Gordon Ryan Explains Why The Patrick Gaudio Match Is Important

Gordon Ryan Explains Why The Patrick Gaudio Match Is Important

In this article, Gordon Ryan talks about his return to competition after a period of health issues. He discusses why he chose to compete on Who’s Number One and how the upcoming match against Patrick Gaudio holds significance for him. Ryan aims to prove that he progresses faster than any other grappler in the sport and that there is no one on his level technically. He plans to drag out the match to gain competition experience and showcase his skills. Furthermore, Ryan addresses the criticism and copycat behavior of other grapplers and expresses his excitement to be back and compete in the second half of the year.

Gordon Ryan gives an inside look into what the Patrick Gaudio match means to him and how he sees it as a chance to showcase his progression. He explains the challenges he faced in terms of his health and the long break from competition. Ryan also shares his reasons for choosing Who’s Number One as the platform for his comeback and expresses his desire to compete multiple times for Flow. With his ultimate goal being to prove that he is unmatched in technical progression, Ryan is determined to dominate the match against Gaudio and make a statement in the world of grappling.

1. Gordon Ryan’s Return to Competition and Recent Health Issues

Gordon Ryan, one of the most prominent figures in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), is finally making his return to competition after a series of health issues. Ryan has been facing a challenging year, plagued by illness and setbacks, but he is determined to make a strong comeback. He opens up about his recent health struggles, explaining that he had to withdraw from several matches and undergo medical procedures due to severe strep throat and a deviated septum.

Earlier in the year, Ryan fell ill and had to pull out of the Flip A match due to his illness. Following that, he traveled to Abu Dhabi and upon his return, he was hit with a bout of strep throat that lasted for a month and a half. This period of illness was particularly challenging for Ryan, as he had to go through multiple rounds of antibiotics and ultimately have his tonsils removed. During the examination prior to the tonsillectomy, it was also discovered that his septum was severely deviated, requiring additional surgery. Overall, Ryan had to endure a lengthy recovery period, during which he was unable to train or compete. Now, with his health significantly improved, he is eager to make a triumphant return to the competition scene.

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2. The Decision to Compete on Who’s Number One

Ryan’s choice to return to competition on the platform of Who’s Number One holds a special significance for him. He recognizes the exceptional production quality and reputation of the event and appreciates his strong working relationship with FloGrappling, the organizing team. Ryan acknowledges that he was slated to compete in numerous matches this year, and he feels an obligation to make up for lost time, especially after the announcement of his significant seven-figure deal with FloGrappling. Competing on Who’s Number One allows him to showcase his skills to a wide audience and demonstrate his commitment to his fans and sponsors.

Additionally, Ryan is determined to compete as frequently as possible throughout the remainder of the year. He aims to stay healthy and active in order to make up for the time he lost due to his health issues. By participating in a multitude of competitions, Ryan hopes to continue his streak of dominance and prove that he is one of the best in the sport.

3. The Significance of the Match against Patrick Gaudio

The upcoming match against Patrick Gaudio holds a special place in Gordon Ryan’s plans. Gaudio is one of the few opponents whom Ryan has not previously submitted in a match, which makes this matchup all the more intriguing for both Ryan and his fans. Reflecting on their encounter at the 2018 No-Gi Worlds, Ryan recalls a fiercely competitive match that went down to the wire. He narrowly emerged victorious, but Gaudio’s performance left an indelible impression on him.

Ryan views this rematch as an opportunity to highlight his progression and evolution as a grappler. He firmly believes that his technical skills and rate of improvement surpass those of any other athlete in the sport. By demonstrating his superiority over Gaudio, Ryan aims to dispel any doubts about his abilities and firmly establish himself as the unrivaled force in BJJ.

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Gordon Ryan Explains Why The Patrick Gaudio Match Is Important

4. Challenging Opponents Who Have Not Been Previously Submitted

In line with his goal of proving his technical superiority, Gordon Ryan actively seeks out challenging opponents who have not been previously submitted by him. Ryan understands that it is necessary to test his skills against the best in order to continue his growth as an athlete. By competing against formidable adversaries who have proven their resilience and skill on the mats, Ryan pushes himself to improve even further.

