‘I Was Fighting With Myself The Entire Match’: Felipe Pena Talks First WNO Match With Gordon Ryan

‘I Was Fighting With Myself The Entire Match’: Felipe Pena Talks First WNO Match With Gordon Ryan

In this exclusive interview, Felipe Pena opens up about his first match with Gordon Ryan at Who’s Number One. He reflects on the training camp, his preparation, and the events leading up to the match. Pena shares how he initially felt confident and ready, but everything changed when he received a notice about Leandro. This notice disrupted his mental stability and left him fighting with himself throughout the entire match. Despite the challenges, Pena talks about his confidence in his training and the support from his students and training partners.

As the conversation continues, Pena discusses his interactions with Gordon Ryan during the press conference. He mentions that Ryan’s trash talk doesn’t affect him as he sees it as a means to increase attention and motivation for the fight. Pena’s calmness and confidence during the press conference may have unnerved Ryan, further solidifying Pena’s mindset going into the match. Despite the mental burnout he experienced during the fight, Pena persevered and reflects on the lessons learned from the experience. Through this interview, readers gain insights into Pena’s journey and the challenges he faced in his first match against Ryan.

Training Camp and Preparation

I Was Fighting With Myself The Entire Match: Felipe Pena Talks First WNO Match With Gordon Ryan

Feeling confident and prepared

During the training camp leading up to his first match with Gordon Ryan at Who’s Number One (WNO), Felipe Pena felt confident and prepared. He was happy to be there and everything seemed to be going well. Pena had trained extensively, and he believed he was in excellent physical and mental condition for the fight.

Training partners

Pena mainly trained with his students at his gym in Belarzone during the lead-up to the fight. He also had the opportunity to train with some guest partners, such as izaki. Additionally, Pena mentioned that he had tough students to train with, including purple, brown, and black belts. This diverse training environment ensured that he had high-quality training sessions and was challenged physically.

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Injuries and physical condition

Pena was fortunate to have no injuries leading up to the fight. He had taken good care of his body and was in excellent physical condition. With his body in top shape, he felt confident in his ability to perform at his best during the match against Gordon Ryan.

The Notice about Leandro

Receiving the notice

On the day of the tournament, Pena received a notice about Leandro, which had a significant impact on him. The specifics of the notice were not mentioned, but it created a dramatic situation that caused some uncertainty and doubt for Pena.

Feeling affected by the notice

Pena admitted that he was affected by the notice. It shook him mentally and made him question whether he should even fight. The notice had raised doubts in his mind, and he began to wonder whether he was doing the right thing by going through with the match.

Making the decision to fight

Despite the doubts and uncertainty caused by the notice, Pena ultimately made the decision to fight. It was a difficult choice, but he felt that he didn’t want to back down from the challenge. Pena decided to push through the mental and emotional obstacles and prove himself in the match against Gordon Ryan.

Fighting with Himself

Internal struggle during the match

Throughout the match with Gordon Ryan, Pena found himself fighting with himself internally. Even though he was physically in the fight, a part of him didn’t want to be there anymore. This internal struggle affected his mindset and focus during the match.

Losing motivation to be there

As the match progressed, Pena’s motivation to be there started to wane. The initial confidence and excitement he had felt leading up to the fight began to fade, and he questioned the importance of being in that moment. Pena’s mental state started to shift, impacting his performance.

Mental burnout

Pena experienced mental burnout during the match. The constant battle within his own head took a toll on his mental and emotional energy. As a result, he reached a point where he didn’t care anymore and just wanted to leave the fight. This mental burnout affected his performance in the later stages of the match.

Confidence in Training

Overall confidence in training

Pena had a high level of confidence in his training leading up to the fight. He believed that his training camp had gone exceptionally well, with no injuries and a positive mental state. Pena’s overall confidence gave him a sense of assurance in his abilities as he prepared for the match.

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No injuries and good mental state

One of the factors contributing to Pena’s confidence was the absence of any injuries during his training camp. Being physically healthy allowed him to focus entirely on his training and preparation. In addition, Pena mentioned that his mental state was in good shape, which further solidified his confidence.

Positive interview before the match

A day before the fight, Pena had a positive interview. He felt comfortable and confident during this interview, expressing his readiness for the upcoming match. This interview served as a confirmation of his mental and emotional well-being before stepping into the fight against Gordon Ryan.

