Super Fast Heel Hook From Joao Assis at 2017 ADCC

Super Fast Heel Hook From Joao Assis at 2017 ADCC

In a match that left spectators in awe, Joao Assis showcased his remarkable agility and skill at the 2017 ADCC. With lightning speed, he executed a flawless heel hook that left his opponent no chance of escape. This jaw-dropping moment was captured by FloGrappling in a video that is sure to leave viewers on the edge of their seats. As the match unfolded, it became apparent that Assis was a force to be reckoned with, as he swiftly dove on his opponent’s leg, leaving no room for defense. For those seeking the thrill of high-level grappling, this video is a must-watch. Join the FloGrappling community on their various social media platforms to stay up to date with the latest in combat sports.


In the world of grappling, there are few moves as impressive and effective as the heel hook. And when it comes to executing this move with lightning-fast speed and precision, Joao Assis is a name that immediately comes to mind. In the 2017 ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) tournament, Assis showcased his mastery of the Super Fast Heel Hook, leaving audiences and fellow grapplers in awe. This article will delve into the background of Joao Assis, provide an overview of the ADCC tournament, break down the technique used by Assis, and analyze its impact on the grappling community.

Background on Joao Assis

Joao Assis is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil. With a career spanning over two decades, Assis has established himself as one of the most accomplished and respected grapplers in the world. He began his journey as a young teenager, training under renowned grappling instructor Alex Fabricio, and quickly made a name for himself with his aggressive and dynamic style.

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Throughout his career, Assis has competed in numerous high-profile tournaments, consistently showcasing his technical prowess and ability to adapt to any opponent. He has clinched notable victories against world-class grapplers, earning himself a reputation as a formidable force in the grappling community. Assis’s expertise lies particularly in his mastery of leg locks, making him a formidable opponent for any grappler who ventures into his territory.

Overview of the 2017 ADCC

The ADCC is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious grappling tournaments in the world. Held biennially, the ADCC brings together the best grapplers across various weight classes, showcasing their skills and determination to claim victory. The tournament follows a submission-only format, where competitors are encouraged to relentlessly pursue their opponent’s submission rather than relying on points.

The 2017 ADCC saw Joao Assis participating in the super-heavyweight division, pitting himself against other top-tier athletes. The tournament presented an opportunity for Assis to demonstrate his grappling prowess and cement his status as one of the best in the world.

Super Fast Heel Hook From Joao Assis at 2017 ADCC

Match between Joao Assis and Opponent

In one of the standout moments of the 2017 ADCC, Joao Assis faced off against a formidable opponent. The match captivated spectators with its intensity and ended abruptly once Assis dove on his opponent’s leg, executing the Super Fast Heel Hook.

Description of the match-up

The match between Assis and his opponent showcased the contrasting styles and strengths of the two grapplers. While both were physically imposing super-heavyweights, Assis possessed a reputation for his exceptional leg locks, while his opponent boasted a formidable top game and crushing pressure.

Analysis of the initial moments of the match

As the match began, both Assis and his opponent engaged in a battle for dominance. With measured aggression, Assis managed to shift the momentum in his favor by baiting his opponent into a leg entanglement. Recognizing the opportunity, Assis seized it with lightning-fast precision, showcasing his dexterity and timing.

Joao Assis’s Execution of the Super Fast Heel Hook

Assis’s execution of the Super Fast Heel Hook was a masterclass in technique and timing. The heel hook is a submission hold that targets the opponent’s knee joint by applying twisting pressure, leading to excruciating pain and potential damage if not quickly released.

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Explanation of the technique

The Super Fast Heel Hook technique employed by Assis involved utilizing his opponent’s momentary vulnerability during the leg entanglement. With lightning-fast speed, Assis secured his grip on his opponent’s heel, applying precise pressure and torque to the knee joint in a swift and fluid motion. The combination of speed, technique, and unexpectedness made this move particularly devastating.

Demonstration of the move in the video

In the video of the match, viewers witnessed Assis flawlessly execute the Super Fast Heel Hook. His opponent reacted with a mix of surprise and agony, unable to escape the vice-like grip Assis had on his leg. Within a matter of seconds, the match was effectively over, and Assis emerged victorious, leaving the audience in awe of his technical mastery.

