Giancarlo Bodoni On Training Under ‘Encyclopedia’ In John Danaher

Giancarlo Bodoni On Training Under ‘Encyclopedia’ In John Danaher

In the video by FloGrappling, Giancarlo Bodoni discusses his experience training under John Danaher. He describes Danaher as an “encyclopedia” of knowledge, with an answer for every question and a perfectly executed technique for every move. Bodoni expresses the initial intimidation he felt being in a room with such high standards, but also how it pushed him to raise his own standards, resulting in rapid progress. He explains that the average class with Danaher consists of technique instruction and positional sparring, with each class having a different theme. Bodoni highlights Danaher’s dedication to training, noting that he is always in the gym despite physical difficulties. Bodoni also touches on his own journey, acknowledging his weaknesses and the need to work on his leglock defense, which he was able to improve relatively quickly under Danaher’s guidance. Overall, Bodoni speaks highly of his training experience with Danaher and credits it for his growth in the sport.

Giancarlo Bodoni on Training under ‘Encyclopedia’ in John Danaher


Giancarlo Bodoni, a prominent figure in the world of jiu jitsu, shares his experience of training under the renowned instructor, John Danaher. This article explores Bodoni’s perspective on Danaher’s teaching style, the high standard of training, the influence on personal standards, and the different themes covered in each class at Danaher’s academy.

Giancarlo Bodoni’s Experience Training Under John Danaher

In a video released by FloGrappling on January 31st, titled “Becoming Dangerous: The Rise of Giancarlo Bodoni,” Bodoni highlights the invaluable experience he gained from training under John Danaher. He expresses his admiration for Danaher’s extensive knowledge and teaching abilities, comparing him to an encyclopedia. Danaher’s expertise and ability to provide answers to every question and teach each move flawlessly left a profound impact on Bodoni.

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John Danaher’s Teaching Style

Bodoni describes Danaher’s teaching style as exceptional. According to Bodoni, Danaher’s ability to break down complex techniques and explain them in a clear and concise manner enables his students to grasp the concepts easily. This teaching approach helps students to understand and implement the techniques effectively.

The High Standard of Training

Bodoni admits that training under Danaher can initially feel intimidating due to the high standard set by both Danaher and his students. However, instead of being discouraged, Bodoni embraced the challenge and used it as motivation to improve himself. The pressure to perform at such a high level pushed Bodoni to surpass his own expectations and made him progress quickly in his jiu jitsu journey.

The Influence on Personal Standards

Training under Danaher helped Bodoni adopt a new mindset and raise his personal standards. Witnessing Danaher’s mastery and the depth of his knowledge compelled Bodoni to think differently about jiu jitsu. As a result, Bodoni experienced substantial personal growth and began to approach jiu jitsu with a newfound perspective, constantly striving to improve his skills and techniques.

Giancarlo Bodoni On Training Under Encyclopedia In John Danaher

Classes at John Danaher’s Academy

Bodoni provides insight into the structure of classes at John Danaher’s academy. Typically, each class focuses on specific techniques, with different themes explored in every session. The classes consist of both technique instruction and positional sparring, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience for the students. The consistency in the training format allows students to develop a deep understanding of various aspects of jiu jitsu.

Different Themes in Each Class

Bodoni remarks that there are always different themes explored in each class at Danaher’s academy. By introducing various themes, Danaher ensures that his students are exposed to different techniques and positions, enabling them to diversify their skill set. This approach ensures that the training remains engaging and challenging for the students.

John Danaher’s Dedication

Bodoni admires Danaher’s dedication and work ethic. Despite his physical limitations, Danaher displays an impressive level of commitment, spending more time in the gym than any of the athletes. This level of dedication inspires and motivates Bodoni, and he considers it a testament to Danaher’s passion for jiu jitsu.

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Giancarlo Bodoni’s Initial Impressions

Having known Danaher beforehand, Bodoni was not shocked when he first entered the training room. He was already familiar with Danaher’s personality and teaching style, which allowed him to quickly adjust to the training environment. Bodoni acknowledges that he had certain weaknesses in his jiu jitsu game, but he was able to address them swiftly and effectively under Danaher’s guidance.

Covering Up Weaknesses

Bodoni acknowledges the importance of recognizing and addressing weaknesses in jiu jitsu. With Danaher’s guidance, Bodoni was able to identify his weaknesses and work on improving them. Danaher’s expertise and emphasis on honing one’s weaknesses helped Bodoni enhance his overall game, allowing him to become a more well-rounded practitioner.

Developing a Submission Oriented Game

After solidifying his positional game, Bodoni sought to develop a submission-oriented approach. By sharpening his submission skills and focusing on areas that needed improvement, such as leglock defense, Bodoni was able to refine his techniques and address his weaknesses effectively. Under Danaher’s guidance, Bodoni experienced significant progress in these areas within just a few months.

Improving Leglock Defense

One specific area Bodoni sought to improve was his leglock defense. Recognizing this weakness, Bodoni worked closely with Danaher to refine his defense techniques and strategies. Through consistent training and guidance from Danaher, Bodoni was able to strengthen his leglock defense and enhance his overall jiu jitsu game.


Giancarlo Bodoni’s experience training under John Danaher has been transformative. With Danaher’s extensive knowledge, exceptional teaching style, and unwavering dedication, Bodoni was able to raise his personal standards, address his weaknesses, and significantly improve his jiu jitsu skills. The high standard of training at Danaher’s academy, along with the consistent focus on different themes in each class, ensures a comprehensive learning experience for all students. Overall, Bodoni’s journey under Danaher’s guidance serves as a testament to the immense value of training under such a skilled and dedicated instructor.

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