Highlight: Lightweight Igor Feliz Takes Double Gold At The 2020 No-Gi Pans

Highlight: Lightweight Igor Feliz Takes Double Gold At The 2020 No-Gi Pans

Enter lightweight jiu jitsu sensation Igor Feliz, who recently made waves at the 2020 No-Gi Pans tournament. As a brown belt, Feliz proved that he is a force to be reckoned with by clinching not just one, but two gold medals. He dominated the lightweight division and effortlessly made his way through the open weight class, showcasing his versatile skills with impressive takedowns, dominant guard passing, and a crafty K-guard. With two submissions under his belt, Feliz’s breathtaking performance left spectators in awe. Catch all the highlights of this extraordinary day and don’t forget to show your support by liking, commenting, and subscribing for more thrilling jiu jitsu videos.

Igor Feliz’s Success at No-Gi Pans

Igor Feliz, a talented lightweight brown belt, had an exceptional performance at the 2020 No-Gi Pans. Not only did he emerge victorious in the lightweight division, but he also dominated the open weight class, showcasing his impressive skills and solidifying his reputation as a formidable competitor.

Winning the lightweight division

Competing against fierce opponents, Feliz exhibited a remarkable display of skill and determination in the lightweight division. Despite facing tough challenges, he managed to implement winning strategies and execute skillful techniques, ultimately securing the gold medal. This victory as a brown belt serves as a testament to his talent and potential in the world of jiu jitsu.

Dominating the open weight class

Feliz’s success did not end with his triumph in the lightweight division. Moving on to the open weight class, he continued to display his dominance and ability to overcome larger opponents. With his exceptional technique and agility, Feliz effectively neutralized the size advantage of his adversaries, showcasing his versatility as a competitor. His victory in this category further solidified his standing as a rising star in jiu jitsu.

Igor Feliz’s Performance Highlights

Feliz’s performance at No-Gi Pans was characterized by several outstanding highlights that showcased his technical prowess and strategic mindset. These highlights included impressive takedowns, dominant guard passing, a tricky K-guard, two submissions, and an overall well-rounded game.

Impressive takedowns

Feliz’s repertoire of takedowns was nothing short of impressive. Throughout the competition, he showcased a variety of takedown techniques, executed with remarkable timing and precision. His ability to control his opponents during these moments greatly impacted the overall scoring and set the tone for his matches.

Dominant guard passing

Feliz’s guard passing abilities were second to none. With a combination of technique and relentless pressure, he effectively dismantled various types of guard styles employed by his opponents. His control and ability to maintain dominant positions further solidified his advantages in these exchanges.

Tricky K-guard

One of Feliz’s standout strengths was his utilization of the K-guard position. This unique guard style allows for effective sweeps and submissions, and Feliz demonstrated a deep understanding of its intricacies. He was able to launch successful attacks from the K-guard and defend against his opponents’ attempts as well, showcasing his adaptability and defensive skills.

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Two submissions

Feliz’s submissions were a pivotal part of his success at No-Gi Pans. With his well-honed technique and strategic execution, he secured two impressive submissions throughout the tournament. The setups and execution of these submissions exemplified his ability to combine technique and strategy, ultimately leading to his victories.

Well-rounded game

What truly set Feliz apart was his well-rounded game. He excelled in all aspects of jiu jitsu, displaying proficiency in takedowns, guard passing, submissions, and defensive maneuvers. This versatility allowed him to adapt to different situations and opponent styles, making him a force to be reckoned with in the competitive arena.

Details of Feliz’s Lightweight Division Victory

Competing in the lightweight division as a brown belt, Feliz faced a series of formidable opponents. Despite the challenges presented, he managed to devise winning strategies and execute skillful techniques, ultimately emerging as the division’s champion.

Competing as a brown belt

Feliz’s victory in the lightweight division is all the more impressive considering he was a brown belt at the time. This achievement serves as a testament to his dedication, hard work, and immense talent, setting the stage for what promises to be a promising jiu jitsu career.

Tough opponents faced

The lightweight division at No-Gi Pans featured a range of talented competitors, each determined to claim the gold medal. Feliz’s path to victory was filled with formidable challenges, as he was pitted against opponents known for their skill and tenacity. However, he rose above the adversity and proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with.

Winning strategies

Feliz’s success in the lightweight division can be attributed to his well-thought-out strategies. His ability to adapt and adjust his approach based on the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents allowed him to gain the upper hand in crucial moments. Whether it was capitalizing on an opponent’s vulnerability or strategically countering their attacks, Feliz consistently displayed a tactical acumen that propelled him to victory.

Skillful techniques

Feliz’s technical prowess was on full display throughout the lightweight division. From his precise takedowns to his dominant guard passing, every move he executed showcased his mastery of the craft. His ability to seamlessly transition between techniques and maintain control over his opponents further exemplified his exceptional skill set.

