Caminho Ao WNO: Felipe Pena vs. Gordon Ryan III (Portuguese translation)

Caminho Ao WNO: Felipe Pena vs. Gordon Ryan III (Portuguese translation)

On August 7th, the highly anticipated third fight between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan will take place at the WNO event. This match holds great significance as it serves as an opportunity for Pena to avenge his previous losses and silence Ryan’s trash talk. Pena, who has defeated Ryan twice before, aims to solidify his status as one of Brazil’s greatest champions. Meanwhile, Ryan, with his impressive record of 55 straight victories and the title of who’s number one heavyweight champion, is determined to prove that he can overcome Pena’s dominance. This submission-only match is expected to be a true battle between two of the best fighters in the sport.

Leading up to this long-awaited fight, there have been obstacles in making it happen, including Ryan initially avoiding the matchup. However, he has now agreed to face Pena under no time limit submission-only conditions. Both fighters have exhibited confidence and determination, showcasing their skills and making this match one of the most highly anticipated events in the grappling world. The outcome of this match will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the rivalry between them, further solidifying the legacy of the winner and shaping the future of their careers.

Caminho Ao WNO: Felipe Pena vs. Gordon Ryan III (Portuguese translation)

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Match Between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan III

Background information on the fight

The upcoming match between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan has been highly anticipated in the grappling world. These two athletes have a significant history of rivalry and this fight marks their third meeting. The fight will take place in the WNO event on August 7th, adding to the excitement surrounding the event.

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Importance of the fight for Felipe Pena

This fight is of great importance to Felipe Pena, as he aims to avenge his past losses to Gordon Ryan. Pena, a multiple-time world champion in Jiu-Jitsu, has defeated Ryan twice before and considers him a significant challenge. Pena believes that defeating Ryan again will solidify his status as one of the greatest champions Brazil has ever produced and showcase his dominance in the grappling world.

Anticipation for a submission battle

Fans and spectators are eagerly anticipating the match between Pena and Ryan, as it is expected to be a true submission battle between two highly skilled fighters. Both Pena and Ryan have a reputation for their exceptional submission techniques, making this fight an exciting prospect for grappling enthusiasts. The focus on submissions adds an extra level of intensity and excitement to the match.

Felipe Pena’s preparations for the ADCC World Championships

While Felipe Pena is preparing for the ADCC World Championships, he wants to face Gordon Ryan before transitioning to MMA. Pena believes that defeating Ryan will be a significant milestone in his career and wants to close the chapter on their rivalry. He has been training rigorously, working on his wrestling and take-down game to ensure he is well-prepared for the fight.

Difficulties in making the fight happen

Getting the third match between Pena and Ryan has not been easy. There have been obstacles and difficulties in making the fight happen. Initially, Gordon Ryan seemed to avoid the matchup, which led to frustration and disappointment for Pena. However, Pena remained persistent and continued calling for the fight, determined to settle the score with Ryan.

Gordon Ryan’s residence in Texas

Gordon Ryan, currently residing in Texas, has been enjoying the vibrant city of Austin. He finds the city to be welcoming and conducive to his training and overall lifestyle. Ryan appreciates the ease of doing business and the supportive community in Austin.

No time limit submission only match with Felipe Pena

The match between Pena and Ryan will be a no time limit submission only bout. There will be no referees involved, and the only way to win is by submission. This rule adds a unique element to the fight, as there will be no time constraints and the focus will solely be on submitting one’s opponent. It promises to be a thrilling and intense showdown between the two fighters.

Gordon Ryan’s Excitement and Perception of the Match

Gordon Ryan’s excitement for the match

Gordon Ryan is highly excited about the upcoming match against Felipe Pena. He sees it as an opportunity to prove himself and continue his winning streak. Ryan recognizes the significance of this fight and approaches it with great enthusiasm and determination.

Gordon’s belief that this is the worst decision Felipe has made

Ryan strongly believes that accepting this match is the worst decision Felipe Pena has made in his career. He is confident in his abilities and skills, and feels that Pena is underestimating him. Ryan sees himself as superior to Pena in every aspect of the sport and is ready to prove it in the upcoming match.

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Difficulty in getting the third match with Felipe

Ryan faced difficulties in getting the third match with Felipe Pena. Pena seemed hesitant and made excuses, which led to some frustration for Ryan. However, Ryan remained persistent and continued pushing for the fight, recognizing it as an opportunity to settle the score and prove his dominance over Pena.

Felipe agreeing to the match under specific conditions

After much persistence, Felipe Pena finally agreed to the match with Gordon Ryan. However, he had specific conditions in mind, including a no time limit submission only bout. Pena wanted to create an environment where the focus would solely be on submission skills and eliminate any time constraints or other distractions. Ryan accepted the conditions and is ready to take on the challenge.

Perception of the match as a rivalry between two individuals

The match between Pena and Ryan is not just seen as a regular fight, but rather a rivalry between two individuals. Both fighters have a history of clashes and their previous fights have fueled this rivalry. There is a distinct sense of animosity between the two, which adds to the intensity and anticipation surrounding the upcoming match.

Felipe Pena’s Strength and Previous Victories

Felipe’s victories over Gordon Ryan

Felipe Pena holds the distinction of defeating Gordon Ryan twice in previous matches. These victories have been significant accomplishments for Pena and have cemented his status as a top competitor in the grappling world. Pena was the only person to ever submit Ryan in black belt competition, making those wins even more remarkable.