Training Partners

Training mainly with students

Pena primarily trained with his students at his gym in Belarzone. Training with his students allowed him to further develop his skills while also helping his students improve. It was a mutually beneficial training environment that provided Pena with the opportunity to refine his techniques and impart his knowledge to others.

Guest training partners

Alongside training with his students, Pena also had the privilege of training with guest partners. One such partner mentioned was izaki. These guest training partners brought a different set of skills and challenges to Pena’s training sessions, enhancing the overall quality of his training camp.

Having tough students

Pena highlighted that he had tough students to train with, including purple, brown, and black belts. Training with these skilled individuals provided Pena with the necessary level of resistance and competitiveness to elevate his game. Having tough students ensured that Pena was always pushed to his limits during training sessions.

Press Conference

Feeling calm and comfortable

During the press conference, Pena felt calm and comfortable. He was at ease in front of the media and did not let the pressure affect him. This sense of calmness allowed Pena to handle press conferences with confidence, enabling him to focus on the upcoming match.

Confidence during the press conference

Pena exuded confidence during the press conference. He appeared composed and self-assured, answering questions with conviction. This confidence projected a strong image, emphasizing his readiness for the fight and potentially affecting his opponent, Gordon Ryan.

Gordon’s nerves and intimidation

Pena observed that Gordon Ryan seemed nervous and intimidated during the press conference. He attributed this to the mental games that Gordon played, both online and during interactions on social media. Pena, however, did not let Gordon’s trash talk affect him. Instead, he used it as motivation and remained focused on his own training and preparation.

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Gordon’s Trash Talk

Gordon’s online comments

Gordon Ryan frequently engaged in trash talk online, often leaving comments on Pena’s pictures and sending private messages. While some people might have been affected or bothered by this, Pena remained unaffected. He viewed Gordon’s trash talk as an opportunity to generate more attention and channel it into fuel for his fight.

Not affected by trash talk

Pena’s confidence in his training and preparation allowed him to remain unfazed by Gordon’s trash talk. He trusted his hard work and the guidance of his training partners and coaches. Pena’s ability to stay mentally strong and focused shielded him from the potential distractions caused by Gordon’s attempts to provoke him.

Confidence in own training and preparation

Pena expressed great confidence in his own training and preparation. He believed in the work he had put in and trusted that it would pay off in the fight. This unwavering confidence enabled him to remain unaffected by external factors such as trash talk, allowing him to maintain his focus on the upcoming match.

Shaking Gordon

Confidence unsettling Gordon

Pena’s unwavering confidence seemed to unsettle Gordon Ryan. As Pena displayed his own self-assurance, it created an imbalance and potentially affected Gordon’s mental state. The confidence projected by Pena may have caused doubt and apprehension to creep into Gordon’s mind, contributing to a shifting dynamic between the two fighters.

Playing into Gordon’s trash talk

Pena admitted that he played into Gordon’s trash talk during personal confrontations. While it did not affect him mentally, Pena acknowledged that responding to Gordon’s provocations might have added to the tension between them. By engaging with Gordon in these confrontations, it inadvertently added another layer to their already heated rivalry.

Uncomfortable personal confrontation

Pena described a personal confrontation with Gordon that made him uncomfortable. The details of the confrontation were not specified, but it showcased the intensity of their relationship and the emotions involved. These personal confrontations further fueled the animosity between Pena and Gordon as they prepared to face each other in the upcoming match.


Reflecting on the match

Looking back on the match against Gordon Ryan, Pena acknowledged the internal battle he faced and the impact it had on his performance. Despite the mental struggles, he recognized that he fought well in the beginning but eventually experienced mental burnout. Pena realized that his mindset played a crucial role in the outcome of the match.

Lessons learned

From his first WNO match with Gordon Ryan, Pena learned important lessons about mental fortitude and the importance of maintaining motivation. He recognized the need to understand and manage his own mindset during competition to prevent mental burnout. These lessons would serve as valuable insights for future matches.

Future plans

Although the interview did not specify Pena’s future plans, it is clear that he remains determined to continue competing. With the lessons learned from his previous match, Pena will likely focus on further honing his mental and physical preparation to achieve future success in his jiu-jitsu career.

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