John Danaher On The “Pivotal Moment” Of Gordon vs Felipe 3

John Danaher On The “Pivotal Moment” Of Gordon vs Felipe 3

In this video by FloGrappling, John Danaher discusses the “pivotal moment” of the third match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena. Danaher highlights Ryan’s excellent guard retention and the use of pace as a weapon. He also notes that both fighters did a good job of not applying too much pressure early on, but around the 20-minute mark, Pena sensed that his energy reserves were depleting faster than Ryan’s, leading him to make a decisive attack. Danaher also speculates on the impact of Leandro Lo’s passing and how it may have affected Pena. Overall, the third match between Ryan and Pena had significant emotional significance for Ryan, as it was a chance for him to overcome his perceived nemesis and prove himself against a tough opponent.

The fourth match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena carries a unique backdrop. After the previous matches, where each fighter has defeated the other, the pressure is no longer solely on Ryan, as people have recognized his improvements. They both put on solid displays in the third match, indicating that they are evenly matched. The passing of Leandro Lo also adds an intangible element to Pena’s performance. In this highly anticipated fourth match, there is excitement and speculation about how both fighters will fare and what the outcome will be.

John Danaher On The “Pivotal Moment” Of Gordon vs Felipe 3

John Danaher On The Pivotal Moment Of Gordon vs Felipe 3


In a recent video by FloGrappling, John Danaher, renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach, shared his thoughts on the third match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena. This match holds significance as it occurred before their upcoming fourth encounter. Throughout the video, Danaher delves into various aspects of the match, analyzing the performance of both fighters and highlighting the pivotal moment that ultimately shifted the momentum in favor of one competitor.

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Gordon Ryan’s Guard Retention

Danaher praises Gordon Ryan’s guard retention in the third match, emphasizing his skill in maintaining control and preventing his opponent from passing his guard. Ryan’s ability to defend against Pena’s attacks played a crucial role in the outcome of the match.

Gordon’s Use of Pace as a Weapon

Another aspect of Ryan’s performance that Danaher points out is his strategic use of pace as a weapon. Danaher suggests that many people underestimated the extent to which Ryan utilized his pace to his advantage. Ryan’s ability to control the tempo of the match allowed him to set up his attacks and keep Pena on the defensive.

Gordon’s Application of Physical Pressure

Danaher notes that Ryan didn’t apply significant physical pressure until the 30-minute mark of the match. However, once Ryan decided to increase his pressure, the momentum shifted rapidly in his favor. This demonstrates Ryan’s patience and ability to choose the right moment to exert physical pressure on his opponent.

Felipe’s Decision-Making at the 20-Minute Mark

Around the 20-minute mark, Danaher observes that Pena seemed to sense that his energy reserves were depleting faster than Ryan’s. Pena faced a crucial decision: either prolong the match as much as possible or make a decisive attack to end it. Pena opted for the latter, displaying his attacking spirit. However, this decision came at a cost to his energy expenditure, eventually leading to his fatigue and downfall in the later stages of the match.

The Impact of Felipe’s Energy Reserves

Danaher reflects on the impact of Pena’s energy reserves on the outcome of the match. As Pena’s fatigue became apparent, Ryan’s spirits lifted, while Pena’s dropped. Danaher believes that this visible change in body language and energy levels played a significant role in influencing the match’s direction.

Ambiguous Moment at the 25-Minute Mark

A pivotal and ambiguous moment occurred around the 25-minute mark, where Pena seemed to express a desire to end the match. However, surprisingly, the match resumed. According to Danaher, this moment proved to be the turning point of the match. Just like someone showing their hand at a poker table, Pena’s desire to quit emboldened Ryan and boosted his energy reserves. This change in dynamics ultimately favored Ryan and contributed to his victory.

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The Pivotal Moment of the Match

According to Danaher, the aforementioned pivotal moment was the most critical factor in determining the match’s outcome. After witnessing Pena’s willingness to quit, Ryan gained confidence, while Pena’s spirits dwindled. The audience also noticed this shift, and it became clear to everyone that Ryan was on the path to victory. From Danaher’s perspective, this moment played a significant role in deciding the match’s trajectory.

Felipe’s Body Language and Energy Reserves

Danaher predicts that in the upcoming fourth match, Pena will be more secretive about his energy reserves in order to hide his cards and not make it obvious through body language. Danaher believes that Pena has learned from his mistakes and will no longer display signs of fatigue or discomfort. This change in approach may affect the dynamics of the match and potentially level the playing field.

Learning from Mistakes

Reflecting on the third match, Danaher emphasizes the importance of learning from mistakes. Pena’s decision to make a decisive attack at the expense of his energy reserves proved to be a costly error. Danaher believes that Pena will not repeat this mistake in the upcoming match and will adopt a more cautious and strategic approach.

John Danaher’s Perspective on the Match

As an experienced coach who has been present for thousands of Jiu-Jitsu matches, Danaher shares his unique perspective on the third Ryan vs. Pena encounter. He acknowledges that every match is different and presents its own set of challenges. However, he highlights the significance of this specific match for Ryan, as it followed closely after his victory over someone considered his nemesis and in one of the biggest events in grappling history, ADCC.

Emotional Investment for Gordon Ryan

Danaher expresses the emotional investment Ryan had in this match. Ryan had long desired to prove himself against Pena, who had beaten him twice before. Overcoming Pena was a significant milestone for Ryan to assert his own abilities and remove the doubts raised by his critics. The third match alleviated some of the pressure on Ryan and undoubtedly held great importance to him.

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The Pressure to Overcome a Nemesis

Danaher acknowledges the pressure Ryan faced in challenging someone considered his nemesis. The narrative of “you might be good, but Pena is better” had fueled the rivalry between the two fighters. Overcoming a nemesis is not just about physical prowess but also about proving oneself mentally and emotionally. The third match served as a crucial platform for Ryan to challenge and surpass Pena’s dominance over him and dispel any doubts about his abilities.

The Third Match as a Turning Point

From Danaher’s perspective, the third match marked a turning point in the rivalry between Ryan and Pena. Both fighters had showcased their capabilities and put on a solid display of skill. The match was an intense and challenging battle for both competitors. Regardless of their previous encounters, they proved to be evenly matched in this particular match.

Even Matched Competitors

Danaher believes that even after all these years, Ryan and Pena remain evenly matched. Both fighters have demonstrated their ability to defeat one another, and their performances in the third match exemplified their skills. As they prepare for their fourth encounter, the history of their rivalry and their past performances create an intriguing backdrop for the upcoming match.

Intangibles and Speculation for the Fourth Match

Danaher acknowledges that there are additional factors to consider for the fourth match. Speculations arise about the impact of the passing away of Leandro Lo and how it may have affected Pena’s mentality and preparation. The only way to answer these questions is through the fourth match itself. As anticipation builds, fans, fighters, and coaches engage in speculation and analysis, adding to the drama surrounding the match.

In conclusion, John Danaher offers valuable insights into the third match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena. From analyzing specific techniques and strategies to evaluating the pivotal moments that influenced the match’s outcome, Danaher provides a comprehensive perspective. With the upcoming fourth match on the horizon, the anticipation grows, and the stage is set for another intense battle between these highly skilled competitors.

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