission, securing his victory and a spot in the semifinals of the Open class.

Amy Campo vs Anna Carolina Vieira: Referees’ Decision

The closely contested match between Amy Campo and Anna Carolina Vieira reaches its conclusion, with time running out. The outcome of the match is to be determined by the referees’ decision. The tension intensifies as both competitors await the final verdict. Ultimately, Gabriella Cassani and Anna Carolina make it to the finals of the Open class division, showcasing their exceptional skills and determination. Meanwhile, Eric Muniz and Paulo Henrique Merlin will compete in the other semifinal match, adding to the excitement of the tournament.

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Victor Hugo vs Kainan Duarte

Victor Hugo and Kainan Duarte have a history of multiple close matches, with Kainan usually coming out on top. This creates anticipation for their upcoming match. Victor is known for his “big man flow” and flexibility, while Kainan exhibits his strength in takedowns and control. As the match begins, Victor is awarded an advantage for his efforts. Kainan attempts an arm drag attack but fails to secure a dominant position. Kainan’s strong closed guard and consistent grip-switching complicate Victor’s attacks. Both competitors demonstrate patience and strategy throughout the match. With no score on the board, except for Victor’s advantage, the tension rises. Victor takes a defensive approach by pulling guard to counter Kainan’s aggressive passing. In the end, Victor Hugo secures a closed guard position, potentially securing the victory. The match concludes with a well-deserved win for Victor Hugo.

Victor Hugo’s 50/50 Game

Victor Hugo’s active 50/50 game draws attention due to its intelligence and potential to turn the tables in his favor. Victor strategically avoids exposing himself to potential advantages for his opponents, showcasing his understanding of the game. The match is described as being very close, with both competitors rapidly improving their skills. In the end, Victor Hugo secures victory by one advantage. This impressive performance secures his place in the finals, highlighting his talent and determination.

Eric Muniz vs Paulo Enrique Merlin

The match between Eric Muniz and Paulo Enrique Merlin determines who will face Victor Hugo in the finals. This match holds immense significance as both competitors aim for a spot in the ultimate showdown. The match intensifies as both athletes showcase their skills and determination. In a thrilling turn of events, Eric Muniz secures victory with a chokehold submission. With this impressive win, Eric Muniz secures his place in the open class finals, setting the stage for an exciting finale against Victor Hugo.

The opening rounds of the 2023 IBJJF gi season have provided a thrilling display of skill, determination, and strategy. Athletes like Amy Campo, Anna Carolina Vieira, Victor Hugo, and Eric Muniz have showcased their prowess on the mats, leaving spectators captivated by their performances. As the tournament progresses, the stage is set for the finals, promising even more excitement and unforgettable moments in the world of jiu-jitsu. Whether it’s the intense matchups, the strategic gameplay, or the unpredictable outcomes, one thing is for sure—this year’s IBJJF gi season is an event to remember.

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