Ryan relishes the opportunity to compete against opponents who can provide him with a tough fight. He understands that dominating every match is not enough to showcase his true abilities. By facing opponents who can match his skills and push him to his limits, Ryan believes that he can elevate his performance to new heights.

5. Ryan’s Ambition to Prove Superior Progression and Technical Skills

One of Gordon Ryan’s primary motivations is to demonstrate that his progression and technical skills far surpass those of his competitors. While some may question the notion that one athlete could progress faster than others, Ryan firmly believes that his rate of improvement is unmatched in the sport of BJJ. He acknowledges that other grapplers make strides in their training, but he is confident that his own development surpasses anything seen before.

Ryan’s aim is to leave no doubt in the minds of his opponents and fans. He wants to show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that his technical prowess is unparalleled. By showcasing his skills and dominant performances, Ryan believes he can silence any skepticism and solidify his position as the top athlete in BJJ.

6. The Strategy to Drag Out the Match and Gain Experience

With an extended period away from competition due to his health issues, Gordon Ryan plans to use his upcoming matches to gain valuable experience and mat time. Ryan acknowledges the importance of sharpening his skills and staying active in order to maintain his competitive edge. He intends to extend the duration of his matches, aiming for 15, 20, or even 25 minutes.

By intentionally dragging out the matches, Ryan can further develop his technical abilities while gaining valuable competition experience. This strategy allows him to work through various positions and scenarios, enhancing his overall proficiency on the mats. Ryan’s focus goes beyond simply winning; he wants to continuously improve and refine his skills, and he recognizes that extended match duration is crucial for achieving this goal.

7. Addressing Criticism and Copycat Behavior

Throughout his career, Gordon Ryan has been subject to criticism and attempts at copycat behavior from other grapplers. Ryan takes this in stride and sees it as a testament to his influence and success. He highlights the fact that many individuals try to imitate his style and approach, but he believes that their efforts fall short.

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Ryan emphasizes the importance of being oneself in the world of BJJ. He encourages other grapplers not to try to replicate his success but rather to focus on improving their own skills and finding their unique style. Ryan points out that winning consistently is the true measure of success, and those who fall short in this regard only serve to make themselves look foolish.

8. Excitement for Return and Upcoming Competitions

Gordon Ryan expresses his genuine excitement for his return to competition and the upcoming matches on his schedule. After enduring months of illness and recovery, he is eager to get back on the mats and perform at his best. Ryan acknowledges the support of his fans throughout his journey, and he wishes to repay their loyalty with electrifying performances.

Ryan’s passion for the sport is evident as he discusses his plans for the second half of the year. He looks forward to competing in multiple events and maintaining a rigorous schedule of matches. By remaining healthy and active, Ryan aims to make a lasting impact in the BJJ community and continue his domination on the competition circuit.

9. Reflection on the First Half of the Year

As Gordon Ryan gears up for the second half of the year, he takes a moment to reflect on the challenges he faced during the first half. He acknowledges the frustration of having to withdraw from multiple matches due to illness and the subsequent recovery period. However, Ryan remains optimistic and grateful for the progress he has made in his health since the surgery.

Ryan recognizes the importance of overcoming setbacks and remaining resilient in the face of adversity. He has used the downtime to analyze his training methods and make adjustments to his approach. Ryan believes that these experiences will ultimately make him a stronger and more formidable competitor in the future.

10. Conclusion

Gordon Ryan’s return to competition after a series of health issues marks a highly anticipated moment for both him and his fans. He is determined to prove his technical superiority and progression in BJJ through dominating performances against challenging opponents. Ryan’s strategy to extend match duration aims to provide valuable experience and mat time, further enhancing his skills. Despite criticism and attempts at imitation from others, Ryan remains focused on his own path and encourages others to do the same. With an eagerness to compete and a deep appreciation for his supporters, Ryan is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of BJJ. As he looks ahead to the second half of the year, Ryan is excited to continue his journey and cement his position as one of the greatest athletes in the sport.

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