Significance of Felipe’s wins in their rivalry

Pena’s wins over Ryan hold great significance in their ongoing rivalry. They showcase Pena’s superior skills and dominance over Ryan in the grappling world. Pena aims to build on these victories and further establish himself as one of the greatest champions Brazil has ever produced.

Felipe’s strength and dominance in their previous match

In their previous match, Felipe Pena showcased his strength and dominance over Gordon Ryan. Pena’s exceptional guard retention and offensive techniques proved to be a challenge for Ryan to overcome. Pena’s victory in that match solidified his abilities and set the stage for their upcoming third fight.

Gordon Ryan’s Reflection and Growth

Gordon’s reflection on his previous loss to Felipe

Gordon Ryan reflects on his previous loss to Felipe Pena as a learning experience. He acknowledges that Pena was the better fighter that day and made some tactical mistakes himself. Ryan uses this loss as motivation and strives to improve his skills and techniques going into their third match.

Lessons learned from the loss

Ryan learned valuable lessons from his loss to Pena. He analyzed his mistakes and weaknesses, and worked hard to address them in his training. Ryan’s dedication to self-improvement and growth as an athlete has been a driving force in his success since their last match.

Importance and significance of ADCC World Championships

The ADCC World Championships hold immense importance and significance in the world of grappling. It is a prestigious event that brings together top athletes from around the globe. Ryan recognizes the value of competing in the ADCC and sees it as an opportunity to further establish his dominance and solidify his position as one of the best in the sport.

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Gordon’s dominant performance in ADCC 2017

Gordon Ryan had a dominant performance in the ADCC 2017, showcasing his skills against tough opponents. His victories in that event further solidified his status as an elite grappler and garnered him immense respect within the grappling community. Ryan’s success in the ADCC only motivates him to continue pushing his limits and achieving greatness.

Rivalry and History Leading Up to the Match

The rivalry and history between Gordon and Felipe

Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena have a long-standing rivalry that has developed over the years. Their clashes in previous matches have fueled this rivalry, creating a sense of competitiveness and animosity between the two fighters. This history adds an extra layer of intensity to their upcoming match.

Felipe’s submission of Gordon in their first match

Felipe Pena’s submission of Gordon Ryan in their first match was a turning point in their rivalry. Pena’s victory showcased his skills and established him as a formidable opponent for Ryan. It also ignited a desire within Ryan to avenge his loss and prove himself against Pena.

Gordon’s growth and improvement since their previous matches

Since his previous matches with Felipe Pena, Gordon Ryan has experienced significant growth and improvement in his skills. He has worked tirelessly on refining his techniques and addressing his weaknesses. Ryan’s continuous development has made him an even more formidable opponent for Pena in their upcoming match.

Tactical and strategic aspects of their matches

The matches between Pena and Ryan have been marked by their tactical and strategic approaches. Pena’s excellent guard retention and offensive techniques have posed a challenge for Ryan. Meanwhile, Ryan has learned from his mistakes and has developed new strategies to counter Pena’s strengths. The tactical and strategic aspects of their fights make for intriguing matchups and showcase the athletes’ ability to adapt and strategize.

Confidence and Trash Talking

Gordon’s confidence going into the match

Gordon Ryan enters the match against Felipe Pena with immense confidence in his abilities. He firmly believes that he is superior to Pena in every aspect of the sport and sees himself as the favorite to win. Ryan’s confidence stems from his impressive winning streak and dominant performances against top competitors.

Gordon’s rising stock in the eyes of Felipe

Gordon Ryan’s success and growing reputation have caught the attention of Felipe Pena. Pena acknowledges Ryan’s skills and recognizes that he has become one of the sport’s significant stars. Pena sees Ryan as a formidable opponent and is motivated to prove himself once again by defeating him.

Trash talking between Gordon and Felipe

Trash talking has been a prominent feature of the rivalry between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena. Both fighters have engaged in verbal exchanges, adding fuel to the intensity and animosity between them. The trash talking serves as a way to build excitement and generate interest in their upcoming match.

Gordon’s criticism of Felipe’s physical condition

As part of the trash talking, Gordon Ryan has criticized Felipe Pena’s physical condition. Ryan believes that Pena is not in optimal shape and uses this as an opportunity to undermine Pena’s abilities. Ryan’s criticism adds an extra layer of tension and anticipation to their matchup.

Gordon’s belief in beating Felipe and ending his career

Gordon Ryan firmly believes that he will defeat Felipe Pena in their upcoming match. Ryan sees this fight as an opportunity to end Pena’s career in no-gi grappling before Pena transitions to MMA. Ryan’s confidence in his abilities and the belief in his ability to stop Pena’s career adds an additional high stakes element to their bout.


The match between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan is expected to be a highly intense and determined battle between two elite fighters. Both athletes have a significant history of rivalry and their upcoming third fight will be a culmination of their clashes. The date for the match is set for August 7th, and fans and spectators are eagerly awaiting the showdown. With the anticipation building, it is clear that this match holds immense importance for both Pena and Ryan, as they aim to prove their skills and establish their dominance in the grappling world.

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