Josh Hinger Reveals How Andre Galvao’s ADCC Training Camps Have Evolved Over The Years

Josh Hinger Reveals How Andre Galvao’s ADCC Training Camps Have Evolved Over The Years

In this article entitled “Josh Hinger Reveals How Andre Galvao’s ADCC Training Camps Have Evolved Over The Years,” the author delves into the insights shared by Josh Hinger, who has been a part of Andre Galvao and Atos’ ADCC training camps since 2011. Hinger discusses how Galvao has modified his training strategies over time to suit his needs as an athlete. The article also touches on Hinger’s recent travels and training experiences in various gyms around the world, highlighting the challenges posed by training with world-class athletes. Additionally, Hinger expresses his anticipation for the upcoming ADCC competition and the potential matchups he may face, including the possibility of facing his teammate Tai Tuivasa early on. The article concludes with Hinger’s emphasis on the importance of the journey in grappling, rather than solely focusing on winning gold medals.

Josh Hinger’s Experience in Andre Galvao’s ADCC Training Camps

Josh Hinger has had the privilege of being a part of Andre Galvao and Atos’ ADCC training camps since 2011. As an ADCC medalist himself, Hinger has witnessed firsthand how Galvao has modified his training approach over the years to best suit his needs as an athlete. Galvao’s dedication to staying ahead of the competition is evident in the evolution of his training camp strategy.

Evolution of Andre Galvao’s Training Camp Strategy

Starting Early but Taking Time Off

One notable change in Galvao’s training camp strategy is the timing of his preparation. In 2011, Galvao pushed himself to the limit, training his legs like a monster and engaging in rigorous workouts every day. However, as Hinger recalls, this approach wasn’t necessarily the smartest or most sustainable. Galvao now understands the importance of balancing intensity and recovery.

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Galvao began his ADCC training as early as mid-June, which may seem early to some. However, he learned from past experiences and opted to take a week off to avoid overtraining. This decision displays Galvao’s newfound wisdom and strategic thinking, demonstrating his ability to listen to his body and prevent burnout.

Becoming More Strategic and Knowledgeable

Over the years, Galvao has become more strategic and knowledgeable about when to push himself and when to pull back. He has read books, consulted with professionals, and learned from his own experiences to refine his training methods. Now in his 40s, Galvao recognizes the importance of training smart and taking calculated risks.

By incorporating rest days, easier sessions, and strategically intense training phases, Galvao ensures that he reaches his peak performance level at the right time. This evolution in his training camp strategy showcases Galvao’s growth as an athlete and his commitment to staying at the forefront of competitive grappling.

Josh Hinger’s Travels and Training Experiences

In addition to his experiences within Galvao’s training camps, Hinger has spent the past eight months traveling and training in various gyms around the world. This globetrotting journey has allowed him to immerse himself in different training vibes and styles. Hinger’s exploration of new countries and training facilities has been both enlightening and challenging.

Training in Various Gyms Around the World

Hinger’s trips have taken him to Brazil, the UK, Europe, Thailand, Dubai, Bali, Korea, and more. At each destination, he sought out different gyms and attended seminars to train with new people and gain exposure to diverse grappling styles. Hinger finds great value in training with a variety of athletes, ranging from beginners to experts, as it provides him with a well-rounded experience.

Enjoying New Training Vibes and Styles

One aspect that Hinger particularly enjoys about training in different countries is the unique training vibes each place has to offer. Each gym has its own culture, atmosphere, and coaching style, which creates an exciting and refreshing environment for Hinger to immerse himself in. Whether it’s the intensity and technicality of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil or the laid-back yet disciplined approach in Bali, Hinger appreciates the opportunity to embrace different training philosophies.

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Challenges of Training with World-Class Gyms and Athletes

While training with world-class gyms and athletes has its merits, Hinger acknowledges that it also presents its fair share of challenges. The caliber of training partners and the level of competition can be significantly higher, which means that every micro battle matters. No one in these gyms gives up a single centimeter, forcing Hinger to elevate his game and constantly fight for even the smallest advantage.

This level of intensity and high-level training creates a more challenging and frustrating experience for Hinger. The world-class athletes and gyms demand his best, pushing him to work harder to achieve success. It is in these challenging environments that Hinger continues to refine his skills and grow as a grappler.

Josh Hinger Reveals How Andre Galvaos ADCC Training Camps Have Evolved Over The Years

Josh Hinger’s Expectations and Potential Matchups at ADCC

With his extensive experience in ADCC, Hinger is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming competition. As he prepares for the tournament, he contemplates potential matchups and the importance of each round.

Looking Forward to Competing at ADCC

ADCC holds a special place in Hinger’s heart, as it is a pinnacle event for grapplers worldwide. The opportunity to showcase his skills on such a prestigious stage excites and motivates him. Hinger is driven by the desire to test himself against some of the best grapplers in the world and leave his mark on the tournament.

Facing Veteran Athletes like Shonji Barreto

One possible matchup that Hinger is particularly interested in is facing veteran athlete Shonji Barreto. Hinger holds Barreto in high regard and appreciates his experience and skill set. A match against Barreto would not only be a challenging physical test but also an opportunity for Hinger to compete against a legend of the sport.

Potential Showdown with Teammate Tai Tuivasa

Another potential matchup Hinger could face is against his teammate Tai Tuivasa. It is not uncommon for teammates to compete against each other in the early rounds of ADCC, especially if they have been imported from different divisions. While this prospect creates an interesting dynamic, Hinger remains focused on the competition and recognizes that facing Tuivasa would be a true test of their abilities.

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Importance of First-Round Opponent

Hinger understands the significance of the first-round opponent and how it can set the tone for the remainder of the tournament. Ideally, he would prefer to face a strong competitor like Shonji Barreto or another formidable opponent, as it would allow him to gauge his own abilities and rise to the challenge.

Acknowledging the Strength of Competitors at ADCC

Regardless of the matchups, Hinger acknowledges the overall strength of the competitors at ADCC. Each division is filled with talented grapplers who have trained tirelessly to earn their spot in the tournament. Hinger respects their dedication and skill, and anticipates that every match will be intense and highly competitive.

ADCC as a Monument to Grappling

ADCC is widely regarded as a monument to the sport of grappling. It represents the pinnacle of achievement for grapplers worldwide. While winning the gold medal is a coveted goal, Hinger firmly believes that the journey itself is equally, if not more, important.

Emphasis on the Journey over Winning Gold

Hinger recognizes the value of the ADCC experience as a whole, rather than simply focusing on the outcome. The opportunity to compete against world-class athletes, learn from each match, and showcase one’s skills to a global audience is what makes ADCC truly special.

Preference for Exciting Matches and Taking Risks

In line with his belief in the importance of the journey, Hinger also prioritizes entertaining and exciting matches. He understands that taking risks and pushing boundaries can lead to memorable moments for both competitors and spectators. While winning is always the objective, Hinger values the thrill of a hard-fought battle and the opportunity to create a gripping and intense match for the fans.


As ADCC approaches, Josh Hinger is ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. His experiences in Andre Galvao’s ADCC training camps, combined with his extensive travels and training adventures, have prepared him for the world-class competition that awaits. Hinger is focused, determined, and eager to represent himself and his team at ADCC.

In closing, Hinger extends his well wishes to all his fellow competitors. He acknowledges the dedication and commitment each athlete has put into their training and expresses his respect for their abilities. With ADCC being an outstanding event in every category, Hinger looks forward to the fierce competition and hopes for exciting matches that will showcase the true spirit of grappling.

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