Nicholas Meregali vs Cyborg Abreu (FULL MATCH)

In the quarter final of the 2021 IBJJF World Championship, Nicholas Meregali faces off against Roberto Cyborg. This highly anticipated match is a rematch from their previous encounter at the Third Coast Grappling, where Meregali submitted Cyborg with a deadly loop choke. Meregali, known for his dangerous guard and ability to execute submissions from the bottom, pulls guard early on, while Cyborg attempts a Sao Paulo style passing. The match intensifies as Meregali secures a lasso guard and executes a huge sweep, almost extending Cyborg’s arm. However, Cyborg manages to recover, resulting in an advantage for Meregali. But Meregali persists, tightening his loop choke and putting Cyborg to sleep, earning a big win and advancing in the ultra heavyweight division.

Nicholas Meregali vs Cyborg Abreu (FULL MATCH)


Nicholas Meregali and Cyborg Abreu at the 2021 IBJJF World Championship

At the 2021 IBJJF World Championship, two renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors, Nicholas Meregali and Cyborg Abreu, faced off in a highly anticipated match. This quarter-final encounter drew significant attention from the jiu-jitsu community, as both fighters had established themselves as top contenders in the ultra heavyweight division. The outcome of this match would not only determine their individual performances in the tournament but also have implications for their future prospects in the sport.

Background information on the match

Nicholas Meregali and Cyborg Abreu entered this match after an impressive display in the tournament. Meregali, known for his dangerous guard and technical prowess, had won all of his matches in the absolute division leading up to this bout. On the other hand, Cyborg Abreu, a veteran in the sport, secured his place in the quarter-finals through a victory in the elimination round. Their previous encounters in super fights at Third Coast Grappling also added an extra layer of intrigue to this match, as Meregali had previously submitted Cyborg with a deadly loop choke.

Previous encounters between Meregali and Cyborg

Meregali and Cyborg had crossed paths before in super fights at Third Coast Grappling, where Meregali emerged victorious with his lethal loop choke submission. This previous meeting between the two fighters added another dimension to their rivalry in the 2021 IBJJF World Championship match. Cyborg, a seasoned competitor, would undoubtedly have learned from his previous defeat and come prepared with a strategy to counter Meregali’s dangerous submissions. It was with great anticipation that the jiu-jitsu community awaited this clash of titans.

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Pre-match Analysis

Expectations for the match

With both Nicholas Meregali and Cyborg Abreu being highly respected competitors in the ultra heavyweight division, expectations for their match were sky-high. The jiu-jitsu community eagerly awaited a display of technical skill, strength, and grappling mastery from these two athletes. Given their previous encounter and Meregali’s impressive performance in the tournament, fans were curious to see how Cyborg would approach this match and whether he could neutralize Meregali’s dangerous guard.

Meregali’s performance in the tournament so far

Nicholas Meregali had a stellar run in the tournament leading up to this match. He had showcased his exceptional guard and submission skills, winning all of his matches in the absolute division. Meregali’s ability to effortlessly transition between different attacks, such as arm bars and triangles, made him a formidable contender. His previous victories had established him as a force to be reckoned with, and fans eagerly anticipated seeing his performance in this crucial match.

Cyborg’s performance in the tournament so far

Cyborg Abreu, a veteran in the sport, had also put on an impressive performance in the tournament. Qualifying for the quarter-finals through a win in the elimination round, he demonstrated his experience and adaptability in different grappling scenarios. Cyborg’s Sao Paulo style passing, characterized by his grip around his opponent’s buttocks, posed a significant challenge for Meregali’s long legs and guard. Fans were eager to see how Cyborg would employ his passing style against Meregali’s defensive strategy.

Comparison of their fighting styles

Nicholas Meregali and Cyborg Abreu had contrasting fighting styles, which added intrigue to their match. Meregali was known for his dangerous guard game, often transitioning from closed guard to lasso guard to create openings for submissions. He excelled in shooting up for arm bars and triangles, keeping his opponents on high alert. In contrast, Cyborg had a Sao Paulo style passing game, utilizing his grip around his opponent’s buttocks to control their movement and open up opportunities for passing their guard. The clash of these two distinct styles promised an exciting and intense match.

Strategies and tactics to look out for

Both Meregali and Cyborg would enter the match with their own strategies and tactics. Meregali’s objective would be to employ his deadly guard, utilizing his long legs to trap Cyborg and set up submissions. Watch out for his attempts at arm bars and triangles, as he would look to capitalize on any openings created by Cyborg’s passing. On the other hand, Cyborg’s strategy would involve countering Meregali’s guard and shutting down his submission attempts. Look for his Sao Paulo style passing and his ability to maintain control in top position. Both fighters’ strategies would be crucial in determining the outcome of the match.

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The Match

Opening moves and guard pulls

As the match began, both Meregali and Cyborg engaged in a battle for grips, each aiming to gain an advantageous position. Meregali, known for his deep collar grip, inched it further behind Cyborg’s neck, preparing to set up his guard game. Cyborg, aware of Meregali’s dangerous guard, sought to establish control and prevent any submission attempts.

