2023 Euros Vlog: The Purple Belts Take Over Paris (Ep. 1)

2023 Euros Vlog: The Purple Belts Take Over Paris (Ep. 1)

Welcome to Paris, France, and the 2023 Euros Vlog! In this episode, FloGrappling takes you on a journey through the European Championship, showcasing all the best action from Paris. From the first day of the tournament, you’ll witness the purple belts making their mark in the world of jiu jitsu. Get ready to see top competitors like Colabate, Guillermi, Avelino, and Danilo Rook, as they strive to prove themselves and advance to the next level. As always, the purple belt absolute division promises excitement and the potential for breakout stars. So, let’s dive into the venue and experience all the thrilling action firsthand.

But before we delve into the matches, let’s take a moment to admire the hypnotic store in Paris. Though one might think it’s just a trendy brand, it brings back nostalgic memories of when hypnotic stuff was all the rage in 2017. With the wallet tripod set up, it’s time to kick off the vlog. While today is the first day of the vlog, it’s actually the third day of the tournament, marking the start of the gee season and launching many athletes’ pursuits of the Grand Slam. But for now, it’s all about the purple belt division, and we can’t wait to witness the breakout stars who will make their mark at this incredible event.

2023 Euros Vlog: The Purple Belts Take Over Paris (Ep. 1)


Welcome to Paris, France, and the 2023 Euros Vlog! In this episode, we’ll be taking you along as we highlight all the action from the European Championships. From the city itself to the thrilling matches, we’ll give you an inside look at the tournament that kicks off the gee season.

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Arriving in Paris

As the vlog begins, we find ourselves in the beautiful city of Paris. Exploring the streets and taking in the sights, it’s clear that this is the perfect backdrop for an event as grand as the European Championships. While wandering around, the vlogger stumbles upon a hypnotic store, reminiscent of the brand that was popular a few years back. They express their surprise and nostalgia, having once thought that brand was “dope.” However, it seems hypnotic products are still enjoyed by some, as evidenced by the store’s presence in Paris.

After checking out the city, it’s time to set up the tripod and start capturing the day’s events for the vlog. Getting the equipment in place takes a bit of effort, but the vlogger is determined to capture all the exciting action that awaits.

The Kickoff of the Gee Season

The European Championships hold a special significance in the jiu-jitsu community as they mark the beginning of the gee season. Many athletes see this tournament as an opportunity to start their run towards the Grand Slam and make a name for themselves in the sport. With big names such as Duarte, Tynan, Dolpra, and Colabate competing, the anticipation for some incredible jiu-jitsu is through the roof. However, this episode focuses specifically on the purple belt division, where promising athletes like Guillermi Avelino, Danilo Rook, and Colabate himself aim to make their mark.

2023 Euros Vlog: The Purple Belts Take Over Paris (Ep. 1)

The Purple Belt Division

The purple belt division is always an exciting one to watch. As we dive into the action, one name stands out among the rest – Colabate. Known as the Guillermi Avelino Danilo Rook, this purple belt fighter is ready to prove himself on the mats. However, our vlogger is also on the lookout for breakout stars, those purple belts who are ready to take their jiu-jitsu to the next level. Additionally, the anticipation for the Purple Belt Absolute division, which showcases competitors with the potential to make it to the top, adds to the excitement of the day.

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Inside the Venue

With the tripod set up and the venue entrance in sight, it’s time to head inside and immerse ourselves in the action. Stepping into the venue, our vlogger is surrounded by the energy and intensity of the tournament. The crowds are buzzing, and it’s clear that everyone is eager to witness the incredible jiu-jitsu matches about to unfold.

Michael Lange’s Run

One purple belt that catches our vlogger’s attention is Michael Lange. Throughout the day, Lange delivers an impressive performance, showcasing his skills and determination. With each match, Lange’s confidence and technique shine through, ultimately leading him to the final.

Men’s Purple Belt Lightweight Final

One highly anticipated match in the purple belt division is between Pamela OSHA and Colabate. With both fighters displaying incredible skills and a hunger for victory, this final promises to be a thrilling showdown. As the match begins, the intensity in the venue reaches its peak, and both competitors give it their all.

Medium Heavyweight Division Final

In the medium heavyweight division final, Mario Hayes and Leonardo Ferreira take to the mat. Both representing Alliance, there is a sense of unity and friendly competition within the team. The fight between Hayes and Ferreira is intense, and it’s clear that both athletes are no strangers to high-level jiu-jitsu. Additionally, Danilo Rook’s performance throughout the tournament adds another layer of excitement to the final.


As the day of jiu-jitsu action comes to an end, our vlogger reflects on the incredible matches and athletes they witnessed. The purple belts certainly made their mark in Paris, showing exceptional skill and determination. From breakout stars to established competitors, the European Championships provided a stage for these athletes to showcase their jiu-jitsu prowess. With the vlog episode coming to a close, our vlogger looks forward to capturing more thrilling moments in the next installment and the rest of the 2023 Euros Vlog series.

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