What Mica Galvao Thinks Of The 77 KG Division At ADCC

What Mica Galvao Thinks Of The 77 KG Division At ADCC

In the video by FloGrappling, Mica Galvao shares his thoughts on the highly competitive 77 KG division at ADCC. He discusses various fighters, starting with JT Torres, who has won the division twice. Mica admires Torres’ strategic approach and recalls a memorable match against Gary or Lucas Leprey. He expresses his determination to give a strong performance and face anyone in the division, whether in the finals or earlier rounds. Mica also mentions other returning medalists like Gary Tonon and Luke, whom he respects and enjoys watching. He emphasizes his admiration for Luke and wouldn’t mind facing him in the final, as he believes Luke deserves an ADCC title. Additionally, Mica discusses other fighters such as Kid Rotto and Nikki Ryan, expressing interest in potential matchups and hoping for their success at ADCC.

What Mica Galvao Thinks Of The 77 KG Division At ADCC


In this article, we will delve into the thoughts of Mica Galvao on the 77 KG division at ADCC 2022. Mica Galvao, a prominent figure in jiu jitsu, shares his insights on various fighters in the division, potential matchups, and the importance of the ADCC title. With his conversational tone, Mica Galvao gives us a glimpse into the competitive world of jiu jitsu and his perspective on the upcoming ADCC event.

Mica Galvao’s Thoughts on the 77 KG Division

Mica Galvao begins by acknowledging the Guy who has won the division in the past two years, J.T. Torres. He recognizes Torres as a tough fighter and admires the strategies he employs to fight against the big names in the division. Galvao recalls a match between Torres and either Gary Tonon or Lucas Lepri that he found particularly intriguing. He appreciates the level of the match and the tenacity with which Torres executed his strategy throughout the fight.

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Galvao expresses his determination to give his best performance and put on a good show in the division. Whether he faces his opponents in the finals or earlier rounds, he believes that the competition will be fierce and exhilarating. Galvao’s focus is on showcasing his skills and making a mark in the 77 KG division at ADCC 2022.

J.T. Torres

Moving on to J.T. Torres, Galvao discusses his previous matches and the strategies he employs. He highlights Torres’ ability to develop effective game plans against top competitors. Galvao admires the coldness and precision with which Torres executes his strategy, even for extended periods of 15 to 20 minutes. He acknowledges Torres as a tough fighter but remains determined to face him, expressing his desire to give a good performance against such a formidable opponent.

Gary Tonon

Galvao then shifts his focus to Gary Tonon, describing his style of fighting as something very cool to watch. Galvao recalls watching one of Tonon’s fights against Cron Gracie and being captivated by his relentless pursuit of submissions. Tonon’s commitment to always going for submissions left a lasting impression on Galvao. He expresses his admiration for Tonon’s leg lock attacks, passing styles, and overall aggressive approach. Galvao believes that a matchup with Tonon would be a highly entertaining and intriguing fight, given their contrasting styles.

The importance of the ADCC title is not lost on Galvao, and he emphasizes that although Tonon wasn’t able to secure a World title in gi, winning the ADCC title speaks volumes about his abilities. Galvao eagerly looks forward to a potential matchup with Tonon and the opportunity to test his skills against such a formidable opponent.

Lucas Lepri

Next, Galvao discusses Lucas Lepri, whom he admires for his performances in the gi. He expresses his preference to face Lepri in the final, as he holds Lepri in high regard and appreciates his approach to the sport. Galvao describes Lepri as someone he is attached to and respects greatly as a person and a fighter. Galvao believes that winning the ADCC title is the only missing piece in Lepri’s career, and he would love to witness Lepri’s success in achieving this feat. While Galvao recognizes the potential challenge of facing Lepri, he is willing to give his best performance and even relinquish the title to Lepri if they were to meet in the final.

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Kid Peligro

Galvao then shifts his focus to an upcoming fighter, Kid Peligro. He recognizes Peligro as a great fighter with a high skill level. Galvao notes that Peligro’s game style leans more towards a forward approach, making him an exciting opponent. Galvao recalls watching Peligro’s matches from a young age and recognizes the inevitability of facing each other multiple times in their careers. He believes that regardless of when they meet in the tournament, it would be a good matchup, as both fighters bring their own unique skills to the table.

Nicky Ryan

Expressing his concerns about injuries, Galvao mentions Nicky Ryan as a fighter he is worried about in that regard. Although Galvao acknowledges Ryan’s capabilities and recognizes his past successes, he hopes Ryan takes care of his injuries to ensure his performance in the ADCC event. Galvao believes that if Ryan is in optimal condition, he can make a strong statement with his performance. A potential matchup between Galvao and Ryan is one that many people are eager to see, as both fighters possess exceptional skills and a hunger for victory.

Roberto Jimenez

Galvao acknowledges Roberto Jimenez’s impressive performance in a previous ADCC event, particularly his ability to face bigger opponents. He mentions Jimenez’s victories over notable names in the 77 KG division, which left a lasting impression on Galvao. Jimenez’s style of fighting, paired with his submission-focused approach, makes him an exciting fighter to watch. Galvao admits to learning from Jimenez’s game and studying his techniques. He expresses his excitement about a potential matchup with Jimenez at the ADCC event, as he expects a high-quality and intense fight.


In this comprehensive article, we have explored Mica Galvao’s thoughts on the 77 KG division at ADCC 2022. Galvao’s insights provide valuable perspectives on various fighters, including J.T. Torres, Gary Tonon, Lucas Lepri, Kid Peligro, Nicky Ryan, and Roberto Jimenez. Galvao’s admiration for his opponents’ skills and his desire to give his best performance shines through in his reflections. As the ADCC event approaches, it is evident that the 77 KG division will be a thrilling and highly competitive arena where Galvao aims to make his mark.

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