Craig Jones vs Matheus Diniz – 2019 ADCC World Championships

Craig Jones vs Matheus Diniz – 2019 ADCC World Championships

In the intense match between Craig Jones and Matheus Diniz at the 2019 ADCC World Championships, both competitors brought their A-game. With Craig Jones known for his guillotine submissions and Matheus Diniz having a strong defense against leg entries, it was a clash of styles. Throughout the match, Craig Jones attempted triangles and leg attacks, while Matheus Diniz showcased his left collar tie. The match lasted for 12 minutes and ended with Matheus Diniz as the winner, making history in the sport. The commentators provided insightful commentary on the competitors’ strategies and abilities, creating an engaging viewing experience.

The video, released by FloGrappling, provides a detailed commentary on this grappling match between Craig Jones and Matheus Diniz at the 2019 ADCC tournament. With Craig Jones attempting various submissions and Matheus Diniz showcasing his defensive skills, it was a back-and-forth battle. The commentators mentioned previous matches and abilities of both fighters, adding context to the matchup. Ultimately, Matheus Diniz emerged victorious, becoming the 2019 ADCC world champion. This match will be remembered in the history books of the sport, showcasing the talent and skill of these athletes.

Craig Jones vs Matheus Diniz - 2019 ADCC World Championships

Match Overview

The match between Craig Jones and Matheus Diniz at the 2019 ADCC World Championships was highly anticipated. The video of the match was released by FloGrappling, a popular platform for grappling enthusiasts. It was worth noting that Craig Jones had previously won against Matheus Diniz in a different rule set and time limit. This added a layer of excitement to the rematch.

In terms of coaching, Matheus Diniz had Marcelo Garcia, a highly respected figure in the world of grappling, in his corner. On the other hand, Craig Jones was being coached by John Danaher and Gordon Ryan, both highly skilled grapplers in their own right. The presence of these experienced coaches added an interesting dynamic to the match.

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Player Styles and Strategies

Matheus Diniz was known for his successful left collar tie, which he used effectively in previous matches. This grip allowed him to control his opponent and set up his attacks.

Craig Jones, on the other hand, was known for his guillotine submissions. This was his signature move, and he had secured many victories using this technique. Throughout the match, Jones attempted triangles and leg attacks, showcasing his versatile skill set.

However, Matheus Diniz had a strong defense against leg entries, which made it difficult for Jones to execute his leg attacks. Despite his attempts, Jones was unable to secure a submission with the triangle choke.

Match Format and Scoring

The match followed a 20-minute regulation time period, with a 10-minute overtime if there was a draw. It was at the 10-minute mark that points would come into play.

The big question was whether Craig Jones could submit Matheus Diniz and score during the points period. Jones attempted ankle locks throughout the match, but Diniz defended them well and prevented Jones from scoring.

Historical Significance

There was historical significance surrounding the match. Craig Jones had the potential to become the first Australian to win the ADCC event. Grip fighting played a crucial role throughout the match, with both competitors vying for control. Matheus Diniz started to move more as the match progressed, showing his adaptability and tactical awareness.

The match lasted for 12 minutes and ended with Matheus Diniz as the winner. This outcome had important implications for both competitors and would be remembered in the history books of the sport. Additionally, Shawn Williams, a master of the Williams guard, had an eventful weekend, further adding to the historical significance of the match.

Craig Jones’ Guard Defense

During the match, Matthias Diniz chose to enter Shawn Williams’ closed guard instead of trying to pass the legs. This decision allowed Jones to showcase his flexibility in his guard, making it frustrating for Diniz to pass. Jones effectively utilized his guard to defend against Diniz’s attacks, further highlighting his technical skill and defensive prowess.

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Overtime and Final Moments

In the event that no points were scored during the regulation time period, a ten-minute overtime would be initiated. During the overtime, both Jones and Diniz continued their attacks and defenses. Jones attempted a guillotine, but Diniz defended it well. The competitors circled around each other, with Diniz looking to open up in the last two minutes of the match. Ultimately, the match ended without any points being scored, making it intense but difficult to secure points in the ADCC format.

Commentary and Analysis

Throughout the match, the commentators provided analysis and speculation on Craig Jones’ confidence and ability to execute certain moves. They also highlighted the takedown attempts and defensive strategies employed by both competitors. The commentators mentioned previous matches and the abilities of both fighters, discussing their strengths and weaknesses. Matheus Diniz received praise for his strong defense and strategic approach to the match. Craig Jones attempted a guillotine counter and successfully escaped from a Kimura attempt, showcasing his technical abilities.

Matheus Diniz Becomes the Champion

Matheus Diniz’s skill in executing a blast double earned him praise from the commentators. They continued to discuss Craig Jones’ confidence and ability throughout the match. Both competitors displayed their takedowns and defensive skills, highlighting their overall abilities as grapplers. With his victory, Matheus Diniz became the 2019 ADCC world champion, solidifying his place in the history of the sport.

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