Eight Subs In Nine Matches: Andrew Tackett Takes Double Gold At No-Gi Worlds

Eight Subs In Nine Matches: Andrew Tackett Takes Double Gold At No-Gi Worlds

In a stunning display of skill and determination, Andrew Tackett proved his dominance in the world of jiu jitsu at the No-Gi Worlds. With a remarkable accomplishment of eight submissions in just nine matches, Tackett emerged as a force to be reckoned with. This double gold victory showcased his unwavering focus and unmatched technique, solidifying his status as a top contender in the sport. With each match, Tackett demonstrated his mastery of the art, leaving his opponents in awe and spectators on the edge of their seats. The video, brought to you by FloGrappling, captures the intensity and excitement of Tackett’s journey, inviting viewers to witness the extraordinary talent that propelled him to these impressive victories. So be sure to watch, like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling for access to all the latest jiu jitsu videos and stay connected with the dynamic world of this exhilarating sport.


The world of jiu jitsu is filled with talented athletes who constantly push the boundaries of the sport. One such athlete is Andrew Tackett, who recently showcased his skills at the prestigious No-Gi Worlds tournament. With an impressive performance that included eight submissions in nine matches, Tackett proved his dominance and secured the double gold title. In this article, we will delve into Tackett’s remarkable journey at No-Gi Worlds, analyzing each match and highlighting his submission techniques. We will also explore the significance of No-Gi Worlds and discuss the implications of Tackett’s outstanding performance.

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Andrew Tackett’s participation in No-Gi Worlds

Andrew Tackett, a highly skilled jiu jitsu practitioner, entered the No-Gi Worlds tournament with great anticipation. Known for his technical prowess and relentless fighting style, Tackett was determined to make his mark on the competition. With a fierce dedication to his craft, he underwent months of rigorous training, preparing both physically and mentally for the challenges that lay ahead.

Explanation of No-Gi Worlds and its significance

No-Gi Worlds is a prestigious jiu jitsu tournament that showcases the best athletes in the sport. As the name suggests, the competition is unique in that it prohibits the use of the traditional gi attire, focusing solely on grappling techniques. This creates a fast-paced and dynamic environment, testing the competitors’ ability to adapt and strategize effectively. Winning the No-Gi Worlds title is highly regarded in the jiu jitsu community and serves as a testament to a fighter’s skills and dedication.

Andrew Tackett’s Performance

Overview of Andrew Tackett’s matches

Throughout the course of the tournament, Andrew Tackett competed in nine matches, displaying exceptional levels of skill and determination. His performances were characterized by his relentless pursuit of submissions, resulting in an astounding eight wins by submission. Tackett’s ability to consistently execute his techniques effectively set him apart from his opponents and led him to claim the double gold title.

Detailed analysis of each match

To truly understand the magnitude of Tackett’s performance, it is essential to analyze each of his matches in detail, including the techniques he employed and the outcomes he achieved.

Eight Subs In Nine Matches: Andrew Tackett Takes Double Gold At No-Gi Worlds

Match 1: Opponent 1

Summary of the match

In his first match, Tackett faced a formidable opponent known for his defensive abilities. Both fighters displayed great technique and determination, leading to an intense and closely contested battle. However, Tackett’s relentless pressure and superior grappling skills allowed him to secure a dominant position and eventually submit his opponent with a rear-naked choke.

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Tackett’s submission technique

Tackett’s submission technique in this match showcased his ability to capitalize on opportunities and exploit his opponent’s weaknesses. His positioning and control were impeccable, allowing him to transition smoothly into the rear-naked choke and secure the submission.

Match 2: Opponent 2

Summary of the match

Tackett’s second match proved to be a true test of his abilities, as he faced an opponent renowned for his aggressive style. Both fighters employed an array of techniques, engaging in a high-tempo battle. Tackett, however, remained composed and capitalized on an opening to execute a flawless armbar, forcing his opponent to tap out.

Tackett’s submission technique

In this match, Tackett demonstrated his ability to maintain focus and composure under intense pressure. His timing and precision were exquisite, allowing him to flawlessly execute the armbar and secure the submission victory.

Match 3: Opponent 3

Summary of the match

Tackett’s third match showcased his strategic approach as he faced a technically proficient opponent. Employing a patient and calculated strategy, Tackett effectively neutralized his opponent’s attacks and gradually gained the upper hand. With exceptional control and positioning, he executed a ferocious guillotine choke, leaving his opponent with no option but to tap out.

Tackett’s submission technique

Tackett’s guillotine choke in this match highlighted his ability to seize opportunities and capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes. His timing and precision were impeccable, leading to a swift submission victory.

Match 4: Opponent 4

Summary of the match

Tackett’s fourth match presented him with an opponent known for his dynamic guard game. Undeterred by the challenge, Tackett utilized his superior grappling skills to nullify his opponent’s attacks and maintain control throughout the match. In a display of technical excellence, he executed a flawless kimura, securing yet another submission victory.

Tackett’s submission technique

Tackett’s execution of the kimura in this match demonstrated his technical prowess and ability to exploit his opponent’s weaknesses. His control and leverage allowed him to apply the submission with precision, earning him the win.

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Match 5: Opponent 5

Summary of the match

In his fifth match, Tackett faced a tough and resilient opponent who refused to back down. Despite facing significant resistance, Tackett showcased his versatility by utilizing a combination of takedowns and sweeps to gain an advantageous position. With great determination, he executed a powerful arm triangle choke, forcing his opponent to submit.

Tackett’s submission technique

Tackett’s arm triangle choke in this match exemplified his ability to adapt and employ a diverse range of techniques. His strength and technique in executing the submission highlighted his exceptional skill set.

Match 6: Opponent 6

Summary of the match

Tackett’s final match in the tournament pitted him against a highly skilled opponent renowned for his defensive abilities. Undeterred by the challenge, Tackett displayed exceptional control and patience, eventually finding an opening to execute a devastating ankle lock. This decisive victory secured his double gold title and cemented his dominance in the competition.

Tackett’s submission technique

In his final match, Tackett’s ankle lock showcased his technical prowess and ability to capitalize on his opponent’s vulnerabilities. His precision and timing were impeccable, leading to a swift submission victory that solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with in the jiu jitsu community.


Tackett’s outstanding performance at the No-Gi Worlds tournament demonstrated his skill, determination, and ability to execute flawless submissions. With eight wins by submission out of nine matches, he showcased his dominance in the sport and firmly established himself as one of the top jiu jitsu athletes in the world. Tackett’s remarkable achievement in securing the double gold title at No-Gi Worlds carries significant implications, signaling his potential for future success and setting a new standard for excellence in the sport. As the jiu jitsu community eagerly anticipates Tackett’s future endeavors, his performance at No-Gi Worlds will undoubtedly continue to inspire and influence aspiring fighters worldwide.

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