FULL HIGHLIGHT: The Best Action From WNO 20: Night Of Champions

FULL HIGHLIGHT: The Best Action From WNO 20: Night Of Champions

The article titled “FULL HIGHLIGHT: The Best Action From WNO 20: Night Of Champions” captures the thrilling moments from the Night of Champions event in Houston, Texas. It features intense jiu-jitsu matches and the return of star athlete Gordon Ryan. The article showcases the highlights of the event, including impressive submissions and victories. With five titles on the line, this Night of Champions brought together top-notch talent and delivered an incredible night of action. It is a must-watch event for jiu-jitsu enthusiasts.

WNO 20: Night Of Champions Recap

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Ladies and gentlemen, we witnessed an incredible night of action at the highly anticipated WNO 20: Night of Champions in beautiful Houston, Texas. This event marked the last time before tonight that five title fights were on the line, and we were also thrilled with the return of the legendary Gordon Ryan. Let’s dive into a comprehensive recap of each match and the outcomes.

FULL HIGHLIGHT: The Best Action From WNO 20: Night Of Champions

Match 1: Stepan B vs. Unknown Opponent

Stepan B wins by submission

To kick off the evening, we had Stepan B, representing Alliance Dallas and training out of Dallas, Texas, making his Who’s Number One debut. Stepan B showcased his skills and determination as he secured a submission victory over his unknown opponent. This win marked a successful start to the night of champions for Stepan B.

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Match 2: Tyara Victoria vs. Unknown Opponent

Tyara Victoria wins by submission

Next up was Tyara Victoria, a rising star in the jiu jitsu world. Representing the Red Corner and a true legend in the sport, Tyara displayed her impeccable skills and technique, ultimately leading to a submission win over her unknown opponent. This victory solidified Tyara Victoria as a force to be reckoned with in the world of jiu jitsu.

Match 3: Rafael Lovato Jr vs. Unknown Opponent

Rafael Lovato Jr wins by submission

The anticipation was high as Rafael Lovato Jr made his much-awaited return to Who’s Number One. Facing an unknown opponent, Lovato Jr showcased his mastery of the sport by swiftly transitioning from an armbar attempt to a triangle, ultimately leading to a submission victory. Once again, Lovato Jr proved that he is indeed a legend in the jiu jitsu world.

Match 4: Gabriel Souza vs. Ash Williams

Gabriel Souza wins by submission

In a thrilling match, Gabriel Souza faced off against Ash Williams in the 145lb bracket. The stakes were high as the winner advanced to the finals later that night. Souza displayed his technical prowess and determination, securing a submission win over Williams with a well-executed ebar attempt. With this victory, Souza earned a spot in the finals, bringing him one step closer to the championship title.

Match 5: Yle Haes vs. Kei Koran

Yle Haes wins by decision

The clash of different styles took center stage as Yle Haes and Kei Koran faced off in an exciting match. Haes and Koran delivered an intense battle, utilizing their unique skills and techniques. Ultimately, it was Yle Haes who emerged victorious, securing a hard-fought win by decision. This victory showcased Haes’ versatility and ability to adapt to various styles of grappling.

Match 6: Mik Gal vs. Jay Rodriguez

Mik Gal wins by decision

The clash of two phenomenal grapplers was witnessed as Mik Gal faced off against Jay Rodriguez. Gal, known for his unorthodox style, put on a remarkable performance against Rodriguez, who hails from one of the toughest gyms in Austin, Texas. Despite the tough competition, Gal showcased his skills and secured a well-deserved decision win. This victory highlighted Gal’s unique approach to grappling and his ability to outmaneuver his opponents.

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Match 7: Andrew T vs. Unknown Opponent

Andrew T wins by decision

Andrew Tackett stepped onto the mats for an intense bout with an unknown opponent. Tackett put on an impressive display of skill and technique, dominating the match and securing a unanimous decision win. This victory earned Tackett a spot in the finals, where he would face off against Mik Gal in what promised to be an exciting showdown.

Match 8: Elizabeth Clay vs. Briana St Marie

Elizabeth Clay wins by decision

A thrilling face-off between Elizabeth Clay and Briana St Marie took place for the featherweight title. Clay, training out of Goodye, Arizona, showcased her incredible talent and determination throughout the match. With her impeccable technique and strategic approach, Clay emerged victorious with a decision win. This victory crowned Elizabeth Clay as the new 145lb Who’s Number One Champion.

Match 9: Diogo Hayes vs. Gabriel Souza

Diogo Hayes wins by decision

The highly anticipated match between Diogo Hayes and Gabriel Souza had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Both competitors showcased their incredible skills and determination, battling it out for a spot in the finals. Ultimately, it was Diogo Hayes who impressed the judges with his performance, securing a decision win over Souza. This victory earned Hayes a shot at the championship title later that night.

Match 11: Patrick Guardio vs. Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan wins by submission

The main event of the night featured an epic showdown between Patrick Guardio and the legendary Gordon Ryan. The energy in the arena was palpable as the two heavyweights clashed on the mats. With his clinical precision and remarkable technique, Ryan executed an arm isolation, trapping his opponent with his long legs. He then proceeded to secure a beautiful armar submission, solidifying his comeback and victory at Who’s Number One Night of Champions.

In conclusion, WNO 20: Night of Champions delivered an unforgettable night of incredible jiu jitsu action. From the thrilling victories by submission to the hard-fought decisions, the competitors showcased their skills and passion for the sport. Congratulations to all the winners and participants who made this event a night to remember.

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