The ULTIMATE ADCC Recap: 2nd South American Trials

The ULTIMATE ADCC Recap: 2nd South American Trials

In the article titled “The ULTIMATE ADCC Recap: 2nd South American Trials,” viewers are invited to witness the impressive performances of qualified fighters such as Roberto Jimenez and Fabricio Andrey at the ADCC 2022. The second ADCC Trials in Sao Paulo, Brazil, recently concluded, bringing seven new names into the fold for the 2022 ADCC World Championships. This time, the tournament saw the inclusion of two female competitors in the Under 60 and Over 60-kilogram Divisions, both ready to showcase their skills in Las Vegas this September. The article highlights the resilience of undersized fighter My Sebastos, who triumphed in the Under 60-kilogram division despite a significant weight disadvantage, as well as the emergence of 18-year-old Giovanna Jada in the Over 60-kilogram division. Furthermore, the article features the dominant performances of Fabricio Andrey and fan-favorite Roberto Jimenez, both securing their places in the championships with multiple submissions. Finally, the article mentions the triumphs of Alexandre But, Henrikh Sacconey, and Gutenberg Pereira in their respective weight categories, solidifying their positions in the upcoming championships. Viewers are encouraged to explore further coverage, interviews, highlights, and matches on the website.

Roberto Jimenez Wins the 77 Kilogram Division

In the 77 kilogram division at the 2nd South American ADCC Trials, Roberto Jimenez put on an impressive performance, showcasing his skills and proving why he deserves to be at ADCC 2022. From start to finish, Jimenez displayed beautiful jiu jitsu techniques and dominated his opponents. In the final match against Fabio Colloy of Alliance, Jimenez sealed the deal with a spectacular submission, solidifying his victory in the division. With six matches and five submissions, Jimenez’s performance was nothing short of extraordinary. As a fan favorite, Jimenez’s win in the 77 kilogram division was a highlight of the trials.

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Fabricio Andre’s Incredible Performance

Fabricio Andre, hailing from Manaus and trained by Milky Cal Fowl, delivered an incredible performance at the 2nd South American ADCC Trials. Known for his impressive submission skills, Andre stormed through the trials, winning all of his matches with spectacular submissions. With a total of five matches and five submissions, Andre’s performance was truly remarkable. His agility and speed on the mat were unmatched, as he effortlessly executed his techniques. Andre’s dominance in the trials showcased his talent and cemented his place at ADCC 2022.

Alexandre Butorin’s Hard-Fought Victory in the Under 88 Kilogram Division

The under 88 kilogram division saw an intense competition between several talented competitors, but it was Alexandre Butorin who emerged victorious. As part of the extended Fight Sports Network, Butorin displayed great skill and determination throughout the trials. In the final match against Rafael Paganini of Dream Art, Butorin secured a hard-fought decision, showcasing his resilience and technique. With his win in the division, Butorin proved that he is a force to be reckoned with and earned his place at ADCC 2022.

The ULTIMATE ADCC Recap: 2nd South American Trials

Henrique Sacconey Dominates in the Under 99 Kilogram Division

Henrique Sacconey came close to winning in the previous week’s ADCC Trials but fell short. However, he returned to the 2nd South American Trials in Sao Paulo with a vengeance and dominated the under 99 kilogram division. Sacconey left no room for doubt as to who the winner was in this division, as he secured a victory with a rear-naked choke against Lucas Mira of Fight Sports. Sacconey’s dynamic and aggressive jiu-jitsu game shone throughout the trials, showcasing his versatility and skill. With four submissions in five matches, Sacconey’s performance was a standout of the event.

Gutenberg Pereira’s Triumphant Return in the Over 99 Kilogram Category

Gutenberg Pereira made a triumphant return to the no-gi competition at the 2nd South American ADCC Trials. After a hiatus from competing in no-gi since 2016, Pereira proved that he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Competing in the over 99 kilogram category, Pereira showcased his strength and technique, securing victory after victory. In the final against Leonardo, Pereira executed a beautiful arm triangle choke, showcasing his finishing skills. With a perfect finishing rate in the trials, Pereira’s return was nothing short of remarkable, and his classification for the 2022 World Championships solidifies his status as a top contender.

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New Female Competitors for the Under 60 and Over 60 Kilogram Divisions

In an exciting development, two female competitors were confirmed for the ADCC 2022 World Championships in the under 60 and over 60 kilogram divisions. Sebastos emerged as the champion in the under 60 kilogram division, weighing in at about 52 kilos, which she considers heavy for herself. Despite the weight disadvantage, Sebastos let her jiu-jitsu skills do the talking, securing three submissions in four matches and earning her spot in the championships. In the over 60 kilogram division, 18-year-old Giovanna Jada of Trimods impressed everyone by defeating Black Belt Ingrid Alves of Gigojoujitsu in the heavyweight final. Despite her relative lack of experience, Jada proved her skill by securing three submissions on her way to victory. Both Sebastos and Jada are new names to watch out for in their respective divisions.

Sebastos’s Impressive Performance in the Under 60 Kilogram Division

Sebastos showcased an impressive performance in the under 60 kilogram division at the 2nd South American ADCC Trials. Weighing in at about 52 kilos, Sebastos faced a significant weight disadvantage in each match. However, she let her jiu-jitsu skills speak for themselves, scoring three submissions in four matches. Sebastos’s agility, technique, and determination were on full display throughout the trials, earning her a spot in the ADCC 2022 World Championships. Her performance was nothing short of remarkable, as she defied the odds and proved that size does not define skill in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Giovanna Jada Emerges as a New Name in the Over 60 Kilogram Division

The over 60 kilogram division witnessed the emergence of a new name in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Giovanna Jada. At just 18 years old, Jada showcased her talent and determination at the 2nd South American ADCC Trials. In the heavyweight final, Jada defeated the experienced Black Belt Ingrid Alves of Gigojoujitsu. Despite her relative lack of experience compared to her competitors, Jada secured three submissions on her way to victory. Her performance in the trials demonstrated her potential and marked her as a rising star in the over 60 kilogram division. Keep an eye out for Jada’s future achievements in the sport.

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Highlights and Results of the Matches

The 2nd South American ADCC Trials in Sao Paulo showcased many exciting matches and remarkable performances. From Roberto Jimenez’s domination in the 77 kilogram division to Fabricio Andre’s incredible submission skills, each division had its share of highlights. Alexandre Butorin’s hard-fought victory in the under 88 kilogram division and Henrique Sacconey’s dominant performance in the under 99 kilogram division were also noteworthy. Gutenberg Pereira’s triumphant return in the over 99 kilogram category and the impressive performances of the new female competitors added to the excitement of the trials. With each match, the competitors displayed their skills, resilience, and determination, making for an unforgettable event.


The 2nd South American ADCC Trials in Sao Paulo brought together some of the most talented Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners in the region. From well-known names like Roberto Jimenez and Fabricio Andre to rising stars like Giovanna Jada and Alexandre Butorin, the trials showcased the depth and skill of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community. The victories, submissions, and hard-fought matches demonstrated the passion and dedication of these athletes. With their victories in the trials, these competitors have earned their spots in the ADCC 2022 World Championships in Las Vegas. The South American trials served as a preview of the incredible talent that will be on display in the upcoming championships, promising an exciting and highly competitive event.

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