Gordon Ryan Reacts To Felipe Pena’s Move To +99kg At ADCC 2022

Gordon Ryan Reacts To Felipe Pena’s Move To +99kg At ADCC 2022

In a recent video by FloGrappling, Gordon Ryan shares his thoughts on Felipe Pena’s move to the +99kg weight class at ADCC 2022. Ryan discusses his own desire to compete in both the +99kg category and the superfight, which has never been done before at ADCC. With both athletes now set to clash, the anticipation for this collision course is at an all-time high. Ryan also acknowledges the historical significance of his potential achievements, aiming to become the first to win double gold while winning a superfight, and the third person to win three different weight classes. With the +99kg division becoming increasingly competitive, Ryan expresses confidence in his abilities and doubts Pena’s chances of even making it to the finals.

Gordon Ryan Reacts To Felipe Pena’s Move To +99kg At ADCC 2022. In a video released by FloGrappling, Ryan discusses his goals of competing in both the +99kg category and the superfight, a feat never before accomplished at ADCC. Pena’s move to the +99kg weight class sets the stage for an intense showdown between these fierce rivals. Ryan is driven by the desire to forge a unique legacy, aiming to secure victories in multiple weight classes and the superfight. With the +99kg division now filled with formidable opponents, Ryan expresses confidence in his abilities and doubts Pena’s chances of making it to the finals if they face off in the tournament.

Gordon Ryan Reacts To Felipe Penas Move To +99kg At ADCC 2022

Gordon Ryan’s desire to compete in multiple categories at ADCC

Gordon Ryan, one of the most dominant figures in jiu jitsu, has expressed his desire to compete in both the +99kg weight category and the superfight at ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) 2022. This is a unique decision, as no one has ever attempted to compete in multiple categories at ADCC before. It showcases Gordon’s ambition and willingness to push himself to new limits in order to make history.

The challenge of winning double gold, which refers to winning both the weight category and the absolute division, is an immense feat. ADCC is known for its highly competitive and skilled competitors, making victory in either category a significant accomplishment on its own. However, Gordon aims to go above and beyond by winning both divisions in the same year, cementing his status as one of the all-time greats in the sport.

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Felipe Pena’s move to +99kg category

In an interesting development, Felipe Pena has been granted permission to switch weight classes and compete in the +99kg category at ADCC 2022. This decision sets up a thrilling collision course between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena, two arch-rivals with a history of intense and closely contested matches. Their rivalry has become one of the most highly anticipated matchups in the world of jiu jitsu.

The significance of their rivalry lies in the fact that both Gordon and Felipe are elite competitors in their respective weight classes. Their clashes have always been fiercely competitive and high-stakes, drawing the attention of the jiu jitsu community. This move by Felipe only adds fuel to the fire, intensifying the anticipation for their upcoming showdown.

Gordon Ryan’s weight gain

Gordon Ryan’s decision to compete in the +99kg category requires him to increase his weight. Currently weighing in at around 235 pounds, Gordon has intentionally put on size in order to adjust to the demands of the heavier weight class. This increase in weight has a noticeable impact on his physique and overall game.

The decision to gain weight is primarily driven by the desire to make history. As mentioned before, no one has ever won double gold and a superfight in the same year at ADCC. By moving up in weight and challenging himself against bigger opponents, Gordon aims to achieve this rare feat. His dedication to pushing boundaries and breaking records is a testament to his unparalleled competitive drive.

Making history at ADCC

Gordon Ryan’s pursuit of multiple championship titles and winning the superfight stems from his ambition to make history. The combination of winning double gold and the superfight in the same year has never been accomplished before. This achievement would solidify Gordon’s legacy as one of the greatest jiu jitsu athletes of all time.

Additionally, the rarity of winning three different weight classes further adds to the significance of his potential achievement. Only a handful of individuals have managed to win two different weight classes at ADCC, with Gordon, Yuri Simões, and Monson Nunes being the notable names. If Gordon succeeds in capturing the +99kg title, he will have won three different weight classes in consecutive years, a truly remarkable accomplishment.