Meregali’s dangerous guard

Meregali, with his long legs and dangerous guard game, posed a constant threat to Cyborg. He displayed his prowess by quickly shooting up for arm bars and triangles, forcing Cyborg to be cautious and defensively minded. The deep collar grip allowed Meregali to control the distance and create opportunities for his attacks.

Cyborg’s Sao Paulo style passing

Cyborg showcased his Sao Paulo style passing, gripping around Meregali’s buttocks to control his movement. This passing style, combined with Cyborg’s experience, made it challenging for Meregali to open his guard. Cyborg’s ability to apply pressure and maintain control in top position posed a significant challenge for Meregali’s defending game.

Meregali’s attempts at submissions

Undeterred by Cyborg’s defense, Meregali continued to look for opportunities to secure submissions. He displayed an array of attacks, including collar chokes, arm bars, and triangles, putting Cyborg on the defensive. Meregali’s relentless pursuit of submissions showcased his technical brilliance and tenacity on the mat.

Cyborg’s defense and counters

Cyborg, fully aware of Meregali’s submission threats, showcased his defensive skills by countering Meregali’s attacks and maintaining a strong base. He displayed a solid understanding of Meregali’s tactics and effectively nullified his submission attempts. Cyborg’s ability to resist Meregali’s attacks and turn the tide demonstrated his experience and resilience.

The loop choke

In a pivotal moment, Meregali executed his signature loop choke, a move he had previously used to submit Cyborg in their super fight at Third Coast Grappling. The choke was executed with precision and tightness, putting Cyborg in a difficult position. Despite his best efforts to defend and escape, Cyborg fell victim to the loop choke, leading to his submission and Meregali’s victory.

Intensity and determination displayed by both fighters

Throughout the match, both Meregali and Cyborg displayed incredible intensity and determination. They fought tooth and nail, refusing to give an inch. Their technical skill, physicality, and mental fortitude were on full display, captivating the audience and paying homage to the relentless nature of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Result of the match

The match concluded with Nicholas Meregali emerging victorious, securing a submission win over Cyborg Abreu. His execution of the loop choke showcased his mastery of the technique and reaffirmed his status as a top contender in the ultra heavyweight division. The result of the match marked a significant milestone in Meregali’s career and set the stage for his future endeavors in the sport.

Post-match Analysis

Significance of the win for Meregali

The win over Cyborg Abreu held great significance for Nicholas Meregali. It not only solidified his reputation as a formidable competitor but also propelled him further in the ultra heavyweight division. The victory showcased his technical prowess, determination, and ability to execute complex submissions under pressure. Meregali could take immense pride in his achievement and use it as a stepping stone for future success.

Implications for Meregali’s future in the ultra heavyweight division

Meregali’s win over Cyborg had significant implications for his future in the ultra heavyweight division. It placed him among the top contenders and earned him the respect and admiration of the jiu-jitsu community. The victory would open doors to more opportunities, potentially leading to future championship titles and super fights with other renowned competitors in the division.

Lessons learned from the match

For both Meregali and Cyborg, the match provided valuable lessons and opportunities for growth. Meregali’s success underscored the importance of technical precision and the ability to capitalize on openings. He learned the value of persistence and commitment to executing his game plan. On the other hand, Cyborg gained insights into countering Meregali’s guard game and refining his defensive techniques. Both fighters would take these lessons and apply them to their future training and competitions.

Cyborg’s performance and future prospects

Although Cyborg Abreu did not emerge victorious in this match, his performance demonstrated his resilience and skill. He showcased his ability to defend against Meregali’s dangerous submissions and displayed a deep understanding of his opponent’s game. Cyborg’s future prospects remained promising, as he could further refine his strategies and continue to compete at the highest level. The match with Meregali would serve as a valuable learning experience for Cyborg, shaping his approach in future competitions.


Summary of the match

The match between Nicholas Meregali and Cyborg Abreu at the 2021 IBJJF World Championship was a thrilling and highly anticipated encounter. Meregali’s victory through a loop choke submission showcased his technical brilliance, while Cyborg’s resilience and defensive skills were on full display. The clash of their fighting styles created an intense and gripping contest, captivating the jiu-jitsu community.

Impact on the jiu-jitsu community

The match between Meregali and Cyborg had a significant impact on the jiu-jitsu community. It showcased the level of skill, dedication, and intensity inherent in the sport. Fans and practitioners alike drew inspiration from the display of technical brilliance and determination exhibited by both fighters. The match further heightened interest in the ultra heavyweight division and set the stage for future exciting rivalries and match-ups.

Looking ahead to future matches and potential rematches

As Meregali celebrated his victory and Cyborg evaluated his performance, the jiu-jitsu community eagerly anticipated future matches and potential rematches involving these two elite competitors. The result of their encounter had set the stage for future rivalries and provided a foundation for intriguing storylines. Fans would eagerly await their next appearances on the mat, eager to witness the evolution of their skills and the outcome of their future matches.

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