Breaking Down Joao Assis’s Technique

To truly appreciate the effectiveness of Joao Assis’s Super Fast Heel Hook, it is important to break down the technique step by step.

Step-by-step breakdown of the heel hook

  1. Joao Assis capitalizes on his opponent’s leg entanglement, identifying an opportunity for a quick and devastating submission.
  2. Assis swiftly secures a grip on his opponent’s heel, ensuring a tight and controlled hold.
  3. With the precision of a surgeon, Assis applies torque to his opponent’s knee joint, generating immense pressure and pain.
  4. Recognizing the urgency to release the submission to avoid injury, Assis swiftly disengages once his opponent taps, showcasing his respect for the safety of his training partners.

Discussion of the speed and effectiveness of the move

The Super Fast Heel Hook lives up to its name, owing to the incredible speed with which Assis executes it. The element of surprise is crucial in this technique, catching opponents off guard and leaving them little time to react or defend. The speed and precision with which Assis applies pressure ensure the effectiveness of the move, forcing opponents to either quickly tap out or face potential injury.

Importance of Timing and Positioning

Timing and positioning play a pivotal role in executing the Super Fast Heel Hook, as with any submission in grappling.

Explanation of the importance of timing and positioning in executing the move

Timing is crucial in applying the Super Fast Heel Hook successfully. Grapplers must possess a keen sense of their opponent’s vulnerability and seize the opportunity when it presents itself. Additionally, the right positioning is essential to secure the grip on the heel and apply the necessary pressure. An error in timing or positioning could result in opponents escaping or countering the move, diminishing its effectiveness.

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Reactions from Other Grapplers and Experts

The Super Fast Heel Hook executed by Joao Assis garnered immediate attention and appreciation from grappling professionals and experts. The move was discussed and analyzed extensively within the community, with many grappling enthusiasts marveling at Assis’s technical prowess.

Comments and analysis from other grappling professionals

Prominent grapplers and experts lauded Joao Assis’s execution of the Super Fast Heel Hook. They acknowledged both the speed and precision with which Assis applied the submission, recognizing his expertise in leg locks. The move was considered a testament to Assis’s technical acumen and ability to capitalize on the smallest opportunities.

Opinions on Joao Assis’s technique

The opinions on Joao Assis’s technique were overwhelmingly positive, with many acknowledging the impact it had on the grappling community. Experts praised Assis’s commitment to innovation and his contributions to advancing the leg lock game. They highlighted the importance of bringing new techniques to the forefront to keep the sport of grappling dynamic and evolving.

Impact and Legacy of the Super Fast Heel Hook

The Super Fast Heel Hook executed by Joao Assis had a significant impact on subsequent matches and techniques within the grappling community.

Discussion on how the move may have influenced subsequent matches and techniques

Assis’s demonstration of the Super Fast Heel Hook sparked interest and intrigue among grapplers, leading to its adoption and further exploration by practitioners. The move’s speed, effectiveness, and element of surprise inspired others to study and incorporate similar techniques into their own arsenal. As a result, subsequent matches featured grapplers attempting to emulate Assis’s success, contributing to the evolution and diversification of the grappling game.

Legacy of Joao Assis in the grappling community

Joao Assis’s legacy as a grappling pioneer is firmly established. His mastery of the Super Fast Heel Hook and other leg lock techniques has made a lasting impact on the sport. Assis’s dedication to innovation and his willingness to push the boundaries of what is possible have solidified his position as a respected and influential figure within the grappling community.


Joao Assis’s execution of the Super Fast Heel Hook during the 2017 ADCC left an indelible mark on the world of grappling. His expertise, timing, and precision were on full display, showcasing the effectiveness of this technique. The grappling community recognized the significance of this move, with experts and practitioners praising Assis’s technical prowess and adaptability. The Super Fast Heel Hook’s impact on subsequent matches and techniques highlights Assis’s legacy and his contribution to the evolution of the sport. As the grappling community continues to innovate and advance, the Super Fast Heel Hook remains a testament to Joao Assis’s skill and ingenuity.

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