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Importance of building a legacy

For Gordon Ryan, building a lasting legacy is of utmost importance. Winning the +99kg championship holds a special significance in his journey as a competitor. It is a goal he feels he needs to accomplish in order to solidify his position as one of the all-time greats in the sport.

Moreover, Gordon’s motivation to achieve this goal extends beyond personal accolades. He believes that building a legacy is about inspiring future generations and leaving a lasting impact on the sport of jiu jitsu. By pushing himself to new heights and achieving feats that have never been seen before, Gordon aims to motivate and elevate the entire jiu jitsu community.

Competitive field in the +99kg category

The +99kg category at ADCC 2022 is expected to feature a highly competitive field. The division has evolved significantly over the years, with an influx of skilled competitors who possess not only size but also technical prowess. It is no longer just a division of heavy hitters who rely solely on strength.

Gordon Ryan acknowledges the skill level of his potential competitors and believes that this year’s +99kg division will be the most stacked in history. The fact that Felipe Pena requested to move up to this weight class speaks volumes about the level of competition. However, Gordon also expresses his confidence in his abilities and believes that he will be able to overcome any challenges that come his way.

Assessment of Felipe Pena’s performance

Gordon Ryan provides a critical assessment of Felipe Pena’s recent performances in no-gi competitions. He mentions that Felipe has looked “pathetically terrible” in his last few years performing without the traditional gi attire. This critique raises doubts about Felipe’s chances of reaching the finals and competing against Gordon in the +99kg category.

While Gordon’s assessment may be seen as a strong statement, it reflects the competitive nature of their rivalry. He is confident in his abilities to submit both Andre Galvao and Felipe Pena in the same weekend, further emphasizing his belief in his skills and his position as one of the best in the sport.

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The potential impact of Gordon’s success

If Gordon Ryan manages to achieve his ambitious goals at ADCC 2022, the impact will be immense. The jiu jitsu community would undoubtedly be astounded and fascinated by such an accomplishment. Reactions would range from admiration and respect to astonishment and disbelief.

The magnitude of this potential feat cannot be overstated. To submit both Andre Galvao and Felipe Pena, two highly regarded competitors, in a single weekend would solidify Gordon’s status as an all-time great. It would ignite discussions and debates within the jiu jitsu community and propel the sport to new heights of excitement and anticipation.

Gordon predicts extreme reactions to his success, stating that “at least 10 people” would be driven to an extreme reaction, even suggesting that some might “kill themselves.” While this prediction may be hyperbolic, it reflects the intensity and passion that surrounds the sport and the significance of Gordon’s potential achievements.

Gordon Ryan’s dedication to ADCC

Gordon Ryan has a history of success at ADCC, which further emphasizes his dedication to the competition. In previous years, he has showcased his skill and dominance, winning titles in different weight classes. His commitment to competing at ADCC highlights his desire to compete against the best in the world and solidify his place as one of the greatest grapplers of all time.

Looking to the future, Gordon plans to continue competing and has intentions for his weight division after ADCC 2022. While he acknowledges the possibility of dropping back down to the 99kg weight class, he also recognizes the importance of winning the plus 99kg championship. This determination to succeed in both weight classes showcases Gordon’s unwavering focus on his goals and his willingness to continually challenge himself.


The clash between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena at ADCC 2022 is eagerly anticipated by the jiu jitsu community. Gordon’s desire to compete in multiple categories and Felipe’s move to the +99kg division have set the stage for an exhilarating matchup between two arch-rivals. Their collision promises to be a pivotal moment in the history of jiu jitsu.

Gordon Ryan’s determination to leave a lasting legacy is evident in his pursuit of multiple championship titles. Winning the +99kg category holds a special significance in his journey as a competitor, and he sees it as a necessary step in building his legacy. With the competitive field becoming stronger each year, Gordon’s ambition to make history at ADCC 2022 showcases his unwavering dedication and unparalleled competitive drive.

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