How ADCC 2022 Will Break New Ground for Grappling | What Is ADCC? (Ep.2)

How ADCC 2022 Will Break New Ground for Grappling | What Is ADCC? (Ep.2)

Get ready for an unprecedented event in the world of submission grappling as ADCC 2022 promises to be a groundbreaking spectacle. Set to take place over two days in Las Vegas this September, this competition will feature nearly 100 of the best no-gi submission grapplers from around the globe. From champions returning to defend their titles to rising stars looking to make a name for themselves, ADCC 2022 brings together the very best in the sport. At the center of the event is the highly anticipated super fight between Gordon Ryan, the pound-for-pound greatest grappler, and Andre Galvao, the most winning super fight champion in the history of ADCC. But that’s not all – the event will also showcase a new generation of grapplers, including teenage phenoms like Cool Abate, Mika Galvao, and the Rosella brothers, who have fought hard to earn their spot in ADCC. And let’s not forget about the veterans, such as GT Torres and Gabby Garcia, who are returning to defend their titles and set new records. With names like Craig Jones, Lachlan Giles, and Gary Tonin also making their comeback, ADCC 2022 is sure to deliver non-stop action and excitement. Don’t miss a moment of it, catch every match and every mat exclusively on this September.

ADCC 2022: Breaking New Ground for Grappling

The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated grappling events in the world. It brings together the best no-gi submission grapplers from around the globe for a two-day spectacle that showcases the pinnacle of skill and technique in the sport. ADCC 2022, set to take place in Las Vegas, promises to be a groundbreaking event that will captivate fans and push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of grappling.

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How ADCC 2022 Will Break New Ground for Grappling | What Is ADCC? (Ep.2)

The Importance of ADCC

ADCC holds a special place in the hearts of grappling enthusiasts. It is a tournament that showcases the highest level of skill, technique, and strategy in the sport. The competitors are tested in various weight classes, and only the best emerge as champions. The ADCC is widely regarded as the pinnacle of no-gi grappling, attracting a global audience and cementing the reputation of the winners as some of the greatest athletes in the sport. ADCC 2022 is expected to continue this tradition and bring even more excitement and innovation to the world of grappling.

Top Grapplers Returning to Defend Titles

ADCC 2022 will see the return of some of the most dominant grapplers in the world as they aim to defend their hard-earned titles. Among them, Gordon Ryan stands out as the pound-for-pound greatest grappler on the planet. Ryan has already claimed the ADCC title three times and is known for his exceptional technique, strength, and versatility. Another notable competitor is Andre Galvao, the most winningest super fight champion in the history of ADCC. Galvao has held the title since 2013 and has successfully defended it ever since. Their highly anticipated super fight at ADCC 2022 is bound to be one for the history books.

The Anticipated Super Fight: Andre Galvao vs. Gordon Ryan

The showdown between Andre Galvao and Gordon Ryan has been making waves in the grappling world. With Galvao’s impressive track record and Ryan’s dominance in recent years, this super fight promises to be a clash of titans. Galvao’s experience and technical expertise will be pitted against Ryan’s explosive power and relentless determination. Grappling fans around the world are eagerly awaiting this match, as it has the potential to go down as one of the greatest battles in the history of the sport.

New Generation of Grapplers

ADCC 2022 will also showcase a new wave of talented grapplers who are eager to make their mark on the tournament. These young phenoms, such as Cole Abate, Mika Galvao, and the Rosella Brothers, have proven themselves on the grappling circuit and have fought hard to earn their spot at ADCC. Their hunger for success and their determination to achieve their goals will undoubtedly make them formidable opponents and exciting contenders to watch.

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Veteran Champions Returning to ADCC

While the new generation of grapplers is garnering attention, the veteran champions are not to be overlooked. Garry Tonon, a fan favorite and former ADCC champion himself, is making his return to the tournament. Tonon’s dynamic and aggressive style has won him a dedicated following, and his presence at ADCC 2022 ensures that the competition will be fierce. Additionally, Gabby Garcia, a four-time ADCC champion, is aiming to make history by becoming the first-ever five-time division champion. These experienced warriors will bring their years of knowledge and skill to the mat, showing the world that they are still forces to be reckoned with.

Fan Favorites and Notable Contenders

ADCC 2022 will feature a roster of fan favorites and notable contenders who have built their reputation in the grappling world. Craig Jones, known for his impressive submission skills, has quickly risen through the ranks and established himself as a rising star. Lachlan Giles, with his well-rounded game and technical prowess, is another force to be reckoned with. Bia Mosquito, a dangerous female competitor, will showcase her relentless aggression and skill. Gary Tonon, a crowd favorite, will demonstrate his impressive skills and entertaining style. Theon Davis, known for his powerful and technical approach, will bring his A-game to the mat. With such a diverse and talented lineup, ADCC 2022 promises to be a thrilling event for fans worldwide.

Catch the Action on

To witness the excitement and drama of ADCC 2022, fans can tune in to This online platform provides exclusive access to every match and every mat, allowing viewers to experience the thrill of the competition from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you are a die-hard grappling fan or a casual observer, is the go-to destination for all your ADCC 2022 coverage.


ADCC 2022 is set to break new ground for the world of grappling. With top grapplers returning to defend their titles, an anticipated super fight between Andre Galvao and Gordon Ryan, a new generation of talented competitors, and veteran champions aiming to make their mark, this event promises to be one of the most exciting in the history of the sport. For fans eagerly awaiting the action, provides a front-row seat to all the exhilarating moments and breathtaking displays of skill. Get ready to witness history in the making at ADCC 2022.

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