No-Gi Technique | Mica Galvao’s Diving Armlock

No-Gi Technique | Mica Galvao’s Diving Armlock

In this article, the focus is on a no-gi technique known as Mica Galvao’s Diving Armlock. The video, created by FloGrappling, showcases Micael Galvao teaching a submission that he has successfully executed in various competitions such as ADCC, IBJJF, and WNO. The article outlines the step-by-step process of performing the armlock, providing detailed instructions for each movement. Galvao emphasizes the importance of creating a reaction from his opponent, Fabrizio, by putting his head closer and lower to elicit a response. The technique involves diving under Fabrizio’s back while maintaining control of his arm, ultimately transitioning into the armlock position. Galvao also shares some additional insights, such as the advantage of keeping a foot inside the arm to prevent defense and the possibility of transitioning into a reverse triangle. With its simplicity and effectiveness, the diving armlock is presented as a valuable technique for practitioners of jiu-jitsu.

No-Gi Technique | Mica Galvao’s Diving Armlock

Position Introduction

Mica Galvao begins by introducing his favorite position, the armbar dive. He describes it as a simple yet effective move that resembles a ninja move. The position works particularly well when his opponent, Fabricio, is sitting down. Mica emphasizes the importance of getting a hold of Fabricio’s shoulder and diving under his back with the arm already attached to his head. To create a reaction from Fabricio, Mica slightly lowers his head, prompting Fabricio to grab his neck, creating a gap between his ribs, armpit, and elbow.

Creating a Reaction

To create a reaction, Mica puts his head closer to Fabricio, prompting him to grab Mica’s neck. This action creates the necessary space between Fabricio’s shoulder and Mica’s arm, allowing Mica to gain control over Fabricio’s shoulder. Mica emphasizes the importance of not going over Fabricio’s arm but rather going inside with his elbow and hand to grab over Fabricio’s shoulder. This position allows Mica to lock Fabricio’s elbow and shoulder together, giving him full control over Fabricio’s arm.

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Control over the Shoulder

With control over Fabricio’s arm, Mica can begin to bring Fabricio closer to him. He lowers his head and grabs Fabricio’s neck, further securing control over Fabricio’s arm. Mica goes inside, controlling Fabricio’s shoulder, and lifts his elbow to create a lock on Fabricio’s arm. This lock ensures that Fabricio cannot remove his arm and provides Mica with complete control over the arm.

Passing the Leg Over

To pass his leg over Fabricio’s shoulder, Mica uses his hand to grab Fabricio’s face. He then passes his knee over Fabricio’s face and tries to attach his shin behind Fabricio’s back. Mica avoids falling on his knees to prevent injury. Instead, he slides and circles around Fabricio’s armpit, maintaining control over the arm. Mica pushes Fabricio’s head to the side, creating the necessary space to pass his leg over Fabricio’s shoulder.

No-Gi Technique | Mica Galvaos Diving Armlock

Trapping the Arm

After passing his leg over Fabricio’s shoulder, Mica attaches his shin to Fabricio’s shoulder. By posting his hand on the floor and keeping his head on the floor, Mica creates a stable base. This position also ensures that he doesn’t fall and gives him the leverage needed to maintain control over the arm. Mica concludes this section by mentioning that he likes to leave his foot inside of the arm to prevent his opponent from defending. If the opponent tries to come on top, Mica can trap them in a reverse triangle.

Creating Space on the Face

To create space on Fabricio’s face, Mica pushes his head to the side. This action allows Mica to pass his leg over Fabricio’s shoulder. By attaching his shin to Fabricio’s shoulder and sliding, Mica ensures that he has complete control over the arm and can start working on arm attacks.

Circling to the Armpit

After passing his leg over Fabricio’s shoulder, Mica circles around Fabricio’s armpit. This movement helps Mica maintain control and prevent Fabricio from escaping. Mica also pushes Fabricio’s head to the side to create even more space for his leg to pass over the shoulder.

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Creating a Base on the Floor

To create a solid base, Mica posts his hand on the floor. This position allows him to maintain stability and prevent his opponent from escaping. By keeping his head on the floor, Mica ensures that he has a strong base and can easily transition to the next step.

Keeping the Foot Inside

Mica explains that he likes to keep his foot inside of the arm to prevent his opponent from defending. By doing so, he can trap his opponent in a reverse triangle if they try to come on top. Mica emphasizes the importance of keeping the foot under the opponent’s armpit.

Transitioning to the Armbar

If Mica feels comfortable and wants to attack the arm, he can transition to the armbar. He pulls the opponent’s arm up slightly, closes his knees, and controls the opponent’s wrist. From there, Mica can go for the armbar.


Mica concludes his explanation of the diving armlock position by reiterating that it is a simple yet effective move. He shares his experience of using this technique in the ADCC trials and the Brazilian Nationals, showcasing its effectiveness in high-level competitions. Mica encourages viewers to try out this position and reminds them that it may look complex but is actually easy to execute. He hopes that viewers have enjoyed learning about the diving armlock and encourages them to continue practicing and exploring new techniques in their jiu jitsu journey.

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