Highlight: Lightweight Igor Feliz Takes Double Gold At The 2020 No-Gi Pans

Highlights of Feliz’s Open Weight Class Dominance

Having emerged as the champion in the lightweight division, Feliz continued to impress in the open weight class. Despite facing opponents who possessed a significant size advantage, he demonstrated his ability to maintain technique and agility, ultimately dominating the competition.

Challenging larger opponents

In the open weight class, Feliz faced opponents who often possessed a considerable size advantage over him. However, he refused to let this deter him, employing his technical abilities to nullify the strength and size disparities. His willingness to face and overcome these challenges showcased his mental fortitude and unwavering determination.

Maintaining technique and agility

Despite the physical advantages of his opponents, Feliz managed to maintain his technical precision and agility throughout the open weight class matches. His ability to execute complex techniques and maneuvers under pressure highlighted his exceptional skill set and athleticism.

Effective strategies utilized

Feliz’s success in the open weight class was not solely due to his technical abilities. He also showcased an astute sense of strategy, employing tactics that exploited his opponents’ weaknesses and maximized his own strengths. By analyzing and adapting to his opponents’ game plans, Feliz was able to gain a significant advantage and secure dominant positions.

Submission victories

Feliz’s dominance in the open weight class was punctuated by his submission victories. Despite facing opponents who possessed a physical advantage, he employed his technical prowess and strategic thinking to secure submissions. These victories not only showcased his ability to overcome size disadvantages but also demonstrated his proficiency in the intricate aspects of submission grappling.

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Impressive Takedowns Displayed by Feliz

Feliz’s takedown skills were a pivotal aspect of his success at No-Gi Pans. His ability to execute various takedowns with remarkable timing and precision played a significant role in securing advantageous positions and tipping the scales in his favor.

Variety of takedown techniques

Throughout the tournament, Feliz displayed a diverse array of takedown techniques. From single-leg and double-leg takedowns to hip throws and foot sweeps, he showcased his versatility and adaptability in neutralizing his opponents. This wide range of takedowns made him a formidable force in the stand-up exchanges.

Timing and precision

Feliz’s takedowns were executed with exceptional timing and precision. He had an innate sense of when to launch his attacks, capitalizing on his opponents’ momentary lapses in balance or timing. This level of timing allowed him to secure the desired takedown and establish control over his adversaries.

Control over opponents

Feliz’s takedowns not only allowed him to score points but also provided him with control over his opponents. Once on the ground, he was able to dictate the pace and flow of the match, often positioning himself in dominant positions. His ability to maintain control over his opponents allowed him to launch subsequent attacks and secure victory.

Impact on scoring

In the context of competitive jiu jitsu, takedowns play a crucial role in scoring. Feliz’s ability to execute impressive takedowns resulted in him earning points, which often proved to be crucial in deciding the outcome of his matches. His understanding of the scoring system and his adeptness in executing takedowns enabled him to accumulate points and establish a solid foundation for victory.

Dominant Guard Passing by Feliz

Feliz’s guard passing skills were a key element of his success, allowing him to bypass his opponents’ defenses and set the stage for his attacks. His expertise in passing various guard styles showcased his technical proficiency and contributed significantly to his dominance in the matches.

Techniques employed

Feliz utilized a wide range of guard passing techniques to counter his opponents’ defenses. From the torreando pass to the knee slice and leg drag, he exhibited an extensive arsenal of movements that allowed him to dismantle his opponents’ guards effectively. His ability to seamlessly transition between techniques added further complexity to his passing game.

Pressure and control

One of the hallmarks of Feliz’s guard passing was the relentless pressure he exerted on his opponents. This constant pressure not only forced his adversaries to react but also limited their options and movement. By maintaining control over his opponents’ hips and upper body, he effectively neutralized their guard and created opportunities for further advancement.

Ability to pass various guard styles

Feliz’s guard passing abilities were not limited to a singular style. He demonstrated considerable proficiency in passing various guard styles, including the butterfly, spider, and X-guard. This versatility allowed him to adapt to his opponents’ preferred guard games, neutralizing their strengths and exploiting their weaknesses.

Effectiveness in maintaining dominant positions

Feliz’s guard passing success was not limited to merely bypassing his opponents’ guards. Once past their defenses, he showcased his ability to maintain dominant positions, such as side control and mount. This ability to establish and maintain control over his opponents enhanced his options for subsequent attacks and increased his chances of securing a decisive victory.

Tricky K-Guard Demonstrated by Feliz

One of the standout aspects of Feliz’s performance was his utilization and mastery of the K-guard position. This unique guard style allowed him to launch effective sweeps and submissions, confounding his opponents and providing him with a significant advantage.

