ADCC All Access | The New Generation Is Coming To ADCC | Ep. 3

ADCC All Access | The New Generation Is Coming To ADCC | Ep. 3

In episode 3 of ADCC All Access, the focus is on the new generation of jiu-jitsu practitioners who are coming to ADCC. The video catches up with the Manaus crew and Demian Maia for a last-minute training session, highlighting their professionalism and dedication. The spotlight then shifts to Renato Canuto, a submission sensation who impresses with his technique, calm mindset, and similarity to the legendary Marcelo Garcia. The article emphasizes the consistency and excellence of ADCC as a tournament, with the anticipation that this will be the best ADCC ever. It concludes with the excitement and support for the new generation of athletes in the sport.

ADCC All Access | The New Generation Is Coming To ADCC | Ep. 3

ADCC All Access | The New Generation Is Coming To ADCC | Ep. 3

In Episode 3 of ADCC All Access, FloGrappling catches up with the Manaus crew and Demian Maia for a last-minute training session. They also check in with submission sensation Renato Canuto. This episode provides an inside look into the preparation and mindset of these talented athletes as they gear up for the ADCC tournament.

Training Session with the Manaus Crew and Demian Maia

The video showcases a training session with the Manaus crew, a group of highly skilled grapplers. Demian Maia, known for his exceptional technique and grappling prowess, joins the training session as well. The Manaus crew is praised for their professionalism and commitment to their team.

Renato Canuto, a member of the Manaus crew, is highlighted for his impressive skills. Canuto is compared to Marcelo Garcia, a former training partner and considered one of the greatest no-gi fighters of all time. They share similarities in their technique, calmness, and mindset. Canuto’s ability to maintain composure and execute precise movements position after position sets him apart as a promising rising star in the jiu-jitsu world.

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Getting to Know Renato Canuto

Renato Canuto, a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, has been involved in the sport for a significant period. Despite the physical demands of competing at a high level, Canuto’s passion for jiu-jitsu remains strong. He describes the contrasting experiences of feeling alive and dead while practicing jiu-jitsu, highlighting the intensity and challenges the sport presents.

The Similarities Between Renato Canuto and Marcelo Garcia

Renato Canuto draws comparisons to Marcelo Garcia, with both individuals possessing similar body types, techniques, and mindsets. Canuto’s calm and calculated approach to his fights is reminiscent of Garcia’s approach. This similarity in style and mindset allows Canuto to excel in various aspects of his game, including pressure, guard work, and back attacks.

The Importance of ADCC in the Jiu Jitsu World

ADCC, or the Abu Dhabi Combat Club, is regarded as one of the most significant tournaments in the jiu-jitsu world. It has the power to change lives and offers consistency in the sport. ADCC has been consistently held since 1998 and continues to improve year after year. Even during challenging times, ADCC perseveres and remains a pinnacle event for jiu-jitsu athletes.

ADCC’s Consistency and Growth Since 1998

Since its inception in 1998, ADCC has become an iconic tournament in the jiu-jitsu community. The tournament has shown consistent growth and improvement, never ceasing to evolve. The upcoming ADCC event is anticipated to be the best one yet, featuring exceptional athletes from around the world. The tournament’s reputation and legacy make it a highly sought-after title for competitors.

The Unbelievable Skills of Fabricio Werdum and Micael Galvao

Two notable athletes mentioned in the video are Fabricio Werdum and Micael Galvao. Both are praised for their exceptional skills and contributions to the sport. Fabricio Werdum’s work and performance are described as unbelievable, highlighting his dedication and impact on the jiu-jitsu community. Micael Galvao’s uniqueness and talent set him apart as a special individual in the new generation of jiu-jitsu practitioners.

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Demian Maia’s Training Philosophy and Preparation for ADCC

Demian Maia, a highly respected jiu-jitsu practitioner, shares his training philosophy and preparation for ADCC. Maia emphasizes the importance of enjoying the process and not overthinking during competitions. He mentions his coaching session with Leo, which provided him with strategies and insights he doesn’t typically have as a coach himself. Maia’s positive mindset and support from his gym members contribute to his confidence and readiness for ADCC.

The Support and Confidence in Renato Canuto from his Training Partners

Renato Canuto’s training partners express their support and confidence in him as he prepares for ADCC. They admire his intensity, high pace, and improved wrestling skills. Canuto’s experience in leg locks further strengthens his chances of succeeding in the tournament. His training partners believe that he has what it takes to become a champion and trust in his abilities to bring home the gold.


ADCC All Access Episode 3 provides an insight into the training sessions of the Manaus crew and Demian Maia. It also highlights Renato Canuto as a rising star in the jiu-jitsu world. The episode emphasizes the importance of ADCC in the sport and showcases the consistent growth and evolution of the tournament since 1998. The video showcases the unique skills of Fabricio Werdum and Micael Galvao, as well as Demian Maia’s training philosophy and preparation for ADCC. Overall, this episode offers a comprehensive look into the world of jiu-jitsu and the upcoming ADCC tournament.

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