Couch Gets His Black Belt, Jara & Banta Strike 2x Gold | No-Gi Worlds Day 2 Recap

Couch Gets His Black Belt, Jara & Banta Strike 2x Gold | No-Gi Worlds Day 2 Recap

Corey and Chase are back for Day Two of the No-Gi Worlds, where the brown belts took center stage. The day kicked off with impressive performances by Stephen Banta and Giovanna Jara, both of whom claimed double gold medals. Despite only having her black belt for six months, Jara dominated her category with all submissions. In the men’s absolute division, Luke Griffith put on a remarkable display, winning every match by submission until he was eventually defeated by the beloved Jacob Couch. Meanwhile, Andrew Tackett had an explosive day, winning all six of his matches and showcasing both technical skill and fierce determination. Notably, Australian athletes also made their mark, with Adele Fornorino and Nadia Franklin securing gold medals in their respective categories. With all the action unfolding, the team rankings show Daisy Fresh in the lead with 30 points in the submission fighting category, while Gracie Baja leads in the women’s teams race. The black belt action promises to deliver even more excitement, so make sure to stay tuned for the highlights and replays.

Day Two Recap

Reviewing Steph And Banta’s Matches

On day two of the No-Gi Worlds Championship, the spotlight was on Steph and Banta as they showcased their skills in the brown belt division. Both athletes had an incredible performance, securing two gold medals each. This remarkable feat by Mr. Banta has been the cherry on top of his stellar year in jiu jitsu. Earlier this year, he had already claimed victory in the world’s pans and nogi pans competitions. It’s evident that Steph and Banta are continuously collecting gold medals and making a name for themselves in the sport.

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Double Gold Medalist Giovanna Jara

Another standout athlete of the day was Giovanna Jara from Dreamart. What makes Giovanna’s achievement even more impressive is the fact that she has only held her black belt for six months. After winning Worlds at the purple belt level, she continued her dominance in the black belt division. Giovanna Jara had an exceptional performance, securing victories through submissions in her category as well as in the Absolute division. Her consistent success throughout the year is a testament to her dedication and skill.

Men’s Absolute Division Runner-Up

In the highly competitive men’s absolute division, the runner-up was Luke Griffith. Luke had previously won his own division and had maintained an undefeated record, submitting all his opponents. However, in the finals, he faced a formidable opponent in Stephanie Bam. Known as the beloved hillbilly hammer, Stephanie Bam emerged victorious, ultimately claiming the gold medal in the men’s absolute division.

Couch Gets His Black Belt, Jara  Banta Strike 2x Gold | No-Gi Worlds Day 2 Recap

Jacob Couch Gets His Black Belt

One of the most memorable moments of the day was the awarding of Jacob Couch’s black belt. Jacob had a phenomenal performance in the heavyweight category at the brown belt level, securing the gold medal. As a result of his outstanding skills and dedication, Jacob Couch received his black belt from heat Pedego. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone in Jacob’s jiu jitsu journey, and it will be exciting to see what he accomplishes in the black belt division next year.

Andrew Tackett’s Explosive Day

Brown belt athlete Andrew Tackett had an explosive day, showcasing his skills on the mats. He won all six of his matches, with three victories coming through submissions and three through intense battles. Andrew’s performance was a reflection of his determination and ability to excel in high-pressure situations. Fans of brown belts were delighted by his performance, and he proved to be a true fan favorite.

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Success of Australian Athletes

No-Gi Worlds also saw great success from Australian athletes. There were four Australian competitors who reached the podium, with two of them, Adele Fornorino and Nadia Franklin, securing gold medals in their respective categories. Kaya Rudolph and David Stolosu also performed exceptionally well, earning medals in their divisions. The Australian athletes’ impressive showing reflects the growth and talent within the Australian jiu jitsu community.

Team Standings

In the team standings, Submission Fighting’s Daisy Fresh team maintained a narrow lead with 30 points, closely followed by Alliance at 29 points. Art of Jiu Jitsu currently holds the third place position with 21 points. The Women’s teams race is led by Gracie Baja with 25 points, while Dreamart and Check Matt closely trail with 24 and 21 points respectively. The team rankings demonstrate the competitiveness and drive among different jiu jitsu teams striving for victory.

Black Belt Action

From this point forward, the focus of the tournament shifts towards black belt action. As the tournament progresses, fans can expect to witness high-level matches and intense displays of technique and skill. The black belt division is where some of the world’s best jiu jitsu practitioners compete, and it promises to be a thrilling spectacle for spectators.

Watch the Highlights and Replays

For those who couldn’t attend the event or missed certain matchups, it is highly recommended to watch the highlights and replays. These videos provide an opportunity to catch all the exciting moments and witness the exceptional performances of the athletes in action. By watching the highlights and replays, viewers can appreciate the technical mastery and strategy involved in the matches.

What to Expect Next

As the tournament progresses to later rounds and closer to the finals, fans can expect even more intense matchups and exhilarating displays of jiu jitsu. The competition will continue to showcase the skills and determination of the athletes as they strive to become champions in their respective weight classes and divisions. With each passing day, the excitement and anticipation for the finals only grow, and spectators can look forward to witnessing the future stars of jiu jitsu emerge. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the remaining action at the No-Gi Worlds Championship.

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