Felipe Pena Eager For The Challenge Of Haisam At WNO, Says Gordon Remains His Target

Felipe Pena Eager For The Challenge Of Haisam At WNO, Says Gordon Remains His Target

Felipe Pena is gearing up for a busy summer, with back-to-back matches against Craig Jones and Haisam Rida. He’s excited to be a part of these upcoming events, emphasizing his aim to dominate in the jiu-jitsu world. Pena also reflects on his previous training at Atos HQ and expresses his satisfaction with the partnership and the challenging sessions he experienced. He is determined to stay focused on his goals and continue to improve as a competitor. Speaking about his upcoming opponent, Haisam Rida, Pena recognizes his talent and considers him to be a tough and dangerous opponent. Despite this, he remains confident in his own abilities and plans to implement his technical game to control the match and secure the victory. Pena’s ultimate target, however, is still Gordon, and he eagerly awaits the opportunity to face him in the future.

In addition, Pena comments on his opponent Nicholas Meregali, acknowledging his noteworthy performances and highlighting the attention their match is receiving. Pena recognizes Meregali’s reputation in the gi game but mentions his transition to focusing more on no-gi recently. Pena believes that Meregali has a lot to prove in the no-gi realm and sees their upcoming match as a significant test for both of them. With his training and confidence, Pena believes he can overcome any challenges and put on an exciting display for the spectators. He concludes with a mention of his ongoing super fights but emphasizes that his primary focus remains on facing Gordon.

Felipe Pena’s Busy Schedule

Felipe Pena, a highly talented jiu jitsu practitioner, has a jam-packed schedule this summer with two major competitions on the horizon. First, he will be facing off against Craig Jones at the Fight Pass Invitational, followed by a match against rising star Haisam Rida at Who’s Number One. Let’s delve into the details of his upcoming challenges and explore the reasons why Pena chooses to train at Atos HQ.

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Felipe Pena Eager For The Challenge Of Haisam At WNO, Says Gordon Remains His Target

Facing Craig Jones at the Fight Pass Invitational

In his first scheduled match, Felipe Pena will be going head-to-head with Craig Jones at the highly anticipated Fight Pass Invitational. Both fighters possess immense skill and experience, making this a thrilling matchup for jiu jitsu enthusiasts. Pena’s eagerness for this challenge is apparent, as he embraces the opportunity to test his abilities against such a formidable opponent.

Taking On Haisam Rida at Who’s Number One

Following his match against Craig Jones, Pena’s schedule doesn’t slow down as he prepares to go up against rising star Haisam Rida at Who’s Number One. Rida has recently gained recognition for his impressive performances, including a memorable armbar on cyborg at ADCC. Pena acknowledges the danger Rida poses as a tall and strong athlete with explosive submission skills. However, Pena remains confident in his technical game and plans to impose his style on Rida, aiming to secure a submission victory.

Reasons for Training at Atos HQ

Felipe Pena has found a second home at Atos HQ, as he returns for his second training camp at the prestigious facility. When asked about his decision to train at Atos, Pena highlights the welcoming environment and the exceptional coaching of Andre Galvao. The supportive atmosphere and access to top-level training partners provide Pena with the ideal conditions to improve his skills and push himself to new limits.

Receiving Hospitality and Comfort at Atos

One of the reasons Pena enjoys training at Atos is the warm welcome he receives from the team. Feeling comfortable in his training environment is crucial for any athlete, and Pena appreciates the camaraderie and support he finds among his teammates. This sense of belonging enhances his overall training experience and allows him to focus solely on his preparation for upcoming matches.

Andre Galvao as a Great Coach

Pena speaks highly of Andre Galvao, noting his role as a great coach at Atos. Galvao’s expertise and guidance have been instrumental in Pena’s growth and development as a jiu jitsu practitioner. Under Galvao’s tutelage, Pena has honed his technical skills and strategic approach to the sport, enabling him to compete at the highest level. The relationship between Pena and Galvao exemplifies the importance of a strong coach-athlete dynamic.

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Training Partners and Environment at Atos

The training environment at Atos is nothing short of exceptional, with a multitude of high-level training partners to challenge Pena’s skills. Training alongside other talented athletes who share a common goal of excellence pushes Pena to continuously improve. The combination of top-notch coaching, a supportive atmosphere, and talented training partners creates the perfect environment for Pena to sharpen his skills and enhance his overall performance.

Benefit of Getting Out of Comfort Zone

Pena believes that stepping out of his comfort zone by training at Atos allows him to fully focus on his goals. By separating himself from his familiar surroundings, Pena can immerse himself completely in his training, recovery, and preparation for upcoming matches. The change of scenery and distance from his daily routine helps him to stay disciplined, dedicated, and fully engaged in his jiu jitsu journey.

Return to WNO and Facing Haisam Rida

Pena expresses his excitement for returning to Who’s Number One and competing against Haisam Rida. He acknowledges Rida’s talent and dangerous submission skills, but remains confident in his ability to control and overcome Rida’s strengths. Pena believes this match will be highly intriguing, as it showcases the clash between his technical game and Rida’s explosiveness.


Felipe Pena’s busy schedule is a testament to his dedication, passion, and commitment to the sport of jiu jitsu. The challenges he faces against Craig Jones and Haisam Rida at the Fight Pass Invitational and Who’s Number One respectively are proof of his desire to test himself against elite competition. Pena’s decision to train at Atos HQ serves him well, as the supportive environment, exceptional coaching, and talented training partners contribute to his growth as an athlete. As Pena continues to push himself, he remains focused on his ultimate goal of facing his long-time rival, Gordon, and solidifying his place as one of the best in the sport.

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