Jacob Couch Wins By Guillotine At WNO

Jacob Couch Wins By Guillotine At WNO

Jacob Couch, also known as the Hillbilly Hammer, recently secured a big win at Tezos WNO with a submission victory by guillotine against opponent Bruno Matias. In an interview with FloGrappling, Couch expressed his satisfaction with the win, acknowledging that he expected Matias to be a tough opponent. He described his approach to the match as staying laser-focused and executing his game plan. Couch walked through the sequence of the finish, explaining how he initially pulled guard and eventually wrapped his opponent’s head for the guillotine. As for his future opponents, Couch stated that he is open to anyone and believes that he can capitalize on the opportunities presented to him. He expressed his ambition to be a champion in various weight classes, particularly middleweight and light heavyweight. Couch also extended his appreciation to his supporters and the people who have helped him along his journey, emphasizing his dedication to revolutionizing the sport and changing lives.

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Jacob Couch Wins By Guillotine At WNO


Jacob Couch, also known as the Hillbilly Hammer, recently claimed a victory at the Tezos WNO by securing a submission win with a guillotine against Bruno Matias. Couch’s impressive performance in the match has garnered attention from the grappling community. In this article, we will delve into the background information surrounding his win, Couch’s thoughts on the victory, his next opponent, and his appreciation and support for those who have contributed to his success.

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Background Information

Jacob Couch’s win at WNO

Jacob Couch’s triumph at the Tezos WNO was a highlight of his grappling career. With an exemplary display of skills and determination, he successfully executed a guillotine submission on Bruno Matias, proving himself as a formidable contender in the sport.

Video by FloGrappling

The video capturing Jacob Couch’s win at WNO was shared by FloGrappling. This platform has become a go-to source for jiu-jitsu enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive collection of jiu-jitsu videos. Couch’s victory video is another exciting addition to their impressive library of content.

Jacob Couch’s interview after the win

Immediately after his impressive victory, Jacob Couch sat down for an interview to share his thoughts and emotions with the audience. This interview provided invaluable insight into Couch’s mindset leading up to the match, his approach during the bout, and his expectations for the future.

Jacob Couch’s Thoughts on the Win

Feeling after the win

Couch expressed his satisfaction and contentment after securing the victory against Bruno Matias. He described feeling good about the outcome and acknowledged the expected challenges posed by Matias. Despite knowing the tough competition that awaited him, Couch remained confident in his abilities and approached the match with a focused mindset.

Expectations of Bruno Matias

Jacob Couch revealed that he was aware of the skills and strength possessed by his opponent, Bruno Matias, prior to the match. He expected a formidable challenge from Matias and prepared accordingly. Couch’s understanding of Matias’ abilities fueled his determination to perform at his best.

Approach to the match

Couch shared that his approach to the match was consistent with his previous fights. He emphasized the importance of staying laser-focused on the task at hand and getting the job done. Couch’s ability to maintain his concentration throughout the fight proved to be a critical factor in his victory.

Description of the submission

The winning moment came when Couch executed a guillotine submission on Bruno Matias. Couch provided a brief account of how he transitioned from the initial stages of the match to securing the submission. He mentioned pulling initially and then working to tie Matias up until he found an opportunity to wrap his head and apply the guillotine. It was this submission that ultimately secured Couch’s well-deserved win.

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Importance of staying focused

Reflecting on his victory, Couch highlighted the significance of staying focused in every match. He believes that maintaining focus allows him to capitalize on opportunities and perform at his best. Couch’s ability to stay concentrated throughout the fight has played a crucial role in his success, and he recognizes its importance in his future endeavors.

Next Opponent

Not concerned about who is next

When asked about his next opponent, Jacob Couch revealed that he is not overly concerned about who he will face. As a replacement fighter, he understands that the decision is out of his hands and trusts his team to make the best choice for him. Couch’s laid-back attitude towards his next opponent exemplifies his confidence in his own abilities.

Focus on showing up and getting the job done

Couch mentioned that his primary focus is to show up for his fights and get the job done. He attributes his consistent appearance on the show to his reliable nature and his ability to take advantage of opportunities presented to him. Couch’s reliable and determined attitude has played a significant role in his success thus far.

Opportunities received due to reliability

Jacob Couch expressed his gratitude for the numerous opportunities he has received in his career. He believes that his reliability and consistency in delivering results have contributed to his continuous inclusion in important events. Couch acknowledges that being a dependable fighter has opened doors for him in the grappling world.

Preference for weight class and desire for a belt

While Couch maintains an open mind about weight classes, he admits to having a preference for middleweight (185 lbs) and light heavyweight (205 lbs). His aim is to become a champion in whichever weight class he competes in. Couch’s desire to earn a belt demonstrates his ambition and determination to achieve greatness in the sport.

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Appreciation and Support

Acknowledging coach and team

Jacob Couch took a moment to acknowledge his coach and team for their guidance and support. He recognizes the instrumental role his coach plays in his success and expresses gratitude for the invaluable lessons learned under their guidance. Couch believes that his team’s unwavering support has been vital in shaping him as a fighter.

Gratitude towards supporters

Couch extends his gratitude towards his supporters, both locally and worldwide. He appreciates the unwavering support he receives from his followers and recognizes their contribution to his journey. Couch’s fans have played a significant role in motivating and inspiring him throughout his career.

Impact of their revolution

Expressing his deep appreciation, Couch acknowledges the impact of his supporters in the revolution he and his team are striving for. He believes that their collective support has not only aided their personal cause but also positively impacted and changed lives. Couch acknowledges the significance of his supporters’ contributions, reinforcing their importance in his journey.

Expressing thanks to both supporters and non-supporters

Jacob Couch takes the opportunity to express his gratitude not only to his supporters but also to those who may not support him. He recognizes that everyone plays a role in shaping his journey, not just his fans. Couch’s appreciation extends to both sides, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the diverse perspectives and contributions of everyone involved in his career.


Jacob Couch’s win at the Tezos WNO showcased his exceptional grappling skills and his ability to secure a victory against a tough opponent. Couch’s thoughts on the win, his next opponent, and his gratitude towards his coach, team, and supporters demonstrate his grounded nature and determination to excel in the sport. With his sights set on becoming a champion, Couch eagerly anticipates his shot at the title, driven by his unwavering commitment to success. As he continues his journey, Couch remains grateful for the support he receives and the impact he and his team are making in the jiu-jitsu community.

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