What John Danaher Thinks About Felipe Pena Joining Forces With Atos

What John Danaher Thinks About Felipe Pena Joining Forces With Atos

John Danaher, renowned jiu-jitsu coach and practitioner, shares his thoughts on Felipe Pena’s recent decision to join forces with Atos in preparation for his upcoming rematch with Gordon Ryan on February 25th. Despite the historic animosity between Pena and Atos’ head coach Andre Galvao, Danaher believes that Pena is taking this match very seriously, given his professional experience and previous success as an ADCC champion. Danaher also expresses his surprise at the collaboration, as Pena and Galvao were not on friendly terms in the past. However, Danaher acknowledges Galvao’s talent as a coach and believes that Atos’ rigorous training program, skilled students, and their focus on physical conditioning will provide Pena with a challenging and fruitful training experience.

The unexpected union between Pena and Atos has prompted speculation about the reasons behind the reconciliation between the two parties. Danaher refrains from offering any definitive answers, as he admits his limited knowledge of their relationship. Nonetheless, he views their resolution of past issues positively, emphasizing the importance of resolving conflicts and developing friendships in the jiu-jitsu community. While the possibility of Pena and Ryan becoming a tag team remains a topic of fascination, Danaher acknowledges the uncertainty of such an alliance but acknowledges the potential for a dramatic turn of events if it were to come to fruition.

What John Danaher Thinks About Felipe Pena Joining Forces With Atos

John Danaher’s opinion on Felipe Pena joining Atos

John Danaher, a renowned jiu-jitsu coach, recently shared his thoughts on Felipe Pena’s decision to join Atos for his upcoming match against Gordon Ryan. Danaher believes that Pena is taking this match very seriously, given his experience and track record in the sport. As a former ADCC champion and a top-ranked competitor, Pena understands the importance of proper preparation for a camp.

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Felipe Pena’s new training environment

However, Danaher expresses surprise at Pena’s choice to train at Atos, considering the history of animosity between Pena and Andre Galvao, the head coach at Atos. Galvao and Pena were not friends and had a long-standing dislike for each other. Training with someone with whom you have had a contentious relationship for many years can be challenging. In fact, it is comparable to Pena training with Gordon Ryan in the future, a scenario that would be unexpected.

Felipe’s seriousness towards the match

Despite the history between Pena and Galvao, Danaher believes that their mutual dislike for Gordon Ryan must be stronger than their animosity towards each other. This shared dislike seems to have motivated Pena to join forces with Atos and Galvao for his match against Ryan. Pena’s seriousness and dedication to the sport make him a formidable opponent.

Andre Galvao as a coach

Danaher acknowledges Galvao as a highly talented coach and a great tactician. Although Galvao himself was not a no-time limit athlete in the past, he possesses extensive knowledge of jiu-jitsu tactics and is tactically intelligent. Drawing on his observations of the previous match between Pena and Ryan, Galvao is likely to devise effective tactics and strategies for Pena to employ in their upcoming rematch.

In addition to Galvao’s coaching abilities, Atos boasts a roster of talented students who provide intense training sessions for Pena. The training he receives at Atos is expected to be more challenging than what he would have experienced at his home gym in Brazil. Moreover, Atos has a comprehensive physical training and supplement program, which will contribute to Pena’s top physical condition for the match. This improved strength and endurance will give Pena an advantage over his opponent.

Benefits of training at Atos

Training at Atos offers numerous benefits for Pena. The rigorous training protocols at Atos ensure that Pena receives hard training sessions that push him to his limits. This demanding training environment will help him develop both his technical skills and mental resilience. Additionally, Atos provides a structured physical training and supplement program that is crucial for achieving peak physical condition. The combination of intense training and specialized conditioning at Atos is expected to enhance Pena’s strength and endurance, giving him an edge in the match against Ryan.

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John Danaher’s thoughts on the resolution between Felipe and Andre

Danaher admits to being unsure about the reason behind the resolution between Pena and Galvao. As an outsider, he does not know them well enough to speculate on the matter. However, he finds the resolution to be positive and commendable. It is heartening to see individuals resolve their past issues and become friends. Danaher appreciates this newfound camaraderie between Pena and Galvao.

Moreover, Danaher playfully suggests the possibility of Pena and Ryan becoming a tag team in the future. Although this idea may seem far-fetched, it would undoubtedly be a captivating storyline. The thought of former rivals teaming up creates an intriguing narrative for the jiu-jitsu community.


In conclusion, John Danaher considers Felipe Pena to be taking his upcoming match with Gordon Ryan very seriously. Pena’s decision to join Atos, despite his history with Andre Galvao, is unexpected and surprising. Danaher acknowledges Galvao as a talented coach and tactician, confident in his ability to devise effective strategies for Pena. Training at Atos brings several advantages, including intense training, a robust physical training program, and access to talented training partners. Danaher appreciates the resolution between Pena and Galvao, emphasizing the significance of resolving past issues. While the idea of Pena and Ryan becoming a tag team may be a stretch, it remains an enticing possibility.

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