Gordon Ryan Claims Andre Galvao Ruined His Own Career

Gordon Ryan Claims Andre Galvao Ruined His Own Career

In a shocking turn of events, Gordon Ryan has publicly accused Andre Galvao of single-handedly destroying his own career. The video, posted by FloGrappling, has gained significant attention within the jiu jitsu community. Ryan pulls no punches in his critique, expressing his belief that Galvao’s recent decisions have only worsened his professional standing. From initiating fights to issuing insincere apologies, Galvao’s every move seems to be pushing him further into a downward spiral. Ryan speculates on the repercussions Galvao will face, suggesting that his reputation may be irreparably tarnished regardless of whether he retires or competes.


In the world of competitive jiu-jitsu, rivalries and controversies often take center stage. Recently, Gordon Ryan, a well-known and highly skilled grappler, has made some bold claims about Andre Galvao, a legendary figure in the sport. According to Ryan, Galvao’s actions have single-handedly ruined his own career. In this article, we will delve into the background of this feud, explore the perspectives of both Ryan and Galvao, examine the actions taken by Galvao, discuss his poor decision making, and analyze the impact of these events on his legacy. Furthermore, we will touch upon Galvao’s retirement announcement and the consequences it carries. Finally, we will conclude by emphasizing the importance of knowing when to quit in order to preserve one’s reputation and legacy.


The feud between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao gained significant attention following a video by FloGrappling. This video shed light on the statements made by Ryan, who claimed that Galvao had singlehandedly ruined his own career. The comments made by Ryan have sparked a great deal of controversy in the jiu-jitsu community, causing people to question the legacy of Galvao, a highly esteemed figure in the sport.

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Gordon Ryan’s Perspective

From Ryan’s perspective, Galvao’s current state can be best described as unfavorable. Ryan voiced his unfavorable opinion about Galvao, referring to him as a disrespectful individual who has made a series of poor decisions. In Ryan’s eyes, Galvao’s decision-making has had a negative impact not only on his own career but also on the sport as a whole.

Andre Galvao’s Actions

Ryan’s claims revolve around specific actions taken by Galvao that he believes have had a detrimental effect on his career. One notable action was Galvao initiating a fight, which inevitably led to him getting smacked. Following this incident, rather than behaving with humility, Galvao issued a half-assed apology and used it as an opportunity to promote his own brand, which only further damaged his reputation.

Gordon Ryan Claims Andre Galvao Ruined His Own Career

Poor Decision Making

According to Ryan, Galvao’s continuous pattern of making bad choices is a significant factor in the deterioration of his career. Galvao’s lack of consideration and his tendency to make decisions without thinking about the consequences have painted him in a negative light. The negative public image he has acquired as a result of his questionable choices has not only affected his reputation but has also undermined his credibility as a respected figure in the sport.

Lack of Respect

Another aspect that Ryan highlights is Galvao’s failure to retire gracefully. Instead of acknowledging the new generation of grapplers and stepping aside, Galvao has chosen to disregard their presence, which has resulted in the loss of respect from fans and fellow athletes. By remaining in the spotlight and refusing to retire, Galvao has inadvertently damaged his standing in the community.

Impact on Legacy

Galvao’s actions have had a profound impact on his own legacy, tarnishing the 30-year career he built for himself. The deterioration of his reputation, caused by his questionable decisions and lack of respect, has resulted in the loss of admiration from his peers and fans alike. The once highly revered and respected six-time ADCC champion is now facing the consequences of his actions.

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Retirement Announcement

In the face of mounting criticism and the negative impact on his legacy, Galvao eventually announced his retirement. While retirement is often seen as a respectable decision, Galvao’s proclamation was not received with the same level of admiration. Many viewed his retirement as a necessary step, given the circumstances he found himself in.

Lack of Believability

Ryan realized that for Galvao to salvage any credibility, he needed to retire gracefully. However, if Galvao fails to show up for his retirement match, his claims of retirement will be met with skepticism. Even if he claims to be injured, a significant portion of the community is unlikely to believe him. This lack of believability further undermines Galvao’s reputation and his ability to be taken seriously.

The Consequences

Galvao’s decisions and actions have ultimately led to a series of negative consequences. His reputation has suffered a significant blow, and public opinion of him has turned sour. Moreover, his chances of a successful retirement and preserving what remains of his legacy are slim. Galvao now finds himself in a precarious position, where his every move will be questioned and scrutinized.

Knowing When to Quit

Ryan’s criticism of Galvao’s career trajectory serves as a reminder of the importance of knowing when to quit. In order to protect one’s reputation and legacy, it is crucial to recognize when it is time to step aside and make room for the next generation. By overstaying his welcome and engaging in questionable actions, Galvao has jeopardized his standing in the jiu-jitsu community.


The feud between Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao has shed light on the delicate nature of reputation and legacy. Galvao’s poor decision making, lack of respect, and questionable actions have taken a toll on his career and the way he is perceived by others. Although retirement is often a respectable choice, Galvao’s announcement was met with skepticism due to his previous actions. The consequences of his mistakes have damaged his reputation and legacy, leaving him in a challenging position. This situation serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing when it is time to retire gracefully and knowing the potential consequences of one’s actions.

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