Brazil’s Next ADCC Superstars | WNO Podcast (Ep. 171)

Brazil’s Next ADCC Superstars | WNO Podcast (Ep. 171)

The WNO Podcast episode 171 titled “Brazil’s Next ADCC Superstars” features Hollywood Mike and a call-in from Mikey Musumeci. The hosts discuss various jiu-jitsu events including the upcoming Who’s Number One event on March 25th in Dallas. They delve into the Brazilian ADCC trials, highlighting Fabricio Andre’s impressive performance with eight submissions in two weeks. The podcast also touches on the wrestling skills of the Milky-Goba team and their potential impact in future competitions. In the women’s division, Mysebasto dominates despite being undersized. Mikey Musumeci shares his training for ADCC and the benefits of wrestling. The podcast wraps up with mention of Beatrice Mosquito, Bianca Basilio, and Fion Davis, as well as speculation on Dream Art’s presence at ADCC.

Brazils Next ADCC Superstars | WNO Podcast (Ep. 171)

Upcoming Jiu Jitsu Events

The WNO Podcast recently announced the upcoming Who’s Number One event on March 25th in Dallas. This highly anticipated event promises to deliver another exciting card, with matches yet to be announced. The previous event was already thrilling, but this one is expected to be even better. Tickets will be on sale soon, including VIP options for those looking for a more exclusive experience. Additionally, there will be a seminar held by the renowned team from Daisy Fresh on March 24th, which is sure to attract a lot of interest from fans.

Brazilian ADCC Trials

One of the main topics discussed in the podcast was the recent Brazilian ADCC trials which took place. One name that stood out was Fabricio Andre, who put on an impressive performance with eight submissions in just two weeks. It is worth mentioning that Fabricio is relatively new to the no-gi game, but he has proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with. His submission game, coupled with his well-rounded skills, makes him an exciting prospect for the future.

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The Milky-Goba Team

Another highlight from the Brazilian ADCC trials was the stellar performance of the Milky-Goba team. Led by their wrestling coach, this team showcased their exceptional wrestling skills, which is quite rare for Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners. Their technique, including duck unders, high crotches, and slide-bys, demonstrated the impact of incorporating wrestling into their training regimen. This emphasis on wrestling sets them apart and may bring a new dynamic to future competitions.

77 Division Standouts

The 77 division at the ADCC trials saw some notable performances from two standout competitors, Majid and Roberto. Majid, often referred to as the people’s champion, displayed his skills with two submissions and one loss in overtime. Although he didn’t come out on top, his exciting style and submission attempts garnered much attention. Roberto, on the other hand, impressed both physically and mentally. His healthy appearance and strong performance on the mat showed that he is a force to be reckoned within the division.

Roberto Potential Competitor

Building on his successful performance in the 77 division, Roberto has emerged as a potential competitor to watch out for in the future. His physical and mental preparation, coupled with his skills on the mat, make him a strong contender. It will be interesting to see how Roberto continues to develop and compete in upcoming events.

Key Factors in the 77 Division

Wrestling skills were a key factor in the 77 division during the ADCC trials. The emphasis on techniques such as heel hooks and the incorporation of wrestling maneuvers created an exciting dynamic. Competitors like Majid and Roberto showcased their wrestling abilities and demonstrated the importance of this skill set in the division.

88 Division Results

Moving on to the 88 division, Jabino emerged as the victor, showcasing his skills and dominance in his weight class. Another noteworthy mention goes to Marillo, who competed despite being injured. This level of dedication and perseverance is commendable and adds to the overall excitement and competitiveness of the event.

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Gutenberg’s Dominance

In the 99+ division, Gutenberg made a triumphant return and showcased his dominance. His performance reaffirmed his status as one of the top competitors in the division. With his impressive skills and experience, Gutenberg remains a force to be reckoned with.

Mikey Musumeci’s ADCC Training

The podcast also delved into Mikey Musumeci’s training for the ADCC. Mikey discussed his training regimen and the benefits of incorporating wrestling into his routine. Wrestling plays a crucial role in enhancing a competitor’s overall skill set, and Mikey’s focus on this aspect of his training shows his dedication to improving his performance on the mat.

Size and Power in Wrestling

The discussion touched upon the importance of size and power in wrestling. While technique is essential, having the physical attributes of size and power can give a competitor an advantage. The mention of Thomas Gilman as a wrestler to watch highlights the significance of these attributes in the sport. Observing how size and power impact the outcome of matches can provide valuable insights for both competitors and spectators alike.

In conclusion, the WNO Podcast provided a comprehensive overview of the recent Brazilian ADCC trials and highlighted some noteworthy performances. Fabricio Andre’s outstanding performance, the wrestling skills of the Milky-Goba team, and the notable performances in the 77 division all contributed to the excitement surrounding the event. Additionally, the dominance of Jabino, Gutenberg’s return, and Mikey Musumeci’s ADCC training added to the anticipation for future competitions. The discussion on size and power in wrestling further emphasized the importance of these factors in the sport. Overall, the podcast episode served as an informative and engaging resource for jiu jitsu enthusiasts and competitors alike.

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