IBJJF Euros Bracket Breakdown: Tainan Dalpra vs Tommy Langaker?

IBJJF Euros Bracket Breakdown: Tainan Dalpra vs Tommy Langaker?

The 2022 IBJJF European Championships have finally arrived after a two-year hiatus, and the excitement is palpable. With the brackets dropping over the weekend, FloGrappling is here to provide a quick bird’s-eye analysis of what to expect from the black belt divisions. Starting with the men’s lightweight featherweight division, a strong showing from the Cicero Costa army is expected, but Kevin Carrasco from Aries could potentially upset the top contenders. Moving on to the featherweight division, there are intriguing matchups to look forward to, including rising superstar Isaac Dodelion taking on tough opponents such as Marcus Felin and Matthias Onda. In the women’s divisions, Maison Basto is aiming for her third European gold medal in the lightweight featherweight category, while Fiona Davis is making a comeback in the lightweight division, looking for her third Euros gold medal. It’s an exciting lineup of talented athletes, and the action is bound to be thrilling.

Men’s Life Featherweight Division

In the men’s life featherweight division, all eyes are on the Cicero Costa Army, who are known for their dominance in this weight class. However, there is one competitor, Kevin Carrasco from Aries, who is looking to make a statement and potentially upset the favored Cicero Costa team. Carrasco has the potential to ruin their day and shake up the division. If not, we can expect to see a close-out situation among multiple members of the Cicero Costa team, possibly as early as the semifinals.

Featherweight Division

The featherweight division is one of the most exciting divisions in the competition. One athlete to watch is Isaac Dodelion, who is expected to put on a great show. However, Dodelion faces a tough road ahead with a stacked side of his bracket, including strong competitors like Marcus Felin and the dark horse, Matthias Onda. The division as a whole is loaded with talent and promises exciting matchups. In the second half of the bracket, we have athletes like Eduardo Hockey Jaroslav from Ukraine and Raymundo So Dre, setting up a potential matchup between Isabella Lyon and the other member of the Sodja family, which could turn into a grudge match.

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Women’s Life Featherweight Division

The women’s life featherweight division features Maison Basto, who is coming off a gold medal run in the ADCC trials. Basto is looking to secure her third European gold medal and is considered a top contender in this division. The bracket is smaller this time around, but Basto’s high level of skill and experience make her a force to be reckoned with.

IBJJF Euros Bracket Breakdown: Tainan Dalpra vs Tommy Langaker?

Women’s Featherweight Division

In the women’s featherweight division, we have rising superstar Anna Rodriguez, fresh off her world title win, making her way through a difficult division. Rodriguez is expected to face off against the veteran Gabby Fector in the final, creating an exciting matchup to watch.

Women’s Lightweight Division

The women’s lightweight division is headlined by Fiona Davis, who is making a comeback and aiming for her third European gold medal. Davis is focused on accomplishing the double gold and has made it clear that her division is her top priority. However, she faces tough competition from names like Margot Chicarelli and Tata Rivero, who are determined to make things difficult for her. Despite her eighth seed ranking, Fluid Surprise shouldn’t be underestimated as she is a tough athlete who could make a significant impact in this division.

Men’s Lightweight Division

The men’s lightweight division is stacked with exceptional athletes. Competitors like Espen Matissin, Marcio Andre, Natan Chung, and Lucas Prostazio are all expected to bring their A-game. The Gracie Baja Lion AJ Agazarm is also back in action, aiming to capture another title. This division is massive and highly competitive, making it a must-watch for jiu-jitsu fans.

Men’s Middleweight Division

The men’s middleweight division has the potential for a thrilling rematch between Tommy Langaker and Tainan Dalpra. Both athletes would need to navigate their way through tough competition to meet again in the final. Langaker’s path looks relatively smooth until the semifinals, where he may face European frontrunner Bradley Hill. On the other hand, Dalpra is expected to have a smooth run to the semis, with the possibility of facing new black belt Tara Kopstock. This division promises exciting matchups and potential upsets.

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Men’s Heavyweight Division

The men’s heavyweight division presents an opportunity for Adam Wartinski to claim his first European title as a black belt. Wartinski will need to be on top of his game as he could potentially face tough opponents like Don Bell from Atos or the European standout Jacob Sakowski in the final. Felipe Andrew has also been a standout in previous European Championships, making this division highly competitive and unpredictable.

Men’s Super Heavyweight Division

In the men’s super heavyweight division, Vanessa Ferreira will need to navigate potential traps from her opponents. Henry Cruz will be making his black belt debut, making for an exciting matchup in the first round. Hafiz Lovato Junior surprised everyone by sliding into the ultra heavyweight division late in the competition. Lovato may be the favorite, but he will face tough competition from rising Brazilian stars like Matthias Chavier and Yatam Bueno. This division is stacked with talent and promises thrilling matches.


The 2022 IBJJF European Championship is set to be an exhilarating event across all divisions. Athletes will need to bring their best skills and strategy to achieve gold. From the highly competitive men’s and women’s divisions to potential rematches and surprise contenders, the tournament is packed with excitement. Jiu-jitsu fans are in for a treat as they eagerly watch the matches unfold and witness the crowning of new champions.

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