Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena I | The First Match In The Historic Rivalry

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena I | The First Match In The Historic Rivalry

Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena first faced off in 2016, marking the start of an intense rivalry in the grappling world. This historic matchup will continue on February 25th, as they meet for the fourth time on the WNO stage, with the match exclusively streaming on FloGrappling.com. Viewers are encouraged to engage by liking, commenting, and subscribing for access to more thrilling jiu jitsu videos. The hour-long match showcases Pena’s expertise in creating chaotic scrambles and leveraging his experience, while Ryan exhibits his counter-attacking skills and calm and patient game. The battle between Pena’s sweeps and 50/50 style and Ryan’s top control promises an unpredictable and intense showdown.

The match features gripping moments as Gordon attempts submissions and sweeps, while Pena consistently escapes and displays comfort in uncomfortable positions. Psychological factors may come into play due to the lengthy match duration. Both competitors have had chances to submit each other but have yet to succeed. As the match reaches the halfway mark, Ryan remains composed while Pena starts to show signs of fatigue. The match continues with both fighters using their preferred attacks, creating a grueling and sweaty spectacle. With 20 minutes left, energy levels are depleted, but Pena successfully defends against Ryan’s attacks and maintains leg positioning. Hand fighting plays a significant role in preventing Ryan from getting underneath Pena, and the match remains highly unpredictable. As the match nears its conclusion after 40 minutes, Pena secures a rear-naked choke, resulting in Ryan’s submission.

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena I | The First Match In The Historic Rivalry

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena I | The First Match In The Historic Rivalry

Introduction of the match

The rivalry between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena began with their first match in 2016. This match holds great historic significance in the world of grappling, as it marked the start of an intense and heated rivalry. Since then, there have been subsequent matches between the two competitors, each with its own implications and anticipation. Now, the stage is set for their fourth showdown on February 25th, and fans are eagerly awaiting the clash.

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Background of the rivalry

Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena have an extensive grappling history, with their first encounter in 2016. This match laid the foundation for their subsequent matches and sparked a deep rivalry between the two athletes. The implications of their first match were significant, as it showcased their respective strengths and set the stage for their future battles. Each match between Ryan and Pena has only intensified the anticipation and intrigue surrounding their rivalry.

Upcoming fourth match on February 25th

The fourth match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena is scheduled to take place on February 25th. This highly anticipated event will be held on the WNO (Who’s Number One) stage, further heightening its importance. Fans are eagerly counting down the days until this clash of grappling titans, as it promises to be a pivotal moment in their historic rivalry.

Streaming platform for the match

To ensure that fans have access to this monumental match, it will be exclusively streamed on FloGrappling.com. This platform allows viewers from around the world to watch the action unfold in real-time. By subscribing to FloGrappling, viewers can not only watch the match but also gain access to a wide array of jiu jitsu videos, keeping them connected to the sport they love.

Encouraging interaction from viewers

As the match is being streamed, viewers are encouraged to actively engage with the content. By liking, commenting, and subscribing to FloGrappling, fans can show their support and play an active role in the jiu jitsu community. Engaging with the match and its coverage creates a sense of community and enhances the overall viewing experience.

Promoting FloGrappling on social media

To ensure that fans stay up to date with all the latest news and events surrounding jiu jitsu, it is important to follow FloGrappling on social media. By following FloGrappling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, viewers can be notified of new content, matches, and updates. Social media platforms provide an excellent way to connect with the jiu jitsu community and stay engaged with the sport.

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Duration of the match

The match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena is set to last for one hour. This duration tests not only the physical endurance of the competitors but also their mental fortitude. The challenges faced by the athletes throughout the hour will truly demonstrate their skill and determination as they battle it out on the mat.

Strengths of Felipe Pena

Felipe Pena possesses several strengths that have contributed to his success in the grappling world. One of his key strengths is his ability to create chaotic scrambles, which often result in successful sweeps or transitions into the 50/50 position. Pena’s experience in the sport also plays a significant role in his performance, as his knowledge and understanding of grappling allow him to make calculated and strategic moves.

Strengths of Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan is known for his ability to counter his opponents and his calm and patient game. He excels at taking advantage of his opponent’s mistakes and capitalizing on openings. Ryan’s ability to remain composed in high-pressure situations gives him a significant advantage, allowing him to navigate through challenging positions and find opportunities to attack.

Battle between Pena’s sweeps and 50/50 style vs Ryan’s top control

The match between Pena and Ryan is a clash of contrasting styles. Pena’s sweeps and 50/50 style provide him with a unique advantage, allowing him to create unpredictable and chaotic situations. On the other hand, Ryan’s top control and ability to maintain a dominant position pose a formidable challenge to Pena’s style. The battle between these two approaches will likely determine the flow and outcome of the match.

Pena’s finishing ability with foot locks

One area where Felipe Pena excels is his finishing ability with foot locks. His precision and skill in applying these submissions have been demonstrated in previous matches, with notable wins over high-level competitors. Pena’s foot locks can be a dangerous weapon, posing a threat to his opponents and potentially turning the tide of the match in his favor.

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Ryan’s previous wins in Eddie Bravo Invitational events

Gordon Ryan has a successful track record in Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI) events. His past victories in these competitions showcase his skill and ability to navigate through highly technical matches. Ryan’s experience in EBI events adds another layer of anticipation for his match against Pena, as it highlights his ability to perform under pressure and find success against elite competition.

Back and forth action in the match

The match between Ryan and Pena is characterized by intense back and forth action. Throughout the hour-long battle, both competitors attempt submissions and sweeps, constantly seeking opportunities to gain an advantage. The unpredictable nature of the match keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next move from each athlete.

Pena’s escapes and comfort in uncomfortable positions

Felipe Pena demonstrates exceptional skill in escaping from uncomfortable positions. His ability to remain composed and find a way out of difficult situations is a testament to his experience and grappling prowess. Pena’s comfort in uncomfortable positions allows him to maintain his composure and prevent his opponents from securing submissions.

Psychological factors playing a role

In a match of this magnitude and duration, psychological factors undoubtedly play a role. The pressure and mental strain experienced by both Ryan and Pena can impact their decision-making and overall performance. Maintaining focus and mental resilience will be crucial for each competitor as they navigate through the grueling hour-long battle.


The first match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena marked the beginning of a historic rivalry in grappling. Since their initial encounter, the anticipation and excitement surrounding their matches have only intensified. As they prepare for their fourth meeting, fans eagerly await the clash of styles and the battles that will unfold on the mat. The upcoming match on February 25th promises to be a pivotal moment in this rivalry, with significant implications for both competitors. The strengths and skills of Pena and Ryan add an element of unpredictability to the match, ensuring an action-packed and thrilling spectacle for viewers. With each passing match, the rivalry between Ryan and Pena grows, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future encounters and the evolution of this extraordinary rivalry in the world of grappling.

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