Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena II | The Second Match In The Historic Rivalry

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena II | The Second Match In The Historic Rivalry

In the historic rivalry between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena, they are preparing to face each other for the second time. This highly anticipated match will take place on February 25th on the WNO stage. In their previous encounter, Pena was able to submit Ryan in a time frame of 20 to 30 minutes. However, Ryan’s recent performances have given him confidence for the upcoming match. Pena’s impressive scrambles and counters, combined with Ryan’s submission streak, make this rematch one that fans won’t want to miss. With a 20-minute time limit, followed by a 10-minute overtime if needed, this match promises to be an intense battle between two experienced competitors.


Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena are two prominent figures in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They have faced off against each other multiple times, with their fourth match scheduled for February 25th. In their previous match, Pena was able to submit Ryan within 20 or 30 minutes. The upcoming match has the potential to be a 40-minute battle. Ryan has been performing exceptionally well in his previous fights, giving him confidence going into this match. On the other hand, Pena is known for his strong style, which includes impressive scrambles and counters. It is expected that Pena will increase the pace once points start being awarded.

Match Format

The match between Ryan and Pena will have a 20-minute time limit, with the first 10 minutes being without points. This allows the fighters to warm up and strategize before points come into play. If there are no points or submissions within the initial time, the match will go into a 10-minute overtime. This gives the fighters an opportunity to score or submit their opponent. The possibility of a 40-minute match adds an extra layer of excitement for fans and brings a potentially longer battle between these two skilled athletes.

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Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena II | The Second Match In The Historic Rivalry

Fighter Analysis

Gordon Ryan has showcased impressive skills in his previous fights, finishing all of his opponents with relative ease. His calm and composed style sets him apart, as he seems to conserve energy and pick the right moments to attack. On the other hand, Felipe Pena is known for his strong style, which includes incredible scrambles and counters. Pena’s ability to win scrambles adds an element of unpredictability to his fights. Once points start being awarded, Pena is expected to increase the pace and bring an even more aggressive approach to the match.

ADCC Experience

Experience plays a crucial role in the ADCC tournament. Both Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena have extensive experience competing in the ADCC, which gives them valuable knowledge and strategic insight. Ryan’s success in the competition, including his submission victories, demonstrates his expertise in the bracket. Pena, having fought in the finals in 2015 and consistently performing well, showcases his ability to handle the pressure of high-stakes matches. The experience gained from previous ADCC tournaments will undoubtedly influence their performance in their upcoming match.

Tactical Approaches

In their upcoming match, Pena is likely to focus on takedowns to tire out Ryan. By forcing Ryan to defend takedowns, Pena aims to drain his opponent’s energy. Pena’s specialty in scrambling allows him to capitalize on any opportunities that arise during transitions. The importance of specialists in the ADCC tournament cannot be overlooked. Each fighter brings their own unique strengths and strategies to the match, creating an exciting clash of styles. Commentators generally agree that the ADCC rule set is fair, as it allows for various approaches and rewards both top and bottom positions.

ADCC Tournament

The ADCC tournament is a relatively young competition in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It was first held in 1998 and has since become one of the most prestigious events in the sport. The tournament takes place every two years, allowing athletes to prepare and showcase their skills on a global stage. In the previous ADCC tournament, JT Torres won a gold medal, which brought great pride to his coach and demonstrated the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving success.

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Match Analysis

The match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena is expected to focus heavily on heel hooks and leglocks. Both fighters have displayed proficiency in these techniques. Pena’s experience and time management skills are likely to give him an advantage in the match. He has shown an ability to dictate the pace and make key moves in critical moments. Pena is expected to emerge as the winner of the match, securing a spot to face Andre Galvao in the next ADCC world championship super fight.


The victory of Felipe Pena in his match against Gordon Ryan has significant implications. It marks another chapter in their historic rivalry and sets the stage for Pena’s upcoming super fight against Andre Galvao. Pena’s win demonstrates his skills and ability to strategize against tough opponents. As the ADCC tournament continues to evolve and gain prominence, matches like the one between Ryan and Pena captivate audiences with their technical prowess and display of athleticism. Both fighters have solidified their positions as top athletes in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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