Explanation of K-guard

The K-guard is a versatile guard position that involves the top leg being wedged between the opponent’s legs while the bottom leg hooks around the leg of the opponent. This configuration creates a stable and controlling position for the guard player, allowing for a range of attacks and counters.

Feliz’s utilization of the position

Feliz demonstrated a deep understanding of the K-guard and effectively implemented it in his matches. He utilized the K-guard to control his opponents’ posture and limit their options for advancing or passing his guard. By capitalizing on the stability and control offered by the K-guard, he was able to dictate the direction of the match and launch his own attacks.

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Effective sweeps and submissions from K-guard

From the K-guard, Feliz showcased his ability to launch sweeps and submissions with remarkable precision. The controlled position provided by the K-guard allowed him to off-balance his opponents and capitalize on their compromised positions. Whether it was sweeping them to establish top control or transitioning to submissions, Feliz’s execution from the K-guard was consistently successful.

Defense against opponent’s attacks

Feliz’s mastery of the K-guard was not limited to offensive maneuvers. He also showcased his defensive capabilities, utilizing the guard to neutralize his opponents’ attacks. With a solid understanding of the mechanics and key concepts of the K-guard, Feliz was able to thwart his opponents’ advances while maintaining a strong defensive posture.

Feliz’s Two Impressive Submissions

Feliz’s ability to secure submissions was a pivotal aspect of his success at No-Gi Pans. With his technical finesse and strategic execution, he capitalized on openings to secure two noteworthy submissions throughout the tournament.

Description of the submissions

The specific submissions that Feliz employed to secure victory varied in nature and execution. From chokes to joint locks, he showcased a diverse skill set when it came to submission grappling. Each submission was marked by precision and technical proficiency, leading to his opponents tapping out or being rendered immobilized.

Setup and execution

Feliz’s success in securing submissions can be attributed to his ability to create the ideal setup and execute with precision. Whether it was through smart grip fighting, well-timed transitions, or the exploitation of an opponent’s momentary vulnerability, Feliz consistently found himself in advantageous positions from which he could unleash his submissions.

Combination of technique and strategy

Feliz’s success in securing submissions was not solely due to his technical proficiency. His strategic approach to each match played a significant role in creating opportunities for submissions. By effectively analyzing his opponents’ tendencies and capitalizing on their weaknesses, he set the stage for his intricate and methodical execution of submissions.

Impact on Feliz’s success

The ability to secure submissions not only provided Feliz with definitive victories but also showcased his ability to create and exploit openings in his opponents’ defenses. These submissions demonstrated his depth of knowledge and technical finesse, setting him apart from his competitors and solidifying his reputation as a formidable force in the jiu jitsu community.

Feliz’s Well-Rounded Game

One of the most notable aspects of Feliz’s performance at No-Gi Pans was his undeniable proficiency in all aspects of jiu jitsu. His ability to excel in takedowns, guard passing, submissions, and defensive maneuvers exemplified his versatility and adaptability as a competitor.

Ability to excel in all aspects of jiu jitsu

Feliz’s success in the various components of jiu jitsu demonstrated his aptitude for the sport as a whole. Whether it was his technical prowess in takedowns, his finesse in guard passing, his application of submissions, or his defensive capabilities, Feliz showcased a well-rounded skill set that allowed him to dominate his opponents.

Versatility in different situations

Feliz’s adaptability was a significant factor in his victories at No-Gi Pans. Regardless of the circumstances, he was able to adjust his game plan and style to suit the situation at hand. Whether it required aggressive and explosive movements or methodical and strategic approaches, Feliz consistently demonstrated versatility in his performance.

Adaptability to opponent’s style

In addition to adapting to the situation, Feliz showcased an impressive ability to adapt to his opponents’ styles. He was able to read and analyze their techniques and tendencies, allowing him to exploit weaknesses and capitalize on advantageous positions. This adaptability was instrumental in his success and showcased his ability to outthink and outmaneuver his adversaries.

Training and preparation

Feliz’s well-rounded game can be attributed in part to his training and preparation leading up to No-Gi Pans. His dedication to improving all aspects of his jiu jitsu, along with his commitment to conditioning and technique refinement, undoubtedly played a role in his success. Feliz’s training regimen and preparation allowed him to enter the competition with confidence and a full arsenal of skills.


Igor Feliz’s exceptional performance at the 2020 No-Gi Pans solidified his reputation as a rising star in the world of jiu jitsu. With victories in both the lightweight division and the open weight class, he showcased his technical prowess, strategic mindset, and adaptability as a competitor. His impressive takedowns, dominant guard passing, tricky K-guard, and proficient submissions all contributed to his double gold medal achievement. Igor Feliz’s success at No-Gi Pans serves as a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication to the sport, leaving the jiu jitsu community eager to witness his future competitions and accomplishments.

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