Manuel Ribamar vs Ronaldo Júnior 2022 IBJJF FloGrappling Grand Prix

Manuel Ribamar vs Ronaldo Júnior 2022 IBJJF FloGrappling Grand Prix

In the highly anticipated match between Manuel Ribamar and Ronaldo Júnior at the 2022 IBJJF FloGrappling Grand Prix, both competitors showcased their intense and aggressive styles in the men’s medium heavyweight division. Representing Unity Jiu Jitsu and Atos Jiu Jitsu respectively, Ribamar and Júnior engaged in a thrilling display of stand-up grappling and guard pulling. While Ribamar attempted takedowns, he was unable to score against Júnior, who is known for his exceptional guard passing abilities. The match was fiercely competitive, with both competitors giving their all, but in the end, Júnior secured a takedown to emerge as the victor. With extensive training and accomplishments in jiu-jitsu, these two competitors showcased their high-level skills and ensured an exciting matchup for the spectators.

To rewatch the full match between Manuel Ribamar and Ronaldo Júnior at the 2022 GP, viewers can check out the video by FloGrappling. From explosive takedowns to strategic guard play, this matchup between two top-tier competitors displayed the best of jiu-jitsu. With both competitors’ extensive experience in the sport, they demonstrated their skill and determination throughout the match. While Ribamar showcased his relentless takedown attempts, Júnior remained unfazed and utilized smart strategies to maintain his advantage. Despite Júnior’s attempts to make a comeback, Ribamar’s skills allowed him to secure a lead and move on to the finals of the IBJJF black belt Grand Prix.

Manuel Ribamar vs Ronaldo Júnior 2022 IBJJF FloGrappling Grand Prix

Match Overview

The match between Manuel Ribamar and Ronaldo Júnior at the 2022 IBJJF FloGrappling Grand Prix in the Men’s Medium Heavyweight Division was a highly anticipated matchup. Both competitors were known for their intense and aggressive styles, making for an exciting and action-packed bout. The match primarily consisted of stand-up grappling and guard pulling, showcasing the high-level jiu-jitsu skills of both Ribamar and Júnior.

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Competitors and Their Representations

Manuel Ribamar represented Unity Jiu Jitsu, while Ronaldo Júnior represented Atos Jiu Jitsu. Ribamar had a successful track record in competitions, being a European Champion, Pan Champion, and World Doki Champion. Júnior was known as the “Human Highlight Reel” and had also achieved remarkable victories, including being a Pan Am Champion and American Nationals Champion. Both competitors brought their extensive training and accomplishments to the match.

Playing Styles

Ribamar was known for his aggressive takedown attempts, utilizing quick reactions and high-level skills. He aimed to secure takedowns and gain an advantage over his opponents. On the other hand, Júnior was renowned for his guard passing abilities. He possessed a strategic and calculated approach to passing the guard, forcing his opponents to defend and react. Júnior’s preferred guard strategy involved utilizing lasso grips and lapel control, which proved to be effective in many of his matches.

Takedown Attempts and Exchanges

Throughout the match, Ribamar made several takedown attempts in an effort to gain an advantage over Júnior. However, Júnior remained unfazed by Ribamar’s attempts and showcased his defensive skills, successfully resisting the takedowns. Ribamar, despite his best efforts, was unable to score with his takedown attempts. However, he managed to gain some advantages during the exchanges, showcasing his technical abilities.

Intensity and Competitiveness

Both Ribamar and Júnior displayed an incredible amount of intensity and competitiveness during the match. They gave their all and fought relentlessly to gain the upper hand. The match was close and highly competitive, with both competitors demonstrating their skills and determination. Ribamar maintained a slight lead throughout the match, showing his ability to stay ahead in a heavily contested bout.

Ronaldo Júnior’s Winning Takedown

In a decisive moment, Júnior secured a winning takedown against Ribamar. After a series of intense exchanges, Júnior executed a well-timed takedown, catching Ribamar off guard. Despite Ribamar’s attempts to defend, Júnior’s technique and strength allowed him to secure the takedown and gain the upper hand. This pivotal moment ultimately led to Júnior’s victory in the match.

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Familiarity with Finals

Both Ribamar and Júnior were familiar with reaching the finals of high-level competitions. They had extensive experience competing at the highest level and were motivated to succeed in the Grand Prix. Their previous experience in finals matches gave them the confidence and determination to give their best performance and strive for the Grand Prix title.

Ronaldo Júnior’s Guard Pull Strategy

Júnior employed a smart strategy of pulling closed guard against Ribamar. By pulling guard, he forced Ribamar to react and engage in a ground battle. Júnior’s guard pulling strategy allowed him to dictate the pace and control the positioning of the match. He showcased his efficiency in guard control and utilized his lasso grips and lapel control to limit Ribamar’s options for passing.


In the end, Ribamar’s triumph over Júnior allowed him to progress to the finals of the IBJJF FloGrappling Grand Prix. The match between Ribamar and Júnior was a testament to their skills, intensity, and competitiveness. Both competitors showcased their abilities and gave the audience an exciting and thrilling performance. The match was a true display of high-level jiu-jitsu and demonstrated the dedication and training that Ribamar and Júnior had put into